“Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 8

Xia Ling Mei looked at Wang Yun Feng, again looking at the flower thief under her foot, she suddenly realised: “You both worked together to scheme against me.”

Zhuang Sheng cried out loudly: “Hero Xia, beautiful Xia, Xiao Sheng is wrongly accused…”

Xia Ling Mei put pressure on her foot, Zhuang Sheng could only spit foam from his mouth. Wang Yun Feng still ignored Zhuang Sheng’s suffering, both cold eyes only focused on Xia Ling Mei’s body.

Xia Ling Mei still held the long whip in one hand, one hand on her waist, completely looking like a violent woman.

The two people looked at each other, a split second, a twinkle of the eye, the burning of one incense. The people standing around them did not see either person move for a very long 
time, one after another they guessed.

“They had a stroke?”

“Maybe they’re possessed.”

“They must have been hit by a concealed weapon.”


Zhuang Sheng who was in so much pain he wanted to die cried out pitifully, “Lord Wang, Lord Wang, Lord Wang, you were the one who made me by any possible means draw this lady out. Don’t tell me it was just to practice being cross-eyed?”

Xia Ling Mei coldly snorted: “You’re wrong, this Lord Wang is known for his arrogance, unable to see what is important.”

Wang Yun Feng gazed at her steadily.

“That’s right, he is also known for his zombie face.”

Wang Yun Feng’s face was expressionless.

“He is the best at showering affection on an uninterested party, opinionated, thinking he is the most wronged person in this world, most affectionate, most innocent sentimental man.”

Zhuang Sheng was already weak: “Lady Xia, he must have wronged you before.” He, 
Zhuang Sheng only exposed Xia Ling Mei’s identity, and he was whipped, maybe long ago this Lord Wang took advantage of her but did not take responsibility, that’s why Xia Ling Mei hates him to such a degree, `zeze`.

Xia Ling Mei pursed her lips, she did not want to think back to those several years of suffering.

“Sorry.” Wang Yun Feng said.

Xia Ling Mei eyebrows lifted. She should feel heartache, she should feel sad, tears ought to stream down her cheeks, on the contrary she couldn’t choke with emotions.

“You’ve said it too late.” She said, waving her hand: “If you forced me out of the Gu residence just because of that word, you really made a big fuss over a minor issue.”

Wang Yun Feng took a deep breath: “Gu residence isn’t a place you should stay.”

The corner of Xia Ling Mei’s mouth cracked open: “I shouldn’t stay at his residence, but at yours? I only know, you, Lord Wang have great wealth, great power, unexpectedly you bought a residence in tiny Chenzhou. You couldn’t have possibly wronged someone you shouldn’t wrong, being demoted to such a place to drag out an ignoble existence.”

These were the words she said out in anger. When she saw the main entrance of the Wang residence that night, this idea suddenly emerged. It was known, the Wang family was ranked as one of the prestigious families in Dayan, along with the hundreds of years with the rise and fall of the dynasty, granted that they really did buy a residence in Chenzhou, the main family would never come here to live. Nevertheless the current situation, Wang Yun Feng had quietly come here, and had prepared to settle down for a long time. This could possibly suggest there were unforeseen events.

Wang Yun Feng’s eyes flashed for a moment. He again shut his mouth tightly, not saying anything.

Many times over these years Xia Ling Mei had seen his stupid mouth which was reluctant to admit mistakes, before she mostly ignored it, now she had an unconcerned expression: “You and I have long ago had no relationship. We’ve seen each other, things we needed to say were said. You can go.”

Wang Yun Feng did not move.

Zhuang Sheng lifted his head to look at the overbearing Xia Ling Mei, before looking at the blockhead like Wang Yun Feng, he couldn’t  help but sigh: “Actually, Lady Xia, Lord Wang’s implications are, you can’t stay in Gu residence, you can only stay at Wang residence.”

Xia Ling Mei asked Wang Yun Feng: “You want me to stay at your residence?”
“Woof!” The small Tibetan Mastiff two fat claws desperately clutched at Xia Ling Mei’s shoulders, the head of its tongue hanging out, looking at Wang Yun Feng as it barked out.

Xia Ling Mei rushed forward, narrowing her eyes, face to face with Wang Yun Feng: “You’re not scared I will climb into your room in the depth of the night, suddenly slaughter you?”

