"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 39

Xia Ling Mei only felt the image of the man in front of her magnified unbounded, those teasing in the past, amusing jokes, little by little the guessing and scheming appeared from the depths.

He was truly…

A drop of blood flew to the corner of her eye, and that drop mixed with her tears, sliding down along her face, dropping to the bottom of her heart, not knowing where a gust of wind came from, the tailbone of long whip still flying up in mid-air suddenly shuddered, passing by the top of Zhuang Sheng’s head, `pa`, hitting Jiu Fang Xi’s eyes. The other bore the pain, the palm still inside Zhuang Sheng’s body suddenly tightened, deliberately pulling out a pulsing organ, blood slowly rolled out from the corner of Zhuang Sheng’s lips.

Xia Ling Mei was afraid yet sorrowful, she put all her weight on her heels, her semi-disabled right hand flung with a horizontal force, two out of her five fingers directly into Jiu Fang Xi’s red eyes, using all her strength to dig and drag, pulling out two round and bulging bloody eyeballs.

Jiu Fang Xi cried out in great pain, using the last of his wit, his palm hitting Zhuang Sheng’s back, sending him flying with Xia Ling Mei. Behind him, Wang Yun Feng who swayed as he got up only had time to firmly use the broken blade to stab into his backbone, after that he too was kicked far away by Jiu Fang Xi.

Everyone only heard a mournful and cold anguish wail close by and far off, Jiu Fang Xi did not zealously continue fighting any more, rising and falling several times in the distance.

Wang Yun Feng gasped a few deep breaths, exerting his strength he crawled in the direction of Xia Ling Mei, on top of her still laid Zhuang Sheng shaking like a leaf, a steady flow of blood trickled from the two people leaning against each other. Wang Yun Feng heart practically wanted to twist and break into pieces, his throat gurgled unable to say a word.

Maybe it was only a split second, or it was a very long lifetime, the man in Xia Ling Mei’s arms finally stopped struggling, suddenly closing his eyes.

Wordless and uncommunicative.

Xia Ling Mei blinked, only feeling there was something heavier in her chest, yet also lacking something, for no reason at all it hurt her, tears incessantly flowed.

The pitch-black night sky, in the distant horizon, the first glimmer of dawn was bright and 

The fight between the Jianghu and the imperial government officials caused a great ripple in the Dayan, Jiu Fang Xi used witchcraft to confuse everyone in the Jianghu, blockading the third rank imperial censor, causing the death of many, attempting to provoke animosity between the imperial court and Jianghu, a crime unable to be pardoned. Not only did the imperial court issue an order for his arrest, the former martial arts leader was also invited to come back once again by the sects of the Jianghu, taking the place as the boss of the Jianghu, an influential person to dismember Jiu Fang Xi’s body into tens of thousands of pieces.

Han Yi Fan arranged for everyone seriously injured to a villa, not too far from Xian Yun Manor, a hidden place, another property of the Han family, inside and out even the old women who sweeps the floor was able to brandish a blade and handle a sword a couple of times. Inside apart from the Han family’s personal guards, there were also the additional hidden guards of the Wang family and Xia family’s hidden guards, finally, even the Zhao Prince had sent a hundred private soldiers to help guard them. In this respect, there were even imperial censors at court reporting of Wang Yun Feng’s neglect of his duties, the emperor silently made clear his feelings.

No one paid attention to these three masters of the Wang family. Wang Yun Feng and Xia 
Ling Mei were heavily injured, along with a few personal guards they were also lying on beds, everyday doctors would come in and out to take their pulse, decoct medicinal herbs.
Xia Fen was pulled along with Han Yi Fan, he couldn’t help but turn his head to look at the tombstone behind him getting further and further away, quietly muttering: “He isn’t a good person, so why didn’t he live long?”

Han Yi Fan picked up the child: “Hero Zhuang saved your parents, how is he not a good person.”

Xia Fen said: “He said it himself. He said he was a bad person, he could bring disaster for a 
millennium. I’m a small bad egg, I can bring disaster for ten thousands of years.”

Han Yi Fan stroked him on the head: “To the Wang family, you only have to remember, he is your benefactor.”

Xia Fen really wanted to say, his surname is Xia, not Wang. He felt the hands of the person holding him was like iron hoops, he opened his mouth, not uttering a word. Han Yi Fan was too similar to General Xia, unconsciously making people not dare to refute his words.

