"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 38

Zhuang Sheng’s profession was somewhat particular in nature, it wasn’t enough for him to have a usual face that could wreck all living things, he was also good at hypocritical flattery, nevertheless he was the best at looking for clues, able to pick out from a pile of eggs the one with bones inside. This ability was the way he made a living, easily avoiding people.

Right now, he used this trade passed on from generation to generation to find Xia Ling Mei’s trail, it simply lacked any suspense.

Most of the people in the relay station were government officials, many brought their own private soldiers or bodyguards, in addition with Wang Yun Feng’s intentional bribe, inside for no reason there were more secret guards who had changed into officer outfits, there should be no inconvenience for them to stay here temporarily for one night. If he was by himself, he would not be afraid even if he was rushing about on his horse for several days and nights, but this time his wife and child were with him, even if he didn’t care for himself he still had to take care of his family.

Zhuang Sheng examined the other side’s strength, feeling it was better to bide his time.
Actually his heart was currently in a complete mess, not knowing why he followed them here, the thought of Xia Ling Mei came frank and open, he also knew he was unable to win the beauty’s hand in marriage. But, from the bottom of his heart he couldn’t accept it. In this Jianghu, there was unexpectedly a woman who he was interested in winning over but cannot, it truly mocked his distinguished name of `flower thief`. He also thought about it before, if he really made Xia Ling Mei fall in love with him, whether he would still be the same as before, after experiencing the greatest sweet taste he would throw the other person away, once again go look for the next target. Faintly, he felt as if he was captured by an enchantment, Xia Ling Mei was the man-eating flower placed in the middle of the smoke filled enchantment, coming too close, not knowing whether he had plucked the flower, or the flower had swallowed him up.

At the end of chou[1], the relay station had long ago resumed its peacefulness. On an unfamiliar road, only a little mosquito noise could be heard.

Zhuang Sheng laid on the ground listening for a moment, as expected Jiu Fang Xi had sent people to follow him, and receiving news had rushed over. Zhuang Sheng did not want to run into them, noiselessly he concealed himself in the bamboo forest not far away. Not long after, sure enough he heard the noise of a crowd, as well as the sound of weapons clashing against each other sharply cutting through the air. Zhuang Sheng hid himself motionless, he even took out the rations he had stolen from the relay station’s kitchen earlier on, drinking gulp by gulp the good wine he had taken from the drunkard’s hand, on one hand assessing the forms of both sides, calculating when he should reap in the benefits. After another cup of tea, the men in black originally standing guard at Xian Yun manor also infiltrated into the relay station, the situation started to subtly stir up. This time, Jiu Fang Xi even sent out the eagle claws he had arranged to be at the manor, it looked as if he wanted to see the three members of the Wang family to death.

Zhuang Sheng, only cared about Xia Ling Mei alone nothing more. Perhaps, at most an addition of one Xia Fen, a bargaining chip used to bribe and control Xia Ling Mei!

A bloody battle.

The secret guards of the Wang family and Xia family were experienced, but the sacrificial soldiers Jiu Fang Xi brought with him were actually truly fighting if their lives depended on it. A great part of their front line at the small town’s tavern were almost slaughtered by the Wang family’s secret guards, the remaining people knew that if the Wang family was to return alive, what life would greet their own master. The group of Jianghu people who had come along with Jiu Fang Xi were at first driven by benefits, they were the ones who were engaged in the battle for power amongst the sects of the Jianghu, they had seen much blood, destroyed limbs and broken arms, everyone had blood-lust, unconsciously becoming killers for the sake of killing, looking at it carefully, it could be seen that in the eyes of those people of the Jianghu they were already numb to chaos, without a trace of consciousness. That group of sacrificial soldiers also didn’t seem to feel pain, even if their hand was broken, missing a leg they would still raise their swords at all costs to attack.

It was very clear, whether it was the sacrificial soldiers or the people of the Jianghu, all of their consciousness were controlled by an ineffable drug.

Little by little the Wang family retreated in defeat, the entire relay station had already become a woeful battlefield, many of the government officials who had come out after hiding, also perished under the swords of the surrounding sacrificial soldiers.

With one look Zhuang Sheng saw Xia Ling Mei, the long whip in her hand was like lightening in summer rain, splendid and deadly. Xia Fen’s small body was crouched on Wu Sheng’s shoulders, he was fine when he didn’t move, when he did move he would take a life. A very small child, steadily holding the small blade dripping with blood in his hand, either  directly stabbing the other person in the throat, or directly plucking out the heart of a person dressed in black. With every person he killed, he would rapidly returned to Wu Sheng’s shoulders, his pair of wild animal eyes calmly surveying the opponents surrounding them, selecting his next target.

