“Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 2

Wang Yun Feng shading his eyes with his hand looked into the distance at the large bird circling around his head, suddenly stepped back.

Tong Juan Shu beside him asked with suspicion: “Could it be?” His voice dropped, Juan Shu shouted, covering his face flabbergasted, quite a while before she removed her hand, she leaned close with her nose to smell: “This is…bird poop!?”

Wang Yun Fun with an indifferent expression lightly sighed with sorrow “Fei Dao, is a creature that hates evil as one does one’s enemy.”

Juan Shu: “Vomit-----!”

Just then Bai Yan who had come out of the residence raised her head to look at the miles of cloudless blue sky, and looked again completely confused to the corner where Juan Shu was throwing up, positively saying: “Master, the child inside Juan Shu’s stomach isn’t mine.”

Wang Yun Fen wore a face of a zombie: “I know.”

Juan Shu vomited even louder. Bai Yan rubbed the palms of his hands together: “Then does Master know, the biggest secret of our neighbour?”

Wang Yun Feng followed Bai Yan’s finger, sweeping all the way from his own high wall to the low wall of the Gu residence. It was early summer, within the wall half the peach blossoms were already in ruins, only one or two old branches climbed along the wall needing to fall but doesn’t.

Wang Yun Feng sensed something: “The red apricot tree leans over the garden wall.”[1]

Bai Yan mischievously laughed twice, moving to the master’s ear: “It’s said that, the old Lady Gu settled on that house herself.”

Wang Yun Feng shot him a glance neither hot or cold, minding his own business he entered his own courtyard, examining closely at all three doors of his residence, and intentionally made someone bring a tall ladder placed against the neighbouring Gu residence’s courtyard wall, as he hummed coldly, like a henchman Bai Yan climbed up and down, as he climbed he still prattled: “Ah, how can I not climb back over!? I still want to see the beauty inside Gu residence.” He clicked his tongue he felt regretful for some time.

“Master, I’ve asked around. That Gu family, from top to bottom apart from the young manservants at the door, the cart driver, and Master Gu are all male, the remaining fifty so people are all female. Naturally, Fei Dao is male.”


“Master, I saw the madam, no, its Lady Xia, is it possible she has moved someplace else again? We have followed her footsteps this past year, we almost went round the entire territory of the Dayan[2] in a circle, look at my arms and legs they have become so thin like bamboo poles.”

“Ah, of course, master does not mind hard work, as a servant why would I suffer, no matter how much suffering, it would not be as bitter as master’s heart ache being by himself for more than seven years ah, ah, ah, ah…Juan Shu you dare to hit me? I’ve said before, the child in your stomach isn’t mine. Ai, ai, fine, it’s mine, it’s mine, but I will not take responsibility for you…ai, you still hit me.”

Wang Yun Feng sighed sadly, looking into the distance at the high wall, wondering what the girl he thought of during the day and wished for at night was doing right now. The image of her desperate back when she left home that year always lingered at the bottom of his heart not willing to go, he never imagined, he himself also had a time when he would constantly chase someone. The unstopping tear of the girl that night flowing into his palm, gathering into a lake at the bottom of his heart. At the bottom of the lake was buried the several years of countless neglect and mistakes he had made, whenever he went boating on the lake, he could not help but be in pain.[3]

He had offended, but he was unable to apologise.

Not knowing where he appeared from Bai Yan covered in injuries[4] said: “Master, now is a good time, why don’t we climb the wall tonight. To take a look at the madam?”

Wang Yun Feng’s heart overflowing with sadness, in a flash it disappeared without a trace. He stared at his own servant, quite a while after he shook out his long sleeves, choking out: “It would be an insult to our educated class!”

Bai Yan following behind him shook his shoulder: “Master, you said it wrong, this servant could only be at most considered to be an immoral and despicable person.”

Inside the second door, Juan Shu shouted loudly: “Beast, you still won’t hurry and come to tidy up the study.”

“Ai, I’m coming-----”

************( ̄▽ ̄)╮╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮╰( ̄▽ ̄)************

The residence Wang Yun Feng bought was beside the Gu family’s, their fifty miles of land was in the centre of Chenzhou. In between the two large residences was a street which allowed two carts to pass through at the same time, evergreen trees grew on both sides of the street, Wang family’s main entrance was in the east, Gu family’s was in the south, the backyard was separated by two streets, leaving the main entrance you would still only see a high wall, stepping out of another door it was a street filled with endless stream of horse and carts, turning two corners that was Chenzhou’s county office.