Returning to the villa, Han Yi Fan once again disappeared. Xia Fen went to see Bai Yan and Hei Zi familiar with the way. Juan Shu was still in Bai Yan’s room, nose streaming while crying: “You hateful person why are you still not better, you want to worry me to death or what? Unless you want to lay in bed all your life, make me wait upon you for the rest of your life? I’m telling you, if you’re really handicapped, I will abandon you to find another strong and healthy to live my life with…”


“Don’t think just because you’re acting seriously injured, acting weak, poorly, I will blindly follow you. I’m telling you, this master is good looking, educated, wealthy, not lacking in all kinds of houses, carriages and servants. Don’t think when you’re dead, I will live as a widow…”

“Shut up…”

“If you dare to remain lying in bed pretending to be like a corpse today, tonight I will be unfaithful, randomly pick a handsome young man and like a blazing fire and dry wood together, red brocade quilt tangled on the bed…”

“You shut your mouth for me!” Anger attacking his heart Bai Yan clutched at Juan Shu’s neck, “Are you or are you not a man?”

Juan Shu pretended insincerity and shook out his handkerchief, not a drop of tear in his eyes, half a strand of mucus hung from his nose: “Aiya, of course your servant is a man. Haven’t you already examined this servant’s body before?”

Bai Yan kicked the other person away with one foot: “If you’re a man than stop acting coy in front of me, frame my innocence.”

Juan Shu started weeping: “You lack conscience, you ate me up but don’t intend to owe up to it. I don’t want to live…”

Bai Yan staggered along rushing forward, viciously stomping on Juan Shu several times: “Go die!”

Juan Shu swept away his non-existent tears, staring at him: “You can get up from his bed!”

Bai Yan panted heavily, Juan Shu with bones of stone got up, raising his handkerchief rushing outside and shouting: “Doctor, my old but still alive man can get up from his bed, I can stop waiting on him, feeding him, go to bed, go to the toilet right? Oh, that’s right, I can still help him take a bath…” Saliva dripping.

The reply was Bai Yan using all his strength to throw out a flower vase.

Xia Fen with sharp eyes and nimble fingers jumped on to the roof beam of the room, with several tumbles he left the room. He didn’t understand life as a widow, what was red brocade quilt tangled on the bed, but at least it was good that Bai Yan could get up off the bed. The doctor had said, it wasn’t good to lie in bed for too long.

Xia Fen conveniently turned into Hei Zi’s room, the strange thing was, there was no one there. He thought about it, taking the initiative he scuttled to the roof top, shading his eyes with his hand he swept his eyes over the entire villa in a circle, settling on the bright glistening practice ground, Bai Zi’s figure drenched in sweat practicing martial arts. And Hei Zi, holding a pot of wine in his mouth, a plate of peanuts placed on his cross-legged, sitting on the highest wooden pile, with each peanut eaten he would use the peanut shell as a concealed weapon aiming it at Bai Zi. From time to time the sound of Bai Zi’s pitiful cries could be heard, tears almost streaming down his cheeks complaining about Hei Zi’s savagery.

Xia Fen was very baffled, yelling out to Hei Zi with the space between them: “What are you doing?”

Hei Zi was internally injured, his voice was very much feeble: “Watching the bunny rabbit dance.”

Xiao Bai sullenly: “I’m practicing my marital arts!”

Hei Zi sneered: “This kind of flowery fist with fancy footwork is considered martial arts? Let alone fighting against someone, you wouldn’t even be able to defeat a dog, and would even retreat.”

Xiao Bai felt extremely indignant: “At that time I was surrounded by three people, I couldn’t escape. When I went to find you all, you had long ago gone.”

Xiao Hei laughed grimly: “He’s still blind at directions, he’s been a secret guard for so many years, he hasn’t even completely learned the method of following a trail. How has Master Wang not taken you away, letting you outside to jeopardise everyone.”

Xiao Bai threw the long sword at Hei Zi, because he had practiced martial arts for so long, under the sun and sweating he didn’t have much strength anymore, before the point of the sword could reach the edge of wooden pile it fell to the ground. Hei Zi became more and more pale: “Look at that strength! If you don’t have the ability then take a hike back to Beiding City, go eat your leisurely meal.”

