"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 22

Chenzhou was so small compared to Beiding city it was pathetic, the people were timid not having seen major situations and encountered such matters, and were indifferent to that great earth moving bout of explosion resounding in the sky, only on the next day at dawn did people then one after the other came over to stand around and look.

Before daybreak Wang Yun Feng had stayed at a nearby inn, sitting behind the muslin curtain at the window watching the movement at the Wang residence.

He was a detailed thinker, good at planning before making a move, he knew under this sort of chaotic situation he could easily miss Xia Ling Mei’s message therefore he did not go far, firstly reorganising the troops he had secretly arranged in the last few months, before assigning people to go look for clues.

The information that Xia Ling Mei escaped through the tunnel was automatically placed on his table, allowing his constant worry to be placed on other matters. So long as she’s alive, he would use all his energy to find her.

Wang Yun Feng was considerably confident in this. What he found strange was, there wasn’t actually the slightest movement from the neighbouring Gu family, Gu Lang was clearly determined to win Xia Ling Mei, he knew Xia Ling Mei lived in the Wang residence, with regards to his residence’s explosion, the other person decided to avoid it and not look at it, doesn’t this clearly show Gu Lang is someone who is a coward and afraid of getting involved?

With the passing of time, the secret guards gathered more and more information, using his dog like nose Xiao Bai smelled out the secret signal Hei Zi had left.

At noon, he already knew Xia Ling Mei was on the outskirts a hundred li[1] away from him, her destination… unexpectedly was the Xian Yun manor belonging to the leader of the martial arts.

Bai Yan tilted his head to look at that piece of information: “Master, the mistress must have dismissed your martial arts strength as being not being very good, not able to protect her safety, that’s why she all-out hurried to the arms of strongest man in the Jianghu.”

`Pi`, Wang Yun Feng snapped the writing brush he was writing with in half.

Juan Shu tearfully said: “As expected scholars are good for nothing, right now, the mistress is really abandoning the master. Brother Bai, sooner or later you will abandon me this lover who cannot take up burdens or able to move anything, isn’t that right?”

Bai Yan in distain: “When did you become my lover?”

Juan Shu fell to the ground, bursting into tears: “You have such a cruel heart---- na, na, na, na…”

“Shut up!” without the slightest hesitation he threw the the broken writing brush at the two scoundrels. Why can’t they empathise with his pot hole filled little heart from being hit?

Wang Yun Feng rubbed his forehead sighing, opening the window, another Eurasian Hobby precisely without mistake flew in, lifting its leg towards Wang Yun Feng’s head scratching it as it passed, and behind the Eurasian Hobby a blur of shadow followed, with its back towards the sunlight as if it was a legendary giant bird spreading its wings calling out as it landed beside the window, both arms placed on the window frame, stretching out its head, a pair of beast like eyes quick-wittedly sized up everything in the room.

“Who are you?” Bai Yan reacted first, coming over, grabbing the back of Wang Yun Feng’s collar and flinging him into a seat, Juan Shu stupidly blanked sprawled on the floor, and Bai Yan faced the one tall, one short holding onto the edge of the window----a child?!

At first glance he only looked five or six years old, wearing a close fitting maroon short garment, a small bronze coloured knife at his waist, his entire person crouching like a feral leopard waiting for an opportunity to move, looking at the three adults in the room with alertness and aggressiveness.

The small child did not reply, he examined for a while, first he sized up Bai Yan once, curling his lip, before sweeping over to Juan Shu, tilting his head to look, a sneering noise seemingly appearing from his mouth, finally he then looked towards the only one who didn’t move like a mountain Wang Yun Feng. The boy’s motions seemed to halt for a bit, his eyes narrowing into a slit, nose reddened, the corner of his mouth pursed in a straight line, with a kind of stubborn and grave feeling.

Much like the two people, Bai Yan stared at the other person, very soon he discovered the pattern on the boy’s waist ornament. A summer lotus, five flower buds, he was a child of the fifth wife of the Xia family’s, Xia Xiang Min, General Xia’s.

