“Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Wang Yun Feng woke up to the repetition of questions and answers, when he opened his eyes he found he had already returned to the Wang residence, beneath his head was indeed embroidery ` When others do not trouble me, I would not trouble others` bed curtains.

As a senior imperial censor, he always remembered his responsibilities ---- to take down all unscrupulous officials.

Of course, those seven words weren’t his motto, but the imperial censor Wang family teachings.

Outside the curtains, behind the twelve green hills and rocks, vermillion orchids, sandalwood screen was Xia Ling Mei’s faint silhouette, leisurely asking something.

“Lord Wang’s injuries only need a month to completely heal…”

Xia Ling Mei asked: “That is to say he won’t die?”

“Lady, Lord Wang has always been healthy, he’s also in his prime…”

“Then he doesn’t have any internal injuries? Just last night I saw him cough blood.

“His internal injuries aren’t serious, let this old doctor prescribe some medicine, to nurse his health…”

Xia Ling Mei felt great pity: “He really won’t die?”

“Lady, Wang…Lord Wang, the heavens helps the worthy, also he’s an important court minister, you…”

Xia Ling Mei was at a loss: “Are his bones strong or is his life strong, he won’t even die from this.”

“Of course he won’t die!” The doctor could no longer bear it, shouting out, “I’ve seen the cold and ruthless murder for money, I’ve also seen those with false friendships use powerful connections to intimidate people, I’ve even seen those who pay lip service and are secretly ruthless, this is the first time I’ve met someone like you who openly curse a person’s injuries to not heal and die early from so much pain as to not want to live and reincarnate earlier. 
Are you sceptical of Lord Wang’s desire to survive, or are you sceptical of this brilliant doctor, or maybe, you wish this old doctor to die but won’t so you’ll cause him to die from excessive anger!”

Xia Ling Mei blinked: “How did you know?”

“You, you, you.” The old man shook his beard blossoming with white, his nose flared, finally he suddenly slapped the table: “This old doctor will fight you. Anyhow this old doctor will make him better, infuriate you this poisonous woman.”

Xia Ling Mei’s mouth deflated: “You don’t have to completely heal him, at least make it so he’s paralysed on one side of the body, blind or deaf, maybe make it so he can’t have intercourse…”

“Go dream!” The old man who was driven crazy wrote several prescriptions, tossing the writing brush aside, he humphed in anger, stamping his feet he personally took the medicine to boil. He did not believe, with this old man here, that a patient doing well could…be dysfunctional? Ah pah, Lord Wang simply didn’t have an illness in that area.

Xiu Yu looked at her lady, before looking at that old man filled with vitality: “Should I take a look?”

Xia Ling Mei was flipping over the name cards covering the table, looking at one she frowned, looking at two she crossed her eyes: “Go, on the way get someone to deliver a pot of good tea.” When she finished speaking, she picked up the pile of cards herself and wandered to the bedside, bending over to look at the seemingly still asleep Wang Yun Feng, without the slightest hesitation, ruthlessly, she opened her hand. Numerous cards turned into a downpour pounding on Wang Yun Feng’s body, he didn’t move at all.

Xia Ling Mei crooked her head: “Could it be he really didn’t wake up? Just now I clearly heard the sound of him heavily breathing.”

Wang Yun Feng kept his eyes shut, motionless.

If he woke up, it couldn’t be said for sure Xia Ling Mei would immediately turn to leave, if she didn’t have to take care of a patient, she would have no reason to stay at Wang residence; if she didn’t stay at Wang residence, then he couldn’t hang on to her; if she left, she really won’t return.

Wang Yun Feng could feel the other person’s gaze resting on his cheeks, he made an effort to slow his breathing.

Not long after, his nose was pinched together, if he opened his mouth he would be exposed, he couldn’t breathe, his face was choked to redness, his chest and back where he had been whipped faintly ached, he felt he was the first official in Dayan to be murdered by their ex-wife, and the only one.

When he had lost all hope, his nose was released, he was alive again.

“He really still haven’t woken up.” Xia Ling Mei uttered to herself, then slapping Wang Yun Feng’s cheeks.

She started gently, afterwards each hit was harder than the last, this wasn’t waking someone up, this was beating someone up, this was violence, if it carried on like this, even though he’s alive he wouldn’t be able to see anyone for some time. However, Wang Yun 
Feng was still not prepared to wake up. If he can’t see anyone then he can’t see anyone, it was enough to trap Xia Ling Mei to have a very close relationship with him every day, every night a man and woman alone together, afterwards, even if she wanted to run away she wouldn’t be able to escape the palm of his hand. What is a tinnitus dizziness count as, after a few days the swelling in the face will no longer be a serious matter, a month of being too embarrassed to see people did not matter…

“Lady, a message has arrived from Lord Gu.”

The hitting from the palms stopped, Xia Ling Mei took the message looking at it, with her back to the light, her expression was not clear: “Where is he?”

“Right now he’s waiting in the hall.”

Xia Ling Mei without the slightest hesitation: “Let’s go.”

No! Wang Yun Feng who was lying on the bed pretending to sleep felt he couldn’t wait even a day, he had to stop Xia Ling Mei from seeing outsiders, especially that wolf of the Gu family who likes to eat chicken.

Not having seen him for a few days, Gu Lang was somewhat even more good looking and handsome, from head to toe he had a trace of manners of an outstanding scholar, donned in white, a white fan, spinning a jasper pendant in the air, attracting reckless thoughts.

He did not come to see the seriously injured Lord Wang, he came to see Xia Ling Mei. Some people, with beautiful people they always meticulously compare men, especially under the circumstances that this man could still be a rival in love.

The two were silent for a while, Gu Lang’s gaze always remained on Xia Ling Mei.

