“Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 3

Thief, there are a lot of small differences in this profession. For example: a thief who did small things was known as small thief, to rob the rich to help the poor naturally was a robber, a lecherous person who wanted flowers was a flower thief,[1] Zhuang Sheng did not consider himself as a thief, instead the category of his profession was also considered to belong to being a thief, he knew a bit more than a knowledgeable person, but he knew a bit less than someone who knew everything, that’s why he was given an esteemed name by the people of the Jianghu, he was called, qian shi tong.[2] Knowledgeable people used money to buy information, naturally someone who knew everything had someone to contribute information, when he didn’t have any money he would go gather information himself, when he had money he would be lazy and buy information. There are a lot of methods to gather information, climbing up a person’s high wall in the middle of the night is considered to be not too over the top and not too understated. Therefore, when Zhuang Sheng was on the wall peeping at the gauze curtain to see the neck of a slender woman, her satin black hair, and the faintly discernible graceful body under the water, thoughts already appeared in his mind, an image of bewitchingly charming woman’s face.

He who was relaxing on the roof was a little excited, looking left and right, he finally decided on the optimum position to watch the `scene`, he fished out a wine pot drinking it, telling himself: “I am definitely, definitely not a pervert!”

Afterwards, he continued to pry open another roof tile, until both his honest eyes could bear through it, however, not long after he was vexed. The beam of the roof right in front of his eyes was simply too thick, obstructing some of the scenes of springtime.

Again after a while he smiled again, because the girl below was gossiping with her maids. As a jack-of-all-trades, a fine qian shi tong, his actual occupation was nevertheless gossiping. One of the maids checked the clothes, as she went along checking she spoke: “Lord Gu had several new outfits of clothing delivered to the lady, does this mean Lord Gu is apologising?”

Another maid on the outside of the screen sneered and said: “If lady was so angry that whip should have been used on his body. It’s useless even if he gave more clothes as compensation. And our young lady doesn’t care for those sort of things.”

“Oh that is true. But, at least Lord Gu still knows he needs to give an apology, and told the lady ahead of time, it could be considered he holds the lady in his heart.”

“What’s the point of having her in his heart? He still sees, hears and obeys the old Lady Gu as before. I can be certain, that female cousin was deliberately invited by the old Lady Gu so our lady will be toss aside. Lady, you should have used your whip on that Lord Gu’s body?”

The beauty in the bathtub laughed, sighing she said: “A man who has a female cousin, I will not dare to touch.”

The maid: “But…”

Xia Mei Ling lifted her head, looking at towards the roof at the broken roof tiles, sarcastically saying: “My ruthless hands are more than enough to use on thieves.”

Everyone only felt a blur in front of their eyes, the sound of movement with a patter of water, Xia Ling Mei who was just now sitting in the bathtub was already wrapped up in an outer garment leaving the broken window, the long red whip infused with the silver white moonlight was a flashing ray of light. With a `shua` sound it had already landed on the rooftop, causing numerous tiles to break into pieces.

Zhuang Sheng who was able to jump away in time was whistling, cracking melon seeds, standing on the corner of the roof he laughed happily: “Lady you misunderstand, Xiao Sheng[3] is not a flower thief.”

Xia Ling Mei took in the other person: “A voyeur?”

“Xiao Sheng did not act as a voyeur.”

Xia Ling Mei’s long whip picked up a tile, revealing the roof beneath her feet where you could see all the way through to the bottom.

Zhuang Sheng embarrassed said: “I, that wasn’t me, I didn’t steal anything! To say the least, I didn’t see anything before you noticed me, you can’t say I stole even more. Lady you shouldn’t wear such little clothing to frame me.”

Xia Ling Mei coldly snorted: “A flower thief.”

Zhuang Sheng pointed at her chest, roguishly saying: “Even though you’re a fresh flower, but I haven’t come here to pick it, this accusation even God Qing can’t sentence me.”

“Shameless!” Xia Ling Mei waved her long arm, along with her exclamation her long whip was already whizzing to meet Zhuang Sheng’s body.