“Woof, woof!” The small Tibetan Mastiff swayed its tail with all its strength.

Wang Yun Feng with a sincere face: “My residence is secure.”

Xia Ling Mei made a pfff sound, shaking her head: “I’m not going.”

“Woof, woof, woof!” Using its four paws the Tibetan Mastiff climber on Xia Ling Mei’s shoulders.

Wang Yun Feng stared at the Tibetan Mastiff with irritation: “You don’t have to deal with people’s attitude in the Wang residence, you can treat it like it’s your own home.” Old Lady Gu’s people won’t appear at all.

Xia Ling Mei did not feel like paying attention to him.

“You can come and go as you wish, no one would dare question where you were going, moreover it won’t allow some men harbouring unfathomable motives to have the opportunity to have any improper thoughts about you.” For example like that tiresome idiot Gu Lang.
Xia Ling Mei sneered.

“The residence is heavily guarded, it can prevent flower thieves.”

Xia Ling Mei paused for a bit, Zhuang Sheng exploded: “Hey, you ungrateful person, who treats their partner like this?”

Wang Yun Feng with one foot stood on Zhuang Sheng’s shoulder, focusing on him he said: 
“The most important thing is, I can take care of you.”

Xia Ling Mei simply jumped and bounced, with the sound of Zhuang Sheng’s pitiful cry, head did not turn back, leaving.

Afterwards the day was fairly lively.

Wang Yun Feng seemed to become a hound tracking the scent of its owner, wherever Xia 
Ling Mei was he would follow her there. When she was at the teahouse listening to stories, he would call for a pot of tea, sitting opposite her staring motionlessly. Taking her dog and slipping into the street, Wang Yun Feng bought a cat to carry in his arms, taking two attendants to follow her not too far and not too close.

When she went to pick out clothes from the ready-made clothes store, he would stand by the side giving criticism. When she says red is nice, gorgeous. He would nod, saying red suited his wife. She says green is fresh and clean, he would say green looked lively. She says black is suitable for climbing walls, he would say it’s nothing, you climb my residence’s walls.

When she got tired of playing, she ate at a restaurant, between her ordering dishes he would make a lot of demands. Not too spicy, her throat would hurt; not too bland, she wouldn’t have an appetite; she couldn’t eat too much wild game, it would affect her digestive system. The only vegetable dish she could eat is choy sum, fruit must be the first basket plucked first thing in the morning, the bowl of soup she could drink must be the richest bowl.

Xia Ling Mei was used to the freedom of being outside, and not rely on someone’s charity, naturally she was not picky. Wang Yun Feng’s long winded words, made her feel like her hands and feet were bound, biting down her teeth, she pointed at the small Tibetan Mastiff and said to her maid: “From now on, its name is Wang Wang.”

Everyone remained silent, sneakily peeking at Wang Yun Feng’s face.

As usual, he only faced Xia Ling Mei, Wang Yun Feng would criticise her on little things, but 
with big things he could not be moved in the slightest.

Yes, giving her pet such a name, should be a big deal…right?

“Wang Wang, flip.”


“Wang Wang, go bring a dish back to me.”

“Woof, woof.”

“Wang Wang, shoo that man out for me.”


Wang Yun Feng picked up the small Tibetan Mastiff, looking at it with his pair of dark eyes, 
he sighed: “If you’re angry then take it out on me, why are you bullying it.”

Xia Ling Mei snatched her puppy away, placing it on top of the sleeping cat, incessantly rubbing it: “It’s my pet, what’s it to you.” Wang Yun Feng naturally had no right to interfere, he also didn’t dare take control, he really offended Xia Ling Mei, maybe she would beat him up.

Everyday Wang Yun Feng at the first quarter hour of five - seven am would come to keep a close eye on her, he would only leave at night in the third quarter of eleven pm – one am. 
Xia Ling Mei looked for ways to chase him away, he would just be like the Bodhisattva without a temper, he never left allowing her to use any tactics. This repeated for several days, Xia Ling Mei was also tired. She had visited all the places you should visit in Chenzhou, she had also tried everything you should eat, not long after she couldn’t control her temper and wanted to switch to another place to visit.