Truthfully, Xia Ling Mei was not living with much ease.

Every day between three-five am not yet three quarter of an hour, you would be able to hear a young woman’s young and tender voice selling flowers, the donkey calling out in the tofu courtyard, and from the red street through the entire night intoxicated men who had not yet married hugged pillars and talked nonsense. Waiting until the first quarter hour between five-seven am, completely accidental you’ll be able to hear the cow hide drum being sounded, afterwards the repeated sound of “Lord, you have to seek justice for me ------injustice, ai!” The accent often varied, sometimes it was with a Jing accent, sometimes it was Huangmei accent, sometimes it was Yue accent, modulation, could also be considered to be one of Chenzhou’s biggest characteristic. Afterwards, Xia Ling Mei would crawl awake as the powerful sound of `All----rise----` from the county office.

That was the bad thing about those who practiced martial arts, five senses were too sensitive, a little bit of movement and she was unable to sleep peacefully.
At the end of last year she had come together with Lord Gu to Chenzhou, it had already been four or five months. Originally she just wanted to wonder around, after she accidentally saved Gu Lang’s life, he just spoke over and over again he must repay her. That day, hero rescuing a maiden, the beauty then wanted to give her heart to the hero. Xia Ling Mei read a lot of plays, she was familiar with the plot of those pairs of ideal lovers, on the spot she jokingly said one sentence: “Then why not the young master make me his wife.”

She only said it as a joke, one because she had been bored since she left Wanyan City, second because she didn’t want to go back to her home city Beiding for the New Year, three because to throw off those people who were constantly following her in the shadows. But this joke was taken seriously by Gu Lang, right away dragging her to see old Lady Gu. Xia Ling Mei had walked the Jianghu for so many years, her personality was doing whatever she wanted. Even though she did not have the status of a well-bred young lady from a famous family, but she was a pretty daughter in a humble family who had an outstanding enviable extraordinary beauty, as well as the outspoken temperament of a person of the Jianghu, wherever she went it was as if there was a rainbow which appeared after a recent wash of rain.

Provided that, no one provoked her for no reason, otherwise the red coral whip in her hand did not know `etiquette`.

Gu Lang had a good idea, the first time he saw Xia Ling Mei he found her identity was not that simple. Speaking aside, even he did not know where she hid that whip, the whole thing was red, all kinds of polished smooth gems were inlayed on the coral handle, a random gem was able to cover the expense of the Gu residence for three or four years; she never carried money on her, in aid of the homeless victims of disaster during the winter she did not give gems or money, she directly ran to the granary of the local merchant, swishing her whip a few times at once she opened the granary and release provisions, after this she was taken to the county office, and still she was able to escape unscathed; the two maids who followed her also had snow-white skin and beautiful appearance, small hands smooth and fair, waiting on Xia Ling Mei taking care of everything, speaking with deep respect, not servants that can be kept by common humble families.

All this time, since she’s arrived at Gu residence, he painstakingly kept her here, every day he visited her, observing her food and clothing, words and actions, mannerism everything in was different from that of the usual rich families of the county he had seen, even if old Lady Gu was deliberately making things difficult for her, she remained majestic like a mountain not at all emotionally moved. This sort of presence, made Gu Lang unable not to think too much, the original thought he had to only deceive her into escorting himself on his journey also faded, every day he said to people he needed to repay kindness, he must marry this woman as his wife, in order to scheme to get her fortune.

In this way, he showed a different personality to the old lady, even though he deceived Xia Ling Mei into staying. He was careful around Xia Ling Mei, he gradually made the master and servants three people get rid of their alienation. Only, Xia Ling Mei never gave a direct answer about the two’s marriage predestined by the fate. Sometimes when she is forced into a corner she would say with a smile: “Time will tell.” This cunning enthusiasm only made men itch, itching to tear her apart and consume her in his stomach.

Every day Xia Ling Mei leisured doing nothing, apart from playing with birds, growing flowers, feeding fishes she could only practice martial arts. At the first note of the chant to sell flowers first thing in the morning she would brandish her whip in the small courtyard moving up and down, at the curtain of night, the sexual frolics separated by a wall she would still brandish her whip in the air with energy, the beautiful whip drew together lines of red in the air, like splatter of blood on a person’s cheek, and also similar to a bitterness pulled out of a chest.