Bai Yan didn’t dare to relax too much, since the Zhao Princess had left, the Xia family had not sent news that anyone else would come to see the master. Looking from the view of the past seven years, the Xia family were adept at acting friendly belying ill-intentions, the younger they were the more daring they were, his family’s master did suffer a lot under the hands of the younger generation. As he thought of those times, the young boy jumped up onto the window sill with a `shua`, again squatting, as before looking as if he could attack at any time.

Bai Yan opened his mouth: “Little boy. You’re a relative of Xia family’s fifth master?”

He hadn’t heard Xia family’s fifth master had an outside mistress, to the extent that his son was already so old.

The young boy deliberately ignore him, his pair of black eyes unblinkingly looked at Wang Yun Feng, jumping once, jumping again, Bai Yan did not have enough time to stop him, the other person had already jumped onto the armrest of the chair Wang Yun Feng was sitting on.

A child aged five or six, although he had a young but not young posture, his entire body was curled up like a black ball standing one legged on the armrest, the other leg crossed over his arm placed on his shoulder, his head extending out from between his arms, his eyes meeting Wang Yun Feng’s. The same black pupils, the older person’s contained a tranquil coldness, the younger one held the blood thirst and callousness of a wild beast, the tips of their noses could touch with only a millimetre apart.

Bai Yan was even more nervous, Juan Shu had already scuttled up, both hands pulling the boy’s arm, unable to move him, he went to pick him up by the waist, he couldn’t lift him up! 
Both his hands gathered around the other’s neck using all his strength twisting it back, unable to move him! Juan Shu used his hands and feet, proceeding with gritted teeth, ferociously and madly wanting to move the other person a little bit, panting with weariness, the other person’s nose was only a millimetre away from Wang Yun Feng.

Juan Shu tearfully looked at Bai Yan, Bai Yan turned his head, this stupid person still didn’t understand, the young boy’s martial art clearly was pretty good, the qian jin zhu[2] was to the point of perfection, what can such a foolish person who cannot take up burdens or able to move anything do to him?

While everyone was mulling over the little boy’s aim, the other person suddenly took out and opened up a painting from within his lapel. There was a man in the painting, with straight eyebrows, cold eyes, wearing a blue garment, both hands behind his back standing haughtily, from head to toe giving off a don’t come close and don’t disturb aura, beside the man a small completely black with gold spots leopard was drawn.

The young boy took the portrait comparing it to Wang Yun Feng for a while, at last saying a sentence: “Do you eat mouse?”

Wang Yun Feng raised his eyebrow, his tone more set apart than the other person: “No.”

The boy again asked: “Do you play warship?”

Wang Yun Feng: “No.”



The boy like an older child stroked his jaw unnecessarily: “What do you know?”

Wang Yun Feng leaned on the back of his chair, completely relaxed: “And what do you 

“I’m asking you.”

“And I’m asking you.”

“…” The two were silent, looking at each other, eyebrows raised, the boy’s temper in the end jumped alive, or maybe it’s because he had stared at someone for too long, losing interest, leaning his head back, `clicking his tongue`: “Dull old man.”

Wang Yun Feng coldly said: “An ignorant child who shows no respect to elders and superiors.”

The young boy suddenly turned his head back, bearing his teeth, biting Wang Yun Feng’s neck.

“Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah----“ Juan Shu shrieked, covering his own neck and jumping up and down in the room.

Bai Yan like lightening rushed at the boy’s acupuncture point, his fingertips barely touching the other’s back, the young boy had already jumped away, spitting out a mouthful, he spat out a piece of bloody flesh. He went as far as to deliberately bite a hole out of Wang Yun Feng’s neck, as a victim, Wang Yun Feng did not frown at all, allowing blood to bubble out of that hole.

Outside the room the secret guards who heard the sound of activity kicked the door open and charged in, still not quick enough to see the boy’s appearance, suddenly ten more secret guards appeared from the window and roof as well as the corridor outside. Inside the room, the young boy had already been lifted on to the shoulder of an extremely tall, coarse and wild appearing, sturdy great man reeking of a fishy seawater smell from head to toe.