“Lady you are mistaken again, how is Xiao Sheng shameless, I haven’t done anything yet. Ugh, don’t use force, don’t you know a gentleman uses his mouth not his fist? Ah, ah, there are actually barb tips on your long whip, it could stab someone to death…”

Xia Ling Mei’s long whip did not stop, that Zhuang Sheng while prattling away he was also breaking melon seeds as he jumped. Between his movements it was somewhat difficult. Xin Ling Mei became more and more angry, as she did not have much clothing on she did not dare to think to fly over, she could only use her long whip to chase this rude man.

The two of them jumped from this roof to that roof, so noisy that not far away a cockerel called, a dog howled, in between Zhuang Sheng still prattled on: “Ah, lady your whip really hurts people, even harder. I’ll let you hit me harder, spread your legs apart a bit, bend your waist, `zeze`[4] let me see if there are any hidden marks on your body, aiya, my butt.” 

Zhuang Sheng accused her out loud. “Lady, you actually molest me!”

Xia Ling Mei teeth itched, not waiting for the maid to catch up with her, she took a running leap, before Zhuang Sheng could be more than five zhang[5] away, suddenly the tiles beneath his feet were swiped away by a long whip. `hualala` [crashing sound] rang out, countless green and black tiles advanced towards Zhuang Sheng hitting him…

“What is happening?” when Wang Yun Feng hurried out of his study, by chance he saw Juan Shu running over with a pale face.

“Master, something happened in the neighbouring Gu family.”

Wang Yun Feng alarmed, quickly made a detour to the front courtyard: “Where is Bai Yan? Make him go and see.”

Maybe something happened to Ling Mei. These past few years she had followed the Xia family’s fifth master as he hid, she had offended not too few people, the influence of the Xia family was now flourishing extremely, those with generations of family influence regarded the Xia family as an enemy, thinking of ways to get information to use against them. Some were supressed by the emperor, some he shifted the blame, others were dealt with by Xia family themselves, but after all Chenzhou wasn’t Beiding city, there were also times when those protecting in secret goofed off, it’s not unlikely for once they would overlook Xia Ling Mei getting caught up in trouble.

On this side he was guessing and thinking, his mind was already overwhelmed, nevertheless his composure was calm and steady. Not long after, he saw Bai Yan scuttling down from the roof, his face twisted into a strange appearance, stalling for quite a while he said: “Master, mistress she…”

Wang Yun Feng paled: “Someone really caused trouble for her? Someone from the Gu family? Such a huge ruckus and no one has gone to help her? Don’t stand there like an idiot, go take some people with you to help, just don’t let her discover who you are.”

Bai Yan coughed: “That, master, it’s the mistress’ personal grievance, we shouldn’t interfere.” And he didn’t dare to intervene, this was the first time he had seen the mistress 
this angry.

Wang Yun Feng thought Bai Yan was afraid it would attract rumours to the Wang family, at once his expression became cold: “Why didn’t you say so before. Before you would help in secret, this time you won’t? Then who is the one making a move against her, that you would actual worry in this way.”

Bai Yan awkwardly said: “We’re not afraid of that person, we’re afraid the mistress would fly into rage out of humiliation.” It was too dark, the shameless Bai Yan could not help but blush: “This time mistress, is considerably…en…”

Wang Yun Feng was already so anxious: “Speak!”

Bai Yan blinked, still not opening his mouth, he only heard Juan Shu’s frightened shout: “Master, mistress is chasing a man.”

`Pa`, the goat haired writing brush in Wang Yun Feng’s hand snapped in half.

The simple-minded Juan Shu stood on the ladder, the ladder leaning against the courtyard wall: “Master, I can see the mistress’ arm.”

`Snap` the stone under his feet fell apart into pieces.

“Master,” Juan Yun sullenly spoke, “the mistress is running this way…”

Wang Yun Feng lifted his head, just in time to see a flash of a beautiful silhouette with a thin long gown draped over her shoulders, from his own courtyard wall with a leap she went over. The familiar red coral long whip viciously hitting the wall, with a hit fine white powder flew out, those fine powder flew up, as well as sprinkling the moonlit sky it also sprinkled over Xia Ling Mei’s strong and healthy body.