Xiao Bai was so angry his face was very red, picking up the throwing knives from the weapons stand, one after the after he threw it at Hei Zi. Even though Hei Zi’s internal injury wasn’t light, his foundation was sturdy, these few years going on the battlefield with Xia Ling Mei he wasn’t sure how many extreme dangers he had faced, even if his internal injury was even more serious he would not be lazy in practicing martial arts, he was even more unconcerned with skin and flesh injury, therefore he got up from sickbed even before Bai Yan. This was the first and only time he allowed Xia Ling Mei to be in the front line of life or death, he already had to stifle a bellyful of rage. This past half year he had helped Xiao Bai many times, he understood the other person’s ability very much, so every time they met with assassination he would subconsciously protect the other person a little bit, but this time it was truly too dangerous, he had subconsciously taken on the responsibilities of Wang Yun Feng’s and Xia Ling Mei’s injuries onto himself. He still felt his martial arts skills was not perfected enough, he was too indulgent on Xiao Bai, from the start if he had decided to improve Xiao Bai’s martial arts skills and abilities, he wouldn’t have been hindered by the other person as badly, limiting the distance between life and death and his master.

On one hand he blamed Xiao Bai, even more he blamed himself.

Xiao Bai’s mind did not have so many twists and turns, he just felt Hei Zi was picking at him, mocking him. Originally because he had always received help by the other person, he therefore bore with it, but this obvious and plain mockery wounded Xiao Bai’s heart for the first time. He showed his feelings wanting to go head to head with Hei Zi, Hei Zi was not scared, raising his hand he slapped Xiao Bai twice, then kicked him in the stomach, injuring the other person’s ankle, even almost breaking his five fingers. The more Xiao Bai fought the braver he got, sweat flowed down, and Hei Zi relied completely on one breath, clenching his teeth and swallowing down the blood which seeped out, slapping down each one of Xiao Bai’s attack, incessantly calling him names.

Xia Fen standing to the side was eager to give it a try, he was young, he simply did not understand the thoughts of adults, he only felt his blood boil seeing the two people mutually tearing at each other like wild beasts seeing red, arousing the warlike trait in his body. He sprawled at the side quietly waiting, like a hunter waiting for preys on neither side to win, his pair of beast like eyes did not blink.

That night, Hei Zi and Xiao Bai were plotted against by Xia Fen, both not lightly injured laid on a bed. Juan Shu once again clutching at his small handkerchief climbed onto the edge of the two people’s bed, pretending to cry: “The two of you who have killed many, don’t think just because you die together you can leave me behind! I’m telling you, even if you die, I won’t allow you to be buried together, I will exonerate your bodies and whip your corpses…[1]

Hei Zi: “Get lost!”

Bai Zi: “Get lost!”

The old maid of the villa raised her broom, hatefully saying: “You cannot stop just for a bit?”
Xia Fen scuttled to his own mother’s bed, shaking off Wang Yun Feng’s hand, minding his own business he lifted up his mother’s arm to hold his own little stomach, his entire body shrinking next to Xia Ling Mei’s embrace, hearing Wang Yun Feng say: “I already told Hero Han, in a fortnight I’ve asked him to personally send people to escort you mother and son back to Beiding City.”

Xia Fen curled his lips, he simply did not ask back: you won’t go back with us?

“The matter with Zhuang Sheng, don’t be too broken-hearted. He was originally a free and at ease person of the Jianghu, with a temper that loved to be outspoken, daring to love and hate… excessively worried, he would also be unstable, I also…” felt that I was useless, at the critical moment I unexpectedly could not rescue you, instead allowing Zhuang Sheng to give up his life for you.

Zhuang Sheng affection for Xia Ling Mei, Xia Ling Mei could no longer return, this time, Wang Yun Feng also could not plot against a dead person, making a clean break between the two of them.

A living person, could not win against a dead person.

Wang Yun Feng knew, he understood even more Xia Ling Mei’s temper of paying debts of gratitude, taking revenge to avenge.

Right now, Xia Ling Mei did not want to say anything, her heart had settled the matter, there was blame, but she was unable to vent her feelings.

Wang Yun Feng could not force her, and would not force her, who owed a life to Zhuang Sheng, he no longer had the ability to say to Xia Ling Mei: forget Zhuang Sheng, you can only belong to Wang Yun Feng!

Ultimately, there was only a sigh, not lingering.

[1] An ancient practice to insult the deceased.

T/N: ZS actually died...