“Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 15

Speaking of the Zhao Princess, the influential families of Dayan did not know whether to cry or laugh, not because of others, only because she had a nickname `Golden snub-nosed monkey`.

Before she married, she was considered to be the best of the numerous honourable daughters, a lively temper, cleverly eccentric, entering the prince’s mansion through marriage, that was like a monkey entering deep into the mountains, becoming a strange spirit, more and more of her fantastic oddities at every description were thrown at people, but still you couldn’t find a fault, you could only long after the house of gold that Zhao Prince had built, restricting her within so she couldn’t go out and harm the ordinary people.

Speaking of that it was also strange, why did it have to be such a woman be doted on deeply by the Zhao Prince, giving all he has through his lifetime to her, no taking a concubine or have close female friends.

It seems as if there was simply nothing else but for it to be this way, and she had to have a younger sister who was the Imperial Consort, a respectable position, even the current emperor avoided her to some degree, afraid the golden snub-nosed monkey would get angry, together with the cold-hearted Imperial Consort they cooked up a dragon claw stew to drink.[1]

Such women, were envied and hated by the beautiful women of the land.

From childhood and growing up Xia Ling Mei, using her status as older female cousin could supress one or two people, until the other person became the Zhao Princess, Ling Mei’s status dropped a lot, involuntarily she was shunned and distanced from her, that Wang Yun Feng back then had wanted to marry no one but Xia Ling Wo, and joked on the night of his new marriage he wanted the folly of eloping, making Xia Ling Mei hate him to the bones and broke out in anger.

In a short time, Xia Ling Mei eyes vaguely saw the pair of red celebratory words during the wedding night from many years ago, illuminated by a flickering candle, the light veil hanging still on her head, everything was clearly so enthusiastic but she couldn’t stop worrying, she waited, and waited, for the elderly nurse who accompanied her to arrive and whisper in her ear. Carrying a bundle, the man who had taken off his marriage garments under the moonlight seemed lonely and resolute, he was also waiting.

The wedding night, the bride waited for the groom, and who was the groom waiting for?

The doors to the main hall were pushed open, light glaring, she blinked, she only saw everyone crowded together as a pregnant woman dressed in splendour slowly walk over.

Xia Ling Mei lightly breathed out: “Fortunate.” She said. Where was the fortune, who was it good for, no one asked, she would not have answered.

Zhao Princess with a lustrous smile, reached out her hand: “Older sister.”

Xia Ling Mei bowed down low, softly saying: “Welcome Princess.”

Zhao Princess hardly stopped to rest, easily grasping her hand to stop the formalities: 
“We’re sisters, no need for such formalities.”

Xia Ling Mei made an effort to focus, meticulously examining this thriving and pampered flower of a younger cousin.

Compared to the hardships she had suffered from drifting about for seven years, Zhao Princess’ cheeks were rosy, eyes clear and bright, her whole body bursting with life, apart from being somewhat more calm and bright than she was before she married, she had a heavenly beauty, charming and graceful.

Even though the princess wasn’t an outsider, in the end she had to follow the rules of conduct to the imperial family, there were other strict rules on words and manners.

Wang Yun Feng had left before to the vestibule to welcome Liu Ling Mo, Zhao Princess was a woman, she was directly taken to the rear court, and Xia Ling Mei stayed inside.

Xiu Yu and Ying Shi were born in the Xia family, they were extremely aware of the matter between their own lady and Zhao Princess, right now inside the Wang residence, it was difficult for a few not to know, everyone in the Wang residence rushed about with a mind to attend to guests.

“I’m only temporarily staying here for three days, everything doesn’t need to be meticulous.” Zhao Princess said, and sat with Xia Ling Mei, she also attentively looked this older cousin who she only saw once a year up and down for a while, before lightly exclaiming: “I heard from Zhao Prince that Wang Yun Feng had already found you, I only thought you would already be ready, right now there appears to be still a few problems.”

Xia Ling Mei was startled. She had not socialised with women from a wealthy family in a long time, usually when travelling around the Jianghu she would only meet crude men and women haggling over every ounce, suddenly seeing Zhao Princess she still couldn’t think of how she should confront it, she didn’t expect the other person to be so much more magnanimous, saying whatever she wanted bluntly, compared to her she was still somewhat more straightforward. Ridiculing her own humble mind secretly in the bottom of her heart, with somewhat reservation, she only smiled: “Did you actually come to see him, or did you come to find me?”

