“Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 12

Chapter 12

With the words spoken, not only was Gu Lang shocked, but even Xia Ling Mei was stunned. For a split second, the house was so quiet a pin drop could be heard.

Gu Lang with a trembling finger pointed at Wang Yun Feng, before pointing it at Xia Ling Mei, stuttering incredulously: “You, you…” If they are a married couple, why is Xia Ling Mei wearing the hair of a young woman? If they are a married couple, how can you Lord Wang allow your own wife to wonder outside as she wishes, and stay in another’s residence?

“Lord Wang,” Xia Ling Mei gritted her teeth, “Is the feeling of being cuckold by your wife so great?”

Gu Lang sucked in a breath, before staring at Wang Yun Feng, running his eyes up and down the man repeatedly, before his gaze fell on the gilded crown embedded with precious gem on top of his hair. The early summer sun shone through the openwork window frame, reflecting on that bright gem, now it was red, now it was green.

If Lord Wang was really being cuckold, then wouldn’t Gu Lang be… at this moment, Gu Lang not only drew out a cold breath, but was covered in a cold sweat. Xia Ling Mei you bad person, femme fatale, alluring woman who can’t be killed by lightning.

Lord Wang was very satisfied with Gu Lang’s response. He wanted this sort of effect, no man is allowed to think about his wife. Xia Ling Mei is Wang Yun Feng’s, this one point is not questionable.

He had the audacity to pat Xia Ling Mei on back of her hand: “Husband knows you’re still angry at me for not cherishing you enough.” Xia Ling Mei was stumped for words, Wang Yun Feng was even more remorseful: “and ignored your feelings, I’ve also misunderstood you a lot. We were still young then, arrogant, unable to tolerate anything at all, therefore making you feel wronged. Right now, husband also understands he’s wrong, and has seriously apologised to the in-laws, furthermore promised to certainly respect and love you hereafter, not bully you.”

Xia Ling Mei was suspicious. He ought to have apologised to her parents, but when did he promise her? How did she not know?

Wang Yun Feng used his seriously injured hand to hold the hollow of her palm, with unprecedented tenderness: “These days, you’ve beat me, you’ve scolded me, however much anger between husband and wife ought to have disappeared.” He raised his head fixing his gaze on her, “Flowers by the path are now in full bloom, and I'm here expecting you to come back soon.”

This sort of expression, Xia Ling Mei had only seen a long time ago.

At that time, he was a kind and jaded young man. Standing under a blossoming peach tree in spring, picking a budding peach flower, with a smile presenting it to a young lady. His eyebrows coiled as he looked fondly on her, the tenderness of the corner of his mouth infatuated Xia Ling Mei who had stood for a long time in the distance. She vowed, she must have him.

But, after three years of marriage, suffering numerous neglect and harm she had to definitely admit, she could not get Wang Yun Feng’s heart, she could not seize it.

Closing her eyes, Xia Ling Mei waited for that cloud of smoke to dissipate, heart again still.

Gu Lang just saw Xia Ling Mei’s expression go from absent-minded to feverish again changing to ice-cold, he secretly cried out no, before continuously stepping back two steps, watching the iron fist Xia Ling Mei gently pull on the open lapel of Wang Yun Feng’s jacket, eyes narrowed, like a lioness staring at her prey: “Lord Wang, does ruining my reputation make you happy?”

Wang Yun Feng did not open his mouth, Gu Lang gave a forced laugh out loud: “Exactly, Lord Wang, you need to act with honesty. Lady Xia’s reputation cannot just be ruined by someone.”

Wang Yun Feng turned his head, giving a silent warning: shut up.

“Or, do you feel fabricating my marriage, will be enough for me to remain unmarried for the rest of my life, unable to marry?”

Gu Lang gave a hearty laugh: “Exactly, exactly, Lady Xia is gentle and graceful, intelligent and talented, well-mannered, kind-hearted, self-cultivated and virtuous, a man with just a little taste won’t because of slander said by outsiders, easily give up on her.”

Xia Ling Mei turned around, considering the weight of the man in her hand: like this I’m gentle and graceful?

Gu Lang subconsciously placed both hands in front of him: “Since you are not husband and wife, then, Lady Xia, are you willing to tell me what rank my father-in-law’s family is? Where his official residence is? I really want to…”

Wang Yun Feng could not help but shout loudly: “Get lost!”