She didn’t fly high, there wasn’t much distance between them, as she made a leap, he appeared to still be able to smell that familiar sweet scent on the tip of his nose lingering and not leaving.

He made a great effort to stare at her, like he wanted the appearance of the other person at that moment to remain in his heart, to keep him going until the next time he saw her again.

He truly really missed her.

But, thinking some more of Xia Ling Mei wrapped only in a piece of clothing, long hair loosely draping over her shoulders, face filled with anger chasing after a man seemingly mischievous, a wanton rascal, obscene and without much outstanding martial arts before completely disappearing nearly exhausted.

Xia Ling Mei was chasing after an unfamiliar man.

The dignified Xia family’s second mistress was chasing after a nobody in the Jianghu.

He, Wang Yun Feng’s wife was actually, with her clothes in disarray, not in the least ashamed, chasing after a stranger she hadn’t met, know nothing about and arrogantly shameless.

“Xia, Ling, Mei!”

A swell of madness rolled up from Wang Yun Feng, just as he was about to charge at the fearless woman to express his anger and concern, when he lifted his head to see where the two people’s shadows were.

A burst of cold wind blew across, the sound of a woman’s cold shout and a man frightened came from a distance, the master of the Wang family, emitting a murderous aura --- Lord Wang Yun Feng, once again was ignored by Xia Ling Mei.

Bai Yan walked past, rather taking pity on muttering: “Poor master, again being abandoned by the mistress.”


Wang Yun Feng covered his face, he seriously felt he couldn’t show his face to people. Not only was he embarrassed, he was also embarrassed for Xia Mei Ling.

Right now he could not accept a dignified girl from a wealthy family had become a shrewish wild woman of the Jianghu, a huge transformation, this was simply too upsetting. It was too great for him to accept. Wang Yun Feng who had received such a huge blow to his hear could not sleep the entire night, he forced Bai Yan to immediately go guard the Gu family, he was angry but still he instructed, maintaining calm and ruthless: “As long as she comes back, just keep protecting her, surround her, don’t let her go anywhere.”

It made things difficult for Bai Yan: “Under what name can we seek to protect the mistress abiding by the law? Moreover, master, we are the Wang family’s guards, not the Xia family. To us, master your safety is more important than the mistress’ safety.”

Wang Yun Feng breathed in deeply: “Don’t worry about it, wait until tomorrow, she will once again return to the Wang family.

Juan Shu at one side asked: “Master, you’re prepared to ask the mistress to come back?”

Bai Yan spurted out a laugh: “Don’t be stupid, the mistress’ temper, could she really be asked to return. I think, it would be better just to kidnap her. Master, you have to bring out your imposing manner as head of the family, you can’t let the mistress roam far and wide like this. Or else, the Wang residence might really become extinct.” You’re not willing to take a concubine, then the bloodline of the main Wang family would truly be cut off.

Juan Shu gnawed on his lips: “This past few days I read <Strange Talks>, there was a story that there is a medicine in the world which allows men to give birth, maybe, we shouldn’t wait for the mistress, let master himself give birth to an heir.”

Wang Yun Feng shook his head, facing Bai Yan: “Go, you let him have a son first.”

Bai Yan rolled his eyes up, he felt his own master was already confused by his wife.

Whether Wang Yun Feng was confused or not no one knew, Xia Ling Mei within an hour had returned to the Gu residence only a few people knew at that time. After a night of unrest, Xia Ling Mei sat up with her exhausted body, at the sound of the incessant chatter at the Eastern tofu courtyard, and the sound of the flower girl selling flowers, as well as the sound of drunk men in their spring dreams, in the small courtyard she brandished the long whip in her hand, making a  `huhu` sound.

Outside three doors, Wang Yun Feng young servant had already knocked on the entrance of the Gu residence.

A/N: Sorry for any mistakes in these translations the chapters are quite long and the author sometimes uses slang and idioms/sayings so I may find it hard to translate >-<

[1] Flower = virginity, flower thief = rapist.
[2] Know a thousand things.
[3] Adding `Xiao` = small, in front of someone’s first name/part of a first name is considered to be cute and sometimes to indicate insignificance.
[4] [clicking tongue]
[5] Ten Chinese feet (3.3m)


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