Zhao Princess giggled: “Why would I visit him? If my black bear found out I came to see another man, wouldn’t he have run out here from Wangyan city, tying up my hands and feet locking me up in the house not letting me out.”

Zhao Princess and Zhao Prince were a quarrelsome but loving couple, from childhood the two found each other disagreeable, Zhao Prince used to love to tease Xia Ling Wo calling her `monkey`, Xia Ling Wo always looked down on Zhao Prince as `black bear`.

These two people never avoided using the nicknames in Xia residence, no less they were discussed about by the elders, sweetly and grumbly also, but never actually corrected them.

“I was scared he’d bully you again, passing through Chenzhou, especially for this reason to see.”

Xia Ling Mei smiled, brows raised, rather somewhat proudly: “Us Xia women, who can bully us.”

Zhao Princess only laughed, her laugh making Xia Ling Mei embarrassed, suddenly she closed her lower jaw, a flicker of coldness in her eyes, she crooned: “Before I used too much emotions, exhausting all my sincerity on him. Now, he walks his difficult path, I walk my bright path, no one dares to block the other’s way. If he really provokes me, I will whip him until he’s barely alive.”

Zhao Princess suddenly realised, sighing: “Poor Lord Wang.”

Apparently she had already imagined the indescribable suffering spectacle of Lord Wang under the long whip.

Xia Ling Mei could not help push her: “Which way does your elbow bend?”[2]

Zhao Princess giggled: “Of course towards our family’s lioness.”

“Aiya, you’re laughing at me.”

Xia Ling Mei was stingy, poncing on her to kneed her into a dumpling, like they had returned an unconstrained time when they were younger. The two were laughing and noisy, a little girl who didn’t look older than ten came over rubbing her eyes, calling: “Mother.”

Xia Ling Mei looked, smiling: “Oh, our little monkey has also arrived, quickly come let your aunt look at you.” As she spoke, she herself stepped forward pulling the little princess left and right looking at her, after the other person gave her greetings, before grasping the princess’ chubby hands to examine: “She’s still practicing martial arts?”

Zhao Princess nodded: “Zhao Prince will always be afraid his daughter will be bullied, she hasn’t adopted well to martial arts. She can’t even grasp a long sword well in both hands, she also can’t learn the feminine arts no matter how she’s taught.”

Xia Ling Mei couldn’t help smother a smile: “Learn martial arts well. Afterwards if your husband bullies you, with a sword make him into a honeycomb, let your father find you another new husband.”

The little princess blinked, nodding seriously: “I’ll listen to auntie”

This serious mood actually shocked the Zhao Princess, the two women again argued without giving way to the other, for a moment it was actually unusually lively.

Liu Ling Mo was a feeble headed youngster, because of the responsibilities on his shoulders, his usual baby face cheek fat had already slimmed down, his great spirit had become meek, somewhat resembling the cultured and refined Wang Yun Feng when he was younger.

Right now, the jaded child had already grown up, Wang Yun Feng had already met with misfortune repeatedly, no longer gentle, the jealousy of the imperial censor reflected vividly on his body, his cold expression virtually gave people a lot of pressure: “This time I’m merely here to escort the princess back to Zhao Prince’s territory, on our way we heard Lord Wang was here, so we took a detour to visit, there’s no other reason.”

Wang Yun Feng drank his tea, Liu Ling Mo muttered to himself irresolutely, from his chest he took out a letter: “Before we left, the emperor told me to personally hand this to you Lord Wang”

Wang Yun Feng took the letter, but did not look at it, continuing to taste his tea.

Liu Ling Mo adam’s apple moved up and down a few times, taking a deep breath: “The 
Imperial Consort also has an order for me to convey. The consort said `congratulations to 
Lord Wang for his instant success`.”

Wang Yun Feng glanced at him, looking at the tea leaves sinking and floating in his tea cup, not saying a word, Liu Ling Mo dully scratched his head, doing his job: “Okay, actually the Imperial Consort also said something else `if Lord Wang cannot even persuade his wife to return himself, then you don’t have to return ever again either`.”

Wang Yun Feng held his breath, kneading his tea cup.