Thus, the loyal Juan Shu rolled up his sleeves, one hand pressing down on Gu Lang’s head, another hand holding his arms, with one foot kicking the other’s bottom, let him leave appropriately.

“Ling Mei, let me go.” Wang Yun Feng grabbed the wrist holding his own lapel, “Right now 
I’m very angry, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“My goodness, Lord Wang such a loud tone.” Just with that one sentence, Xia Ling Mei wanted to beat him up again. He was amazing, he actually said he was very angry.

“I’ve said before, Gu Lang is not your husband.” He paused, “He also isn’t the person we need to look for.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Xia Ling Mei loosened her hand, Wang Yun Feng entire body tumbled to the floor.

“The people who wanted to kill me last night are not Gu Lang’s subordinates. Gu Lang is a sixth ranked county magistrate, it’s not impossible for him to rise to fifth rank with help, rather the Hua family’s connections. His and Hua family’s little relationship, still means he cannot involve himself with the big matters of court.” Wang Yun Feng took out a jade pendant. The dark green body, illuminated under the sunlight, you can see the word `Gu` embossed in gold, a delicate carving, a warm sleek jade.

Wang Yun Feng whispered: “This was taken from the drunkard, you might find it familiar.”

Xia Ling Mei this type of woman, from young she had touched more jades than she had ate salt, without looking too carefully she could already tell where it came from: “Beiding city’s Gu family.”, she pondered, expression changing: “Gu Sun Cui. Didn’t she die?”

Gu Sun Cui, inside the Dayan imperial city she was the second young mistress of the Gu family who ranked as one of the influential families. She was clever and quick-witted from childhood, educated in the four arts,[1]all kinds of skills in singing and dancing, when she was alive she was known with the current Imperial consort Xia Ling Shu as `the pair of pearls in the imperial city`. A woman who was so talented and good-looking, in the end because of her hatred for her sister, she and the then oldest prince plotted a palace rebellion, ultimately she was killed under the upheaval of swords.

Gu family and Xia family, had a long-standing feud.

Wang Yun Feng did not reply, only taking back that thing: “This matter is out of the ordinary, don’t get involved in it. These days do not go anywhere, don’t take half a step out of this residence.” He quickly changed to a serious tone, with an unquestionable intensity. He thought about it, smiling again: “Last night thank you for saving me.”

Xia Ling Mei’s face paled, she snorted once, elbow suddenly striking the pit of Wang Yun Feng’s stomach: “Rescuing you was only in passing. If I knew today you would tell Gu Lang nonsense, I should have waited until you were beaten to death by those people before capturing them for questioning.”

Wang Yun Feng laughed bitterly: “You really want me to die?”

“Yes.” Xia Ling Mei said, directly ignoring the other person’s flash of pale expression, “I’ve said before, I hate you.”

Even though she spoke of hate, she knew the severity of the situation, without saying anything again about leaving, and not going out to play, from this point on she would stay at Wang residence.

Wang Yun Feng was seriously injured, luckily she was willing to spend money on medicine, over half a month she had shredded quite a bit. It was clear he could get out of bed, he still stubbornly laid on his bed, every day he raised his head expecting Xia Ling Mei to visit.

Xia Ling Mei sounded tough, but her heart still worried about the condition of his injuries, every day while she waited for a maid to make his medicine, she would go inside without the slightest hesitation and scatter a large handful of lotus seeds. Once she was not careful, with a shake of her hand, she had actually she had poured half a bag of lotus seeds into the pot for decocting herbal medicine, almost sealing up the mouth of that pot. The servants who knew what happened every time saw Wang Yun Feng drink it all without a frown of his eyebrows, they all wished they could throw up on his behalf.

That simply wasn’t medicine, rather yellow lotus water.

When Xia Ling Mei held the empty bowl, a beaming smile would show on her icy face, patting the other person’s shoulder: “Not bad, you’re still the same Master Wang who can eat bitter things.”

With this praise, Wang Yun Feng wished he could continue to be ill day and night.
In this half a month, Gu Lang reported to Wang residence almost every day.