In the middle of where they guarded, was Wang Yun Feng.

Jiu Fang Xi’s target, was also Wang Yun Feng.

Zhuang Sheng unwavering gazed at that entire family, he would grit his teeth in anger every time Xia Ling Mei defended Wang Yun Feng, even Xia Fen from time to time paid attention to Wang Yun Feng’s safety.

For no reason at all Zhuang Sheng felt offended, he very carefully ran to the horse stable of the relay station, cutting off the reins, and stuck a blade into a horse’s butt, the steed neighed surging out, rushing into the crowd. Xia Ling Mei almost flung Wang Yun Feng onto the horse’s back, also jumping onto it herself.

Zhuang Sheng’s four limbs touched the ground, following them amongst the carnage.

Evidently, Jiu Fang Xi’s martial art was better than everyone, chasing after them for half a li, clinging onto his sword he directly charged at Wang Yun Feng’s back. He was stopped several times on the road by the Wang family’s guards, Jiu Fang Xi still did not fall behind.

If Wang Yun Feng avoided it, then Xia Ling Mei in front of him would be injured.

Naturally Wang Yun Feng would not avoid it, he pushed down Xia Ling Mei’s body, the blade directly pierced through his shoulder blade.

Jiu Fang Xi picked his entire body up, Xia Ling Mei shouted loudly, a whip thrashed in the direction of the sword.

Zhuang Sheng quietly concealed himself at the edge of the intertwining tree roots, concealing himself as a shadow of the night. At that moment, it wasn’t the best time to reveal himself.

Bai Yan and Hei Zi caught up with them, Xia Ling Mei kicked Wang Yun Feng a bit further away, saying to the two people: “Let us go together.”

Wang Yun Feng drew in a breath, he knew at this moment he was a burden, and did not argue, he tore his own sleeve off and simply bound up his wound. There was too much blood, he was going to faint, when that moment came it would be even more inconvenient.

Hei Zi and Xia Ling Mei had a lot of rapport, Bai Yan from time to time found a gap to mount a sneak attack, the four people were in a gridlock.

Zhuang Sheng patiently waited, he knew Jiu Fang Xi had not used his finishing blow. He stared at Jiu Fang Xi not daring to blink, watching the other person stab a hole in Bai Yan, Hei Zi took a blow for Xia Ling Mei, this woman who remained was a single person who could not save the situation.

However, Xia Ling Mei had to hold out.

Jiu Fang Xi ran the sword through her right hand, sneering: “This is revenge for my father.”
Xia Ling Mei changed to her left hand to hold the long whip, still like a wind blowing, blood flowing down from her right hand, instantly steeping her gown.

She again received another blow, this time it was her thigh, it hurt so much she took several steps back. Her long whip was good for distance attack, and the sword was good for close range, Jiu Fang Xi’s inner strength was secretly profound, almost playing with Xia Ling Mei like a monkey. Seeing her grind her teeth in pain, he laughed: “That was to avenge my sister Gu Sun Ci.”

Xia Ling Mei deliberately distanced herself away from Wang Yun Feng, but Jiu Fang Xi blocked her way to retreat, continuously attacking her, this time forcing her directly next to Wang Yun Feng, his long sword directly going through her stomach, Xia Ling Mei could not bear it anymore, screaming out, sweat and blood sticking to her neck weakly appearing in front of the enemy.

“This blow, is to avenge my sister Gu Sun Ci who was hacked to death.”

Jiu Fang Xi ruthlessly twisted the blade several times, Xia Ling Mei painful screams almost tore the night sky apart.

Jiu Fang Xi removed the silver sword, drops of blood reflected on the edge of the blade, like the tears of his relatives. Jiu Fang Xi eyes were somewhat silvery white in the middle of the night, his black gown on the empty government official road fluttered in the wind, he raised his sword: “Finally, this is for me. You sisters of the Xia family destroyed my family, killed my father, my twin older sister, I will carry out my own justice…”

The cold flash of his long sword cut through the air, carrying the smell of blood, a powerful person cutting the hatred of humanity in half.

Xia Ling Mei’s eyes burst open, she simply couldn’t feel any pain at all, she looked at Wang Yun Feng’s hand tightly clutching the long sword, hearing his shout: “Go, go! You’re the one 
he wants to kill, Ling Mei run!”