“The consort also said `a man who is able to support both heaven and earth would stop at nothing, if you know you’re wrong you can make it right. You need to get back your wife, determination is not enough, you need to be aware, you must strictly implement and abide by the Confucian moral injunctions for women. You must follow your wife when she leaves, you must obey your wife’s orders, if your wife is wrong you must follow her blindly; you must wait for your wife to get ready, you must be willing for your wife to spend money, you must endure your wife’s beating and scolding, you must remember your wife’s birthday…`”

Liu Ling Mo disregarded Wang Yun Feng’s pale face, continuing: “The emperor also said `as his subject, you must nimbly put the Thirty-Six Stratagems to use, handsome man plot, empty city stratagem, stratagem of sowing dissension, trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence, interlocked stratagems, so long as it’s useful then use it. Oh, by the way, act first, report later this is the most profound understanding, execute thoroughly, raise one and infer three. If it truly won’t work then arrange a marriage following a pregnancy, although this trick is underhanded, but it has been well-tested on the daughters of the influential families, after using it you’ll still want to use it`.”

`Hiccup`, with this, Wang Yun Feng’s complexion had changed from white to red before turning black.

Liu Ling Mo touched his nose, looking at the sky, looking at the ground, looking at the door, just not looking at the husband of his older cousin.

“Right, the second uncle of the Xia family also had something he wanted me to say to you.”

Wang Yun Feng gritted his teeth: “Say it.”

“Second uncle said `if the daughter of the Xia family is childless, Lord Wang can have 
another marriage`.”

Wang Yun Feng suddenly stood up, the already ice cold tea spilling over the back of his hand, a glistening cold puddle, the two words `childless` weighed heavily on his heart. Married for ten years without children, to the influential families this was the most important of the seven ground, based on this ground alone people could urge Wang Yun Feng to take marry another woman.

Xia Ling Mei’s father’s words were undoubtedly reminding him, this was the last chance, if he can’t obtain Xia Ling Mei’s heart, the Xia family will urge them to part.
It doesn’t matter if the divorce document is fake, childless is true; it doesn’t matter if you 
Wang Yun Feng love Xia Ling Mei, it’s possible for Xia Ling Mei to not love you; even more it doesn’t matter if you don’t marry another woman, Xia Ling Mei must absolutely remarry. Can it be matters have already reached to the point of no return? Can it be everyone is forcing him to leave Xia Ling Mei? Can it be, he’s destined to be alone for the rest of his life?

The Xia family was thinking of their own daughters, regardless if it’s Zhao Princess, or the Imperial Consort or Xia Linng Mei’s own father, right now, even the emperor was compelled to teach him to demeaning tricks, they’ve all decided Xia Ling Mei won’t return, all understand he is unable to let go of his dignity, moreover they knew seven years ago they had already headed down the end of the road. Every word had an earnest urging behind it, it was their tranquil faces.

All appearing to say `you’ve wasted so many years, how can you still be obstinately persisting in going about things the wrong way?` Or maybe laughing `You Lord Wang am a man of honour, how can you face your father in your next life, putting aside your dignity for a mere woman!` even more it was urging him `let go, Xia Ling Mei isn’t fit for you, let go of her, you will be free`.

“No!” Wang Yun Feng spat out this word from deep in his heart.

No matter who he fell in love with, eh would not easily give up. He didn’t have parents, no relative, if he didn’t even have Xia Ling Mei, he didn’t know what he would do. These years, when he faced the large Wang residence by himself, he had a type of illusion, as if he could see Xia Ling Mei’s lively shadow in the official residence. Every blink, every smile, every stillness, every movement, her hair flying around, her splendid skirt, clear and bright laughter, in the silence all rushed into his eyes and ears into his brain, keeping him company as he passed the endless night.

He, won’t let go, absolutely not! Even if, he really had to do as the emperor says, using those crafty machinations, he absolutely will have Xia Ling Mei in his arms again.

Suddenly, again remembering something, he abruptly turned his head to stare at Liu Ling Mo, pointedly asking: “Zhao Princess truly is simply passing through?” She also was not optimistic Ling Mei would return to his side, is that right? She always thought he was too weak, incapable of protecting any women of the Xia family. She…also came to break up him and Ling Mei, is that right?

Wang Yun Feng could no longer remain silent, almost aggressively tearing the youngster in front of him open, charging into the rear courtyard.

Xia Ling Mei is his, even if the Xia family snatches her away from his side.

[1] I think this means as royalty are considered to be `dragons`, both sisters have caught themselves royalty.
[2] A saying basically asking who’s side she is on.


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