First thing in the morning Wang Yun Feng had just woken up, when Xia Ling Mei had just changed her clothes to practice martial arts, Gu Lang came knocking on the door, with glory praising Lady Xia’s valiant and outstanding disposition; at noon, Xia Ling Mei’s lunch had just been placed on the table, Gu Lang without shame would freeload food; at dusk, Lord Gu leaving the government office would run in the direction of the Wang residence, telling 
Xia Ling Mei about his endless pining for her, endless tender sentiments. Causing Wang Yun Feng’s condition to deteriorate a bit, the doctor only said he was too irritated.

Bai Yan explained to Juan Shu: “Irritation, as they say is jealousy. Our master is actually a jealous husband.”

Juan Shu nodded: “Jealousy is unacceptable, he will be a divorced man.”

Hei Zi sitting on the roof snorted: “Your master has long ago been divorced by the lady.”

Bai Zi wrapped like a dumpling was jumping around in the courtyard, pointing at Hei Zi: “You dare to be jealous, I’ll divorce you.”

Hei Zi: “Get lost!”

Juan Shu hugged Bai Yan: “Brother Hei is really vicious.”

Bai Yan returned Juan Shu’s hug: “Don’t worry, even if you’re more vicious to me I won’t divorce you .”

Hei Zi: All of you get lost (#′)

Everyday Wang residence had to receive numerous officials expressing sympathy, ow ranking officials could be not seen, those officials with real power and those with family ties to the influential families in Beiding could not be blocked, even more those gifts were seemed to be transported to Wang residence like running water.

Wang Yun Feng is an imperial censor, what he feared the most was being framed. Everyday when he met someone, he had to listen to Juan Shu read the gift list, if it was above quota he openly returned it, putting out the image of a clean-living and honest official. Secretly showing filial piety, not a bit was out of place in the books. Wang Yun Feng intended to make Xia Ling Mei take control of the rear court again, dragging on his illness to make her handle this and other reciprocities, however Xia Ling Mei had long been prepared. Every day apart from seeing Gu Lang at certain times, she actually spent the rest of her time drinking with a monk.

This monk wasn’t some random person, it was precisely that drunkard who had taken Wang Yun Feng that day.

The drunkard and Xia Ling Mei had no discord, no concord, their exchanges were very happy, he had taken out that piece of jade. Amongst the three of them, he had a sort of reputation in the Jianghu, known as `alcoholic`, he didn’t like not having alcohol, if he did drink he must get drunk, when he’s drunk he sleeps, and when he slept his eyes are wide open.

Xia Ling Mei had wandered for many years, she really understood how to deal with people from the Jianghu, not long after she was like a brother to that drunkard. The drunkard was also direct, telling her everything he knew, on the day he had left the dark prisons he had asked for a doctor to treat his toe, and had washed, shaved his beard, having finished he had asked someone to buy a monk’s gown, with a head brighter than a night pearl he sat in the back garden drinking with Xia Ling Mei.

He didn’t buy the alcohol, Xia Ling Mei even more would not go to buy it, the both of them had together stolen it from Wang residence’s wine cellar, no one knew. Those who did didn’t dare to speak about it, such as Hei Zi ( ) .

Wang Yun Feng asked Xia Ling Mei for help, if she wasn’t ignoring the sweet words of Gu 
Lang, she was drunk in the bushes fighting over wine with the drunkard, she was very busy, aiya, she was too busy.

Maybe, the heavens feel Lord Wang wasn’t unfortunate enough, he was, while he was `bedridden with a serious illness`, another unexpected guest arrived at Wang residence.

“Two tong.”

“North wind.”

“Seven tiao.”

“Aiya, I’ve made a mistake.” This unexpected guest smiled deviously, “everyone, in accordance with our agreement, the loser must promise the winner one thing.”

Xia Ling Mei jeered as she picked up a mah-jong tile: “Speak, as long as you don’t ask this lady to sell herself.”

The drunkard: “Don’t make this old man give up drinking.”

Hei Zi: “I won’t sleep with Bai Zi.”

The unexpected guest suddenly slapped the table: “Tonight we’ll all go be flower thieves!” 
This person was exactly the person who used to be Wang Yun Feng’s partner, the famous flower thief ---- Zhuang Sheng, Hero Zhuang

At this moment, with the sun down supporting himself with crutches, tears were streaming down his face in the bottom of Wang Yun Feng’s heart, he wished he could say: Ling Mei, come and pick my flower. Of course, on the surface, he was as dignified as before, a strangers beware zombie face.

[1] Zither, Go, calligraphy and painting.


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