Jiu Fang Xi suddenly kicked at the wound on Wang Yun Feng’s shoulder, wanting to remove the sword from the other person’s hand. Xia Ling Mei who had been pushed to the side struggled to get up, if it wasn’t for Wang Yun Feng’s push with his all his might, that sword would long ago have pierced through her heart.

Wang Yun Feng coughed out blood, he couldn’t struggle out from under Jiu Fang Xi’s foot.

Xia Ling Mei swayed, still wanting to brandish her whip, Wang Yun Feng already shouted out: “Hei Zi, take her away!”

Bai Yan had already woken, again attacking Jiu Fang Xi, Hei Zi only pondered for a moment before again joining the fight, Xia Ling Mei once again joined the attack.

Jiu Fang Xi could not pull his sword free, he pushed down directly, the edge of the blade pushed into Wang Yun Feng’s body through his palm. Wang Yun Feng immediately took the momentum, the sword snapped. Half was stuck in his body, the other was in his hand.

Jiu Fang Xi threw the sword hilt away, using his palms to block off the other three people’s attacks.

Jiu Fang Xi’s appetite to kill was provoked, single-handedly smashing Bai Yan’s rib, with a kick sending Hei Zi flying several zhang, unable to stop throwing up blood. Xia Ling Mei tightly held the long whip, she couldn’t run away, and would not run away.

Without a care in the world Jiu Fang Xi extended five claws, slowly, directly, aiming for Xia Ling Mei’s cheek.

An unending, oppressive dread flooded Xia Ling Mei’s heart in a flash, it was as if she couldn’t move. She felt that she could stare fixedly at Jiu Fang Xi’s eyes, she couldn’t see anything else, without any thoughts, her hand loosened and tightened around the long whip, tightened and loosened…

Suddenly, a shadow appeared like thunder between the two people, Zhuang Sheng almost attacked in a chain, each time aiming towards the other person’s eyes, his attacks caught 
Jiu Fang Xi unprepared, falling back in a difficult situation.

Xia Ling Mei suddenly trembled, abruptly her mind cleared, without thinking about what had happened to her just a moment ago, immediately with Zhuang Sheng, she attacked Jiu Fang Xi.

Zhuang Sheng attacked his eyes, Xia Ling Mei whipped aiming at the other persons’ lower half. At any moment the two people’s weak spots could suffer a heavy blow.

Wang Yun Feng struggled to open his eyes under the pain, he saw Zhuang Sheng’s and Xia Ling Mei’s shadows. At that moment, he understood Zhuang Sheng’s appearance meant an increase of survival for several people, he ignored his thoughts, taking out a signal tube from his sleeve, shooting it out.

He had lost too much blood, his mind began to murky.

Not too far away, Xia Ling Mei’s figure began to sway, he raised himself up slightly, that blade seemed to go in deeper, this made him slightly more clear-headed.

Xia Ling Mei movements were actually sluggish, she had taken three blows from the sword, 
she was already at the end of her tethers, she could only watch helplessly as Jiu Fang Xi’s five fingers sharper than a blade once again aim at her heart.

Pu tong, pu tong…[2]

Not knowing who’s heart was beating, Wang Yun Feng almost used up all the strength he had left to stand up: “Ling Mei----“

She blinked, not knowing whether it was sweat or tears flowing from her eyes, they were bitter…she finally raised her long whip swiftly, it was that same figure, once again blocking the front of her body, Xia Ling Mei only had the time to see the surprise in Zhuang Sheng’s eyes.

Zhuang Sheng was very surprised, so much so that he was slightly puzzled, after that there was dread, finally, he laughed, pushing her away.

Jiu Fang Xi’s five fingers penetrated deeply into Zhuang Sheng’s back, directly piercing through his chest.

Zhuang Sheng turned his sword around stabbing Jiu Fang Xi in the stomach.
Xia Ling Mei fell back a step, and another step, incredulously looking at Zhuang Sheng’s gentle smiling face, as if a long, long time ago, he had smiled and said to her: “Hey, I’m not a flower thief.”

[1] 01:00 to 03:00 Ancient Chinese time.
[2] Beating of heart.

T/N: Cliffhanger!!!


  1. It seems the Xia sisters were not a nice group of ladies. Of course we know that the sister that married the crown prince was even wicked to her own sister Ling Mei. But, what else had they done? One heck of a chapter
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