"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 24

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When the last thread of sunlight passed through the backbone of the mountain range, several silhouettes one by one dropped into the abyss.

As Xia Ling Mei was falling down, she had brandished her scarlet long whip, hoping to catch the tiniest bit of a ledge as she passed through the violent waters of the waterfall. Again lifting her head, she saw Xia Fen that tiny body rushing down, she sucked in a breath, wrists trembled, body half leaning to shake off Zhuang Sheng who was leaning on her body, the end of her whip wrapping around Xia Fen’s waist.

Through the screen of water, the baby finally bumped into her embrace, the two people fell down even quicker. The large sized Wu Sheng looked like a huge hard shell turtle, coming down covering his head. Xia Ling Mei felt, that the speed they were falling had increased again?

Luckily, Zhuang Sheng was beneath her feet.

Everyone as if like a human pyramid, plopped into the abyss. Zhuang Sheng bared the brunt, Wu Sheng turned to fly into the water on his back, Xia Ling Mei stood on his belly, Xia Fen was protected in her embrace.

Apart from the white foam at the top of her head, there was an endless darkness at her side.

Xia Fen raised his head apparently crying out something, Xia Ling Mei rubbed his head noiselessly comforting him. They were people who had fought fiercely in the ocean before, they were good at swimming. Wu Sheng firstly found them, pulling Xia Ling Mei to the surface, Xia Fen coughed twice, stretching out his hands to tightly holding Xia Ling Mei’s neck.

The rush of a split life or death frightened the baby quite a bit, firmly holding onto his own mother not willing to let go.

With the turtle like Wu Sheng, the mother and son on the back of his shell safely and steadily burst out of the torrential current and whirlpools, paddling all the way.

Their surroundings were completely dark, the trees were blown by the wind crazily like the shadows of ghosts. It was very warm under the water, but the water surface was completely cold. Xia Ling Mei already used all her strength to carry Xia Fen, the baby’s teeth still trembled. They had to get to shore, the question is whether there were any remaining soldiers chasing after them, deep in the mountains and old forest there were many places everyone you could hide, getting ashore and suddenly facing assassination. By herself Xia Ling Mei was not afraid, she had countless courage and valour, and was willing to use her own body to pull a snake out of its hole, right now she didn’t dare.

Xia Fen depended on her she didn’t dare to do anything that would over step the boundaries, he was her scabbard, only making all her daring rudeness and impetuousness be relentlessly buried.

The three people, quietly followed the river meandering down.

Xia Ling Mei grabbed a handful of hair, suspiciously asking: “Did I forget something?”

Xia Fen in her arms grabbed her tightly even more. Fine, whoever I forgot doesn’t matter, it’s fine as long as her son was by her side.

Like this they drifted in the middle of the night, don’t know when the boundless rain which had been going on for a day and night had stopped, as far as the eyes can see there were no stars in the sky, Wu Sheng also could not distinguish directions.

Finally, when Wu Sheng’s body had completely swollen up, they decided their surroundings were relatively even enough to come ashore. There was only a small grove here, the huge thicket had already been left far behind. Wu Sheng carried the two of them on his back patrolling the grove once over, not discovering any assassins who had tracked them here. 
On the way, the people with great practice picked some not too dry branches, catching a few hares, Xia Fen did not see a rat, but actually skewered a few peeping squirrels he had jumped down on, wanting to have more food.

During the time they had spent travelling from the coast to inland, Wu Sheng and Kong Xian had taught him very well. These people treated people like grass on the battlefield, their survival consciousness was much greater than ordinary people, obviously the skills they taught Xia Fen were naturally practical abilities, nothing fancy, nothing unconventional.

Wu Sheng was in charge of building the fire, Xiao Xia Fen agilely broke the necks of the 
small animals, with familiarity opening their chest and breaking their belly, pulling out their intestines and skinning them, swallowing his saliva he used a stick ridding it of bark and pierced the small squirrels into a skewer, placing it on the fire as it `zhi, zhi` while it roasted. 
Xia Ling Mei created an additional fire, undoing her outside garment to dry, she cleaned up the Xia Fen who was focused solely on dinner, bundling him with the outer garment before chucking him by the side of the fire again.

Wu Sheng stripped off to only a pair of underpants, he reclusively went around the area setting up traps by himself, when he had put up the majority of the traps, he again came back carrying several pheasants with their heads snapped. At this time, Xia Fen’s entire outfit had been heated up warmly by Xia Ling Mei and he was wearing them, as he was handing a roasted rabbit leg to his mother, he himself took a bite of half of a squirrel, ripping the bones so it made a crunching sound, both cheeks bulged out, every now and then he licked his lips, smiling with satisfaction.

The animals on land were comparably much tastier than the fishes in the sea.

The three were full, Wu Sheng moved the fire away, where it was originally he laid his outer garment on the ground, Xia Ling Mei laid on top of it with Xia Fen. Wu Sheng himself climbed on top of a tree trunk, from time to time his bear like eyes would open, silently surveying the slightest movement in the area.

Just as Xia Ling Mei was about to fall asleep she again thought aloud: “I feel like I truly forgot something?”

Xiao Xia Fen grumbled `mother` turning over into her embrace, like a cub seeking a sense of security.

At daybreak, the small cub was truly a carnivore waking up at the aroma. His little bottom waving about on his bed covered in grass, eyes still not open, he had already stood up in a daze, sniffing at the smell of meat and yelling: “I want to eat the most tender bottom.” It attracted several unfamiliar hearty laughs.

Someone said: “Then I’ll set aside that fowl’s bottom for young master Fen.”