Gu Lang, every night would certainly play the quqin to one side accompanying her. Outstanding battle, yellow sand dyed with blood, the cries of clashing swords sounded loudly in the mountains and rivers. Only, today he anyhow did not dare to open his eyes and face Xia Ling Mei’s graceful body as she danced.

The long whip flew with a `xiu` sound on his left side, hitting the corner of small side table, fragments flying: “You say your female cousin is coming to live at the residence temporarily?”

Gu Lang incessantly played on the musical instrument under his hand, lifting one of his eyes open, with lightning speed he stared fixedly at the badly damaged small table, feigning calmness: “My cousin’s surname is Hua, her father and my father are sworn brothers. I heard there is a tree peony flower festival in Chenzhou, I believe she is coming deliberately to take a look, on the way visit my mother to chat about daily life of the family. If you want, we could also go and join the hustle and bustle at that time, get to know Chenzhou’s beautiful scenery, how cheerful it would be.”

`Swish`, the money tree to the right even flew up roots and earth still attached.
Gu Lang forced a smile: “If you don’t want to, we can take a break that day, it’s also fine if we could go together to appreciate flowers.” Thinking about it, the sound of the guqin also gradually became gentler, overflowing with emotions, his deep and lowered voice increased in seductiveness: “Within a hundred miles outside there is a temple, supposedly the Goddess Guanyin consecrated inside it is the most effective, we can go and pay our respects. If it’s interesting, we can stay at the temple two more…”

`Ka` at that moment even the guiqin was divided into two.

Xia Ling Mei stunned said: “Oh my, this weapon of mine is too slippery, did I hurt you?”

Gu Lang frightened, frozen visually assessed the distance between the destroyed guiqin and his own two legs, cold sweat covered his forehead: “No, no.”

Xia Ling Mei was not reassured, she put the long whip away at her waist, smiling brightly she went and helped him, saying: “I understand your gesture, you’re afraid I don’t understand etiquette and will burst into Lady Hua’s courtyard, in the end making things difficult to you and old Lady Gu.”

“What, I’m afraid of cousin’s arrogant temperament…”

“Oh, I’m a person of the Jianghu, I don’t know the twists and turns of your stomach.[5] Lady Hua is after all your cousin, I would be more considerate of her. What’s more, could it be you also feel I am a person who does not distinguish between right and wrong and just use force on another?”

Gu Lang’s eyes did not stray from the ruined flower on the damaged table, he only nodded: “I understand, you are the fair and reasonable person in the world, a woman big bellied enough to tolerate…”[6]

Xia Ling Mei personally poured him a cup of tea, blowing across the cold surface of the tea before presenting it into his hands, said with mock extravagance: “It’s good you know that in your heart.”

He understood, he very much understood, he also understood, the shrewdness of a wife, this originated from a classical story, he couldn’t help but be covered in a cold sweat, Gu Lang finished the cup of tea, he could only taste it was half bitter, half sweet, for a while he couldn’t figure out what there was more of.

Waiting until the back of Gu Lang had gotten far away from the small courtyard. Xia Ling Mei had already shaken out her whip furiously: “Again it’s a female cousin, these men besides cousins as close female friends, can they not find other females!” Saying it with such hatred, she even bite her gums making them bleed.

Brandishing her long whip once more: “Bath.”

Xiu Yu had just closed the far door, knowing the lady wasn’t in a good mood, she gave a look to Ying Shi in the house, the two softly and quietly took care of preparing the clothes and hot water. Now and then they could still hear the stamping of feet by Xia Ling Mei coming from the inner wing. After everything had been properly prepared, Xia Ling Mei ad already vented out her anger, half covering the skylight, with a screen separating her, she sat down inside the bathtub, holding a Chinese honey locust she scrubbed her arms until they were red.

She who was extremely angry had long ago lost her usual alertness, totally obvious that tonight on the roof was a thief.

[1] Adultery.
[2] The land this is set in.
[3] Very metaphoric like, whenever he thought about it, it was him sailing on the lake.
[4] The saying used here is literally describing what you see in cartoons where the character has a massive lumps all over his head from being hit.
[5] Definition: I don’t know what the workings of your class.
[6] Not literal meaning something along the lines of being generous.


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