She secretly ran away several times. Regardless of whether she was roaming about during the day she would find an excuse to run away, or at night after Wang Yun Feng had left she would again put on a disguise and leave the city, every time she would fail.

The tug-of-war between the two people had gone on for many years, Wang Yun Feng already knew long ago of her twists and turns, and deliberately trapped her, after a disturbance, his alertness to his surroundings naturally did not relax at all in the slightest.

Xia Ling Mei mocked and ridiculed him, calling him the supreme male chauvinist, and threatened to report him to the authorities, even to the extent of writing a letter to the Xia family, asking for help to drag Wang Yun Feng away from her side. Each of the members of the Xia family were stranger than the last, they knew the two people were separated for many years repeatedly and were finally together, they were eager for Wang Yun Feng to sort out this wicked woman who was wondering outside not knowing to come home, therefore they passed over the letter from Xia Ling Mei, nevertheless they replied to Wang 
Yun Feng. With ulterior motives Wang Yun Feng, immediately opened the short letter, giving it to Xia Ling Mei to understand, angering her that she ripped the letter into pieces.

Xia Ling Mei temper became more and more irritable, frequently getting angry. Wang Yun 
Feng was patient and accommodating in every possible way, indifferent to all the scolding.

Even Zhuang Sheng could not put up with it any longer, muttering: “This lioness, whoever marries her must have the status of a dog.”

Xia Ling Mei with trembling lips said: “Yes, the person who marries her does not only have the status of a dog, but his heart is also blind, subjected to much of her torture, making him so he’s not a man or a ghost. Also messed up a perfectly good family, the death of a father and mother, leaving him alone to suffer the ridicule from his relatives.”

Wang Yun Feng’s heart hurt, his face paled.

“She is not filial to the in-laws, lack children, extremely jealous, and talks too much, fulfilling three out of seven grounds for divorce.[1] She deserves to be rejected, to be humiliated, she made him suffer the painful loss of love, making him depressed, making it hard for him to have a footing in the world to be a genuine good man.”

“This type of woman, for what reason can she obtain his love, get his sincerity, she should be hacked to pieces by him…”

“Enough!” Wang Yun Feng shouted out coldly, an erupting volcano in his eyes: “Don’t talk about yourself like that.”

Xia Ling Mei smiled: “Since I’ve done it, naturally I can talk about it. Not only can I talk about it, I can also listen to bystanders talk in this way. A lot of people pointed out, there’s nothing to be afraid of, because I am a snake hearted woman.”

“Ling Mei…”

“Shut up.” She took a deep cold breath, “I’ve had enough of you for so long, it’s also not 
worthwhile for you to show such deep emotions in front of me, I don’t believe you, just like 
you don’t love me. Don’t forget, you already divorced me!”

“I haven’t.” The first time, the first time since they met up until now, Wang Yun Feng was genuinely angry: “You have always been my official wife.”

“You,” Xia Ling Mei turned pale with fright, and her body shuddered all over, clearly she was sitting in the small living room of the guest room, yet she felt she had fallen into a thousand years of cold ice.

Wang Yun Feng loosened his two hands held tightly on his knees, his face no longer held the determination it had over these past days, instead he showed an alarmed unease.

Suddenly, Xia Ling Mei violently rose, with a flash of red, Wang Yun Feng felt a burning pain from his shoulders to his chest. He subconsciously leapt up, Xia Ling Mei’s long whip had already been brandished at him for the second time, without the slightest hesitation aimed at his body.

Wang Yun Feng did not avoid it, he was in much pain, but, he knew her heart was in more pain than his body.

She had been in pain for so many years, some of that pain had already rooted in her heart, growing thorns.

He could only feel sorry for her. If, a bout of whipping is capable of making her vent those pain, he would be happy, and endure it.

The long whip `swish, swish` hit his body, his clothes were scattered and smashed by the thrashing, his skin crisscrossed with greenish black and red, he clenched his teeth standing straight, he only uttered a muffled groan when the pain was too much, and he continued to endure her anger.

“I hate you.” She said.

The amount of love she had for him back then, she now hated him just as much.

[1] https://collaborativechinesechat.wordpress.com/2015/10/15/7-grounds-for-divorce-%E4%B8%83%E5%87%BA%E4%B9%8B%E6%9D%A1-in-ancient-china/


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