Xia Fen quivered as he trembled, swiftly opening his eyes, with rapid speed, he vigilantly swept his eyes over everyone in the surrounding once. Xia Ling Mei was already wrapped up in a new cloak, sitting beneath that person, calling out to him: “Quickly go wash your face, then come and meet your Han maternal uncle.”

Han Yi Fan nodded his head deeply having seen Xia Fen’s getting into an attack position in a flash: “This child’s aptitude is pretty good. No wonder your fifth uncle did not allow him be seen by outsiders all these years, he must have spent a lot of mental and physical efforts training him?”

Xia Fen had a special life experience, only a few of the older generation of the Xia family knew the truth about Xia Ling Mei herself. Kong Xian and Wu Sheng were specially assigned bodyguards to Xia Fen, knowing the truth but did not speak about it. To outsiders, Xia Fen was only Xia Ling Mei’s adopted son, he was the Xia family’s fifth master, Xia Xiang Min, General Xia’s deeply nurtured child, because his aptitude was out of the ordinary, he was intentionally given the surname Xia. Xia Ling Mei is his adoptive mother, Xia Fen’s position in the family hierarchy naturally followed down, becoming one of the young masters.

Xia Fen grew up in the barracks, when he saluted his tiny body followed a prescribed pattern to the letter, a little bit of a hint of a small adult. Han Yi Fan’s hidden abilities were out of the ordinary, he especially liked children who were obedient and highly skilled in martial arts, he couldn’t help knead his bones, Xia Fen knew this was the time when an adult was testing the abilities of a child, he clenched his teeth enduring all the pain. Not long after, he could feel a lot of sweat on his forehead and the palms of his hands. Xia Ling Mei heart hurt and hurt, until she got used to it. A Xia family mother, have great hopes for one’s offspring, their heart is tougher than steel.

“Not bad, pretty good.” Han Yi Fan continued to praise him twice more, finally patting the child’s already stiff back: “Go eat breakfast, we will set out in a bit.”

“Right, when I was looking for you, we also rescued someone from the river, see if you recognise him.” When several people carried over a person who was half dead, Xia Ling Mei then cried out: “He is my… en, my lifesaver.”

And she, when she saw Xia Fen, without hesitation threw away the seriously injured Zhuang Sheng.

She didn’t feel guilty at all, really = =

“You’re so cruel ----!” Zhuang Sheng had already walked around the gates of hell numerous times. He originally thought his hero rescue the beauty act, in any case Xia Ling Mei would gratefully remember it in her heart, how did he know that after falling into the water, her heart only remained on that brat who suddenly appeared from nowhere, and toss him her lifesaver to the back of her head.

Did she know, how long he struggled after dropping into the water seriously injured?

Did she know, when he was drifting with the waves and going with the flow, he wanted to cry for help at the woman who didn’t even turn her head back, how long he shouted for?

Did she know, he followed the river down, seeing their warm open fire on the shore, how long he stared fixedly at it?

He almost shouted himself hoarse.

Unfortunately, a telepathic connection between Xia Ling Mei and his heart did not exist at all, looking at that pain intertwined with grieve, pain penetrating the heart expression, silent face, pretended to happily say: “It’s good you’re alive.”

Zhuang Sheng wanted to burst into tears, he really forgot, Xia Ling Mei this woman did not treat men with an ordinary heart of stone.

“Be at ease,” Xia Ling Mei continued, “I know how to repay favours.”

Zhuang Sheng’s heart warmed up, very good, those were the words he wanted.

The current owner of Xian Yun manor, Jiu Fang Xi passionately received them. Han Yi Fan was the previous martial arts leader, his connections were vast, Jiu Fang Xi just recently took over, he still had a lot of things he needed Han Yi Fan’s help with, naturally he welcomed the people he bought along. Of course, when he heard that the only woman there was Xia Ling Mei, the smile on his face again expanded somewhat.

Jiu Fang Xi was a typical person of the Jianghu, he stood tall and straight and sat upright, smiled clear and bright, when he spoke his tone was deep and low, eyes focused, and his face filled with honesty, appearing as a complete sincere person. It was precisely this honest person, who surpassed countless deceitful people, winning the position of martial arts leader.

Xia Ling Mei this woman of an influential family, since birth has not known the purity of matters, naturally she did not easily get confused over an idea. On the contrary Xia Fen was quite hostile towards the other person, that night while staying at Xian Yun Manor, with a whistle, he called over countless birds to attack the other person’s bedroom, bird excrement fumigated that courtyard that it was inhabitable for a month.

Zhuang Sheng is a martial artist, even though he was seriously ill, luckily inside the manor the medicinal herbs were very good, not long after a few days he was able to get out of bed and move around.

Xia Ling Mei treated Zhuang Sheng clearly not as well as Wang Yun Feng. Wang Yun Feng was attacked because of her, she waited upon him by his bedside for many days; Zhuang Sheng saved her life, yet she only sent Xia Fen to visit him once or twice a day, absolutely not doing anything unnecessary.

Zhuang Sheng was also not worried, after he was again able to practice martial arts again, every few days he would find and excuse to compete in martial arts against Jiu Fang Xi. Perhaps, enemy of an enemy is a friend, under such a strange atmosphere, Xia Fen unexpectedly was on the same page as Zhuang Sheng, together against outsiders, becoming a way to torment Jiu Fang Xi.

There wasn’t any less provocation on the face of it, the secret struggle also continued to escalate.

That night, Zhuang Sheng again started doing his shameful shady business, taking advantage of the night he, once more climbed onto the roof of Xia Ling Mei’s bedroom.

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