Bai Yan loudly said: “Who exactly are you?”

A sharp laugh sounded from behind that great man: “A misunderstanding, purely a misunderstanding.” A short and small, red lips, white teeth youngster stepped out, bowing to 
Wang Yun Feng: “We are the Xia family’s fifth master, General Xia’s subordinates, Kong Xian has met Imperial Censor Wang before, regards to Lord Wang.”

Wang Yun Feng seemed to also know the other person’s identity, after all the design of the Xia family’s coat of arms on the bare smooth head of that robust man had long ago made 
clear of his origins.

Wang Yun Feng pointed at the young boy on the robust man’s shoulder: “Who is he?”

“Oh, this large person is General Xia’s competent and capable Wu Sheng.” Kong Xian slapped the robust man’s back, a peal of flesh pitter-pattered: “Wu Sheng, quickly come greet Lord Wang, he is indeed the second lady’s old paramour, you cannot rashly offend him.”

These words were said crudely, the people of the Wang family all stopped with understanding. The second lady, naturally is Xia Ling Mei the second oldest of the current third generation of the Xia family. Old paramour, this sort of saying if looked in a good way was an old lover, in not a good way was an outsider, unable to go from the main room to enter the inner chamber, and adequately make known that person’s position. Cannot rashly offend, if he really did offend him, then he can be ruthlessly hostile.

Wang Yun Feng has been an imperial censor for so many years, what winds and waves has he not seen before. So long as it’s not Xia Ling Mei, whatever business of anyone could hardly make him concerned in the slightest.

Kong Xian watched Wang Yun Feng’s zombie face become more and more immortal like, suddenly realising he was pointing to the boy on Wu Sheng’s shoulder: “This is Xia Fen, the eighth master in the younger generation of the Xia family.” Kong Xian did not say who his parents were, Wang Yun Feng also did not ask.

So long as it’s a child of the Xia family, even if Wang Yun Feng was bitten full of holes he would only endure it.

“This person is very weak.” Xia Fen with his legs crossed coldly said.
Kong Xian clearly very much agreed, looking at Wang Yun Feng’s bloody neck he shrugged his shoulders: “Young master Fen, did your teeth itch again?”

Xia Feng innocently said: “I saw him and just wanted to bite him. Maybe, I’m nearly growing permanent teeth?”

The people of the Wang family remained silent, when you grow permanent teeth you like to bite human flesh? Who taught this child, like a wild leopard, obstinate and unruly.

Kong Xian naturally did not come to find Wang Yun Feng for a chat, after saying a few unrelated words he got straight to the point: “The Wang residence has been burnt down, where is the second lady?”

Wang Yun Feng let Juan Shu apply medicine and fastened a bandage on the bloody hole: 
“You need her for something?”

“General Xia has asked us to escort young master Fen to the second lady. A few days ago young master Fen had continuously communicated with the second lady, we rushed over with great difficulty, unexpectedly the Wang residence no longer exists, it was too much.”

The people of the Wang family silently fumed, what sort of rubbish was he saying.
Bai Yan crossed one leg over the other reminding them: “Our mistress’ handiwork, is naturally outstanding.”

“Oh, the second mistress made someone blow it up? Not bad, not bad, she is a great expert on explosives, cannons, firearms and so on.”

Juan Shu rolled his eyes.

“Where is she? Don’t tell us, you’ve lost the second lady! It doesn’t matter if you really have lost her, we’ll look for her ourselves. Hey, since that Wang residence has been destroyed for half a day, why is there still no news from the second lady, what are the subordinates doing.”

Xiao Bai who had rushed through the doors just now heard most of it and angrily said: “Who says we haven’t found the mistress, I will take you to her.”

Bai Yan shook his head, stupid, stupid, Hei Zi you deliberately turned Bai Zi into a Xiao Bai?[3] This is indirect revenge!

As the most intelligent person besides the Wang family’s master, Bai Yan felt a lot of pressure.

[1] Ancient measure of length, approx. 500m.
[2] A stance/posture in Chinese martial arts.
[3] Literally a `small idiot`.


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