How was he not aware of it before? This woman’s manners could not be that of a Jianghu woman, her every word and action seemed recklessly laid-back, but between her every movement there was an air of nobility which could not be concealed; although she often used rash language, but in her eyes there were never any indignation or grievance, she was proud, and good at hiding the true temperament of a woman. Clearly living at the Gu residence, she was disliked by the old lady, ignored by the old maids and young maids, her basic needs were not limited, but everything revealed finery and luxury.

Such a person, was naturally born to socialise with the sly and treacherous, wearing more masks than the essential medicines at home.

This was wealth delivered to the door, it’s a shortcut to power.

Gu Lang decided to act late than never, he decided to firmly grasp hold of her.

Gu Lang grabbed the whip in Xia Ling Mei’s hand, lovingly: “I’ve already talked it over with mother, to select an auspicious date to go to your house to propose marriage, let’s decide our marriage as soon as possible.”

Xia Ling Mei secretly pulled on the whip, she didn’t pull it free, putting on a fake smile she asked: “Originally didn’t the old lady object. She knew my family background isn’t good, appearance isn’t good, completely without talent and learning, temper isn’t dignified or amiable, also not intelligent and talented, well-mannered, kind-hearted, self-cultivated and virtuous, how can such a woman like myself enter the doors of the Gu family.”

Gu Lang did not understand in the slightest her sarcasm: “Even if there’s a hundred or thousand things no good about you, I still like you.” He repeatedly stroked the whip, just like he was holding Xia Ling Mei’s supple physique: “Didn’t you often say, liking a woman you must like all her merits and faults.”

Xia Ling Mei smiled: “Then tell me what are my faults?”

Gu Lang continued tender-heartedly: “All your faults are merits in my eyes.”

He came to nose around his rival, Juan Shu who acted as the door god rubbed his own goose bumps. This Lord Gu, his words of love were truly filled with affection, filled with emotions and serious meaning, deep feelings like the sea, love…

“But,” Xia Ling Mei frowned, “doesn’t your cousin Lady Hua also love you a lot?”

Gu Lang `hehe` laughed, he couldn’t conceal his pride: “That is cousin, she likes me but I don’t like her, no harm.”

“But she wants to marry you.”

“It’s not like she wants to marry you, why are you worried.” Gu Lang said slightly angrily, immediately he was pleasant again: “If the worse comes to worse I’ll let her be my concubine.”

Xia Ling Mei raised her eyebrow, fingers pulling with all her might freeing the whip: “Lord Gu is a high ranking official, to go so far as to make the first daughter of a grand third rank official your concubine.” You think you’re a lecherous emperor.

Gu Lang coldly snorted: “How can Bao Xia be considered the daughter of a third rank official, at best she can only be considered the daughter of a merchant. The official is her uncle, not her father, making her my concubine is an honour from the Gu family.” Although several days ago the mother and son were rushing to invite that Lady Hua to stay at the Gu residence for a long time, making up their minds to make her the mistress of the Gu residence in advance, he didn’t expect after all this work, unexpected the wife he had 
prepared for actually became a backup concubine.

Xia Ling Mei smiled weakly: “This is inappropriate, if you break their dignity, Hua family will definitely cause trouble for you. You haven’t been an official for long, you don’t have any authority behind or in front to look after and help you, inevitably it’ll go wrong.”

Gu Lang stared blankly for a moment, he only placed the other person’s thoughts and efforts on himself, worried about his future as an official. He couldn’t help but step forward, he wanted to get close to her: “What’s to worry, don’t I have you in front of me.”

“Then behind you?”

Gu Lang beamed genuinely: “There’s my wife’s parents’, your parents’.”

Xia Ling Mei’s expression changed several times, could it be her identity was already known by every one? Or maybe, Gu Lang is being sly with his words?

Xia Ling Mei decided to change rather than not.

Gu Lang watched her without a word, thinking his words had already moved her, increasingly pleased with himself: “Anyway sooner or later I will have to go propose marriage, why don’t you first tell me where your hometown is, what the rank of your father is, I will quickly send someone to ask for marriage.”

Xia Ling Mei did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Last night she heard those people talk about Lord Gu, she had believed it was this Lord Gu in Chenzhou, she thought sooner or later she would have to pry out of them the person controlling behind the scene, she didn’t expect she still couldn’t find out about anything, the other person had thought of her plan before she did, she did not know how many thoughts had gone around the back of that person, to deal with the Xia and Wang family.

Her mind was flexible, having experienced much, and she was good at communicating with people, as long as she set her mind to a plan, no one could beat her dedication.

Thinking for a little while, she pretended to be suspicious: “It’s not impossible to propose marriage, but, your current official rank is too low, I’m afraid father won’t approve. It would be better, if you find someone who is of a better position in the country, a real powerful official to my house to ask, maybe it would work…”

“Your father won’t approve.” He shouted resolutely, breaking the seemingly non-existent ambiguity and temptation between the two. Wang Yun Feng was leaning on Juan Shu who had tipped him off, he walked in too weak to stand.

Gu Lang immediately stood up: “Lord Wang, you…”

“She won’t marry you.” Wang Yun Feng did not feel like socialising with him.

When Gu Lang heard these words he was angry, imposingly he said: “The personal matters between us two do not concern Lord Wang.”

Wang Yun Feng snorted, at a fast pace he walked over pulling Xia Ling Mei’s wrist: “Tell him, you won’t marry him.”

Xia Ling Mei sneered: “Aren’t you more dead than alive, why did you come out here, do you dislike having a long life?”

Wang Yun Feng knew Xia Ling Mei’s temper, enduring the pain he pulled her behind him, in a towering rage he said: “Lord Gu, you might not know, in earlier years she had already become my official wife.”


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