"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 17

In one night, several people struggled to sleep, finally the next morning, Ling Mei still got up early to practice her martial arts.

Only this time not only was Zhuang Sheng also there, there was also the Zhao Princess’ daughter Gu Shang Jin.

Xia Ling Mei’s weapon was a long whip, good at long range attacks, and the little princess loved welding swords, playing with spears, she loved close attacks. The two people tried out a few moves on each other, the little princess could not get near Xia Ling Mei’s whip, her own skirt was smashed to pieces by the long whip repeatedly.

The little princess’ face was choked red, angrily she tossed the sledgehammer at Xia Ling Mei, trembling she said: “You bully me.”

Xia Ling Mei shrugged: “I am bullying you.”

The little princess picked up a long sword and threw herself at her: “You are a big monster.”

Xia Ling Mei put a hand on her hips, dodging the weapon: “Then you’re a small monster. Small monster, your hair has fallen out of its bun, you’re becoming a crazy monster.”

The little princess shrivelled her lips: “Aiya, your clothing style is so strange, are the worn out strips of cloth on your waist also your weapons? Is it possible you can’t defeat other people, so as a backup you have strips of cloth to strangle the other person? You know all eighteen kinds of weapons, yet you can’t kill anyone with any kind, where are you portraying martial arts, you must be dancing? Look at your short gourd like height, your waist thicker than a bucket, your chest even flatter than the door, also your small bottom.”

The little princess glared at her with wide eyes, covering her own bottom: “I, what’s wrong with my bottom?”

Xia Ling Mei walked around her twice, frowning: “Your bottom doesn’t stick up even as much as my Fei Dao’s. `Clicking her tongue`, making people feel the urge to kick you twice.”

`Wa, wa----` the little princess covered her insufficiently stuck up bottom, loudly howling as she rushed towards her mother’s courtyard, crying heart wrecked and splitting her lungs.

Xia Ling Mei clicked her tongue behind her, the big bullying the small, the strong against the weak and so on, it kept in line with her temper (╯▽╰)

Hei Zi and Bai Zi who were sparring on the rooftop wept: Lady, how can you be so tacky!

The Zhao Princess was tormented for half the day by the sound of the little princess crying, with a bitter smile, nevertheless she did not mind it, she only laughed: “It’s great to be a monster. In the secular world, monsters are the most formidable. When they’re happy they eat people, when they’re sad they also eat people, eat and eat, not even a single bone will remain, so intelligent.”

The little princess blinked, peeping at Xia Ling Mei who had come soon after: “Will auntie eat me?”

The Zhao Princess said: “Can you also eat her?”

The little princess buried her head into her mother’s bosom, she `wu,wu` twice: “I’m no match for her.”

The Zhao Princess smiled: “You can ask you aunt to teach you martial arts, to become like her highly skilled in martial arts, then you don’t have to worry about being eaten.”

The little princess asked: “Is auntie even more powerful than father?”

The Zhao Princess said: “Your father is a black bear, your aunt is a lioness, they are both very powerful.”

“Then, compared to uncle emperor, who is more powerful?”

Xia Ling Mei sneered twice: “That lecherous emperor has already been hollowed out by wine and women, anyone can squash him.”

The Zhao Princess glanced at her own cousin with amusement, stroking her little princess’ hair: “Your uncle emperor is a very, very fat dragon,[1] your auntie is the reigning lioness on the ground, the two of them can’t compete.”

The little princess appeared very disappointed, sullenly: “Even the most powerful uncle can’t even defeat the big devil king, what is to be done.” Her troubled face amused the two adults.

Xia Ling Mei carefully mulled over the Zhao Princess’ expression, seeing she was somewhat tired and feeble, her expression free and light, not disturbed in the slightest by the tiredness of passion. She then recalled the assembly of the Zhao Princess and Wang Yun Feng in their childhood, last night afflicted by problems old and new gradually came to her, although she wasn’t too bothered, she was certain the Zhao Princess was not having a love affair with Wang Yun Feng.

Xia family held affection very importantly, Xia Ling Mei had taken care of this younger cousin quite a bit, now she let go of the thoughts, her face remained happy.
The Zhao Princess was very intelligent, after looking at her she asked: “Older sister do you like Jin Er?”

Xia Ling Mei sat beside her, pinching the little princess’ chubby cheeks, sighing with regret: 
“Liking her is one thing, giving birth to a devil incarnate is another thing.”

“A married woman, cannot ask for the sole love of a husband, children are nevertheless a necessity.”

The Zhao Princess seemed to have thought of something, “Back when I first married the Zhao Prince, when I returned to manage the household that was when I found out the difficulties of being a married woman in the imperial household. Originally I had thought the 
Zhao Prince was seriously passionate and not lecherous, but before marrying he already had one or two maids. I had just gotten pregnant with Jin Er, inside and outside the palace a flock of people offered to find him someone to warm his bed, every day it was so lively in the prince’s mansion. I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t argue with the Zhao Prince, even if my heart was sad I had to smile, or else people would say I’m jealous.”

Xia Ling Mei’s complexion darkened, she also remembered the years she had spent at Wang residence. In those days, Wang Yun Feng was a brilliant young official who had just been exposed to the court, relying on the connections his grandfather’s had made, everything was smooth sailing. Who knew, the usually gentle, filial Wang Yun Feng walked a different path in marriage.

There were numerous women in the Xia family, he only had feelings for Xia Ling Wo. Xia Ling Mei and him were fairly close in age, because her temper was the most domineering, someone she cannot obtain she would want to marry them even more, setting her heart on the delusion that after the two were married they would live in martial harmony, for this reason the second concubine and third concubine were very disagreeable.

Xia Ling Mei chased after Wang Yun Feng, Wang Yun Feng however loved Xia Ling Wo.
Those years, she countlessly saw scenes of Wang Yun Feng and Xia Ling Wo talking to each other very happily, and countlessly saw the deep feelings Wang Yun Feng had overflowing in his eyes facing Xia Ling Wo.

She did not resign, clearly she had invested so much in him, love him so deeply, why does his line of sight never linger on her. She wanted him all to herself. She was to marry him. On the same night of her marriage, she also completely lost Wang Yun Feng.

Who could have known on the newly wed day, the groom leisurely wrapped a bundle wanting to elope with another woman?

Who would have realised, the newly wed after several days had to hang up white adornments, to cry mournfully for the husband’s mother who had died of illness?

She was ridiculed for having misfortune follow her, criticised by people `not the same`, estimated by people `ruining the husband’s family`. The humiliation of the wedding night, the days of grievance for the funeral, as well as those three years countlessly staying at home alone painstakingly waiting for that person’s resentment, it became the most painful thing in her lifetime.

By comparison, the Zhao Princess those trivial matters were actually not sufficient to mention.

“Now you daughter and mother, husband and wife is all just as you wished, considered to be the most blissfuly.”

The Zhao Princess smiled: “Whatever blissfulness cannot compare to having children. Older sister, I have to say something inappropriate, you really should seriously consider your happiness for the second half of your life.” Xia Ling Mei somewhat appraisingly looked at 
her. “I know you won’t forgive Lord Wang.”

“No,” Xia Ling Mei stopped her, “me and Wang Yun Feng will no longer have any connections.”

“Older sister, please hear me out.” The Zhao Princess grabbed her wrist, sincerely and earnestly: “Do you know that the years you weren’t there, how Lord Wang passed his 

Xia Ling Mei shook her head: “I’m not interested.”

“Then do you know why he suddenly came to Chenzhou, the reason why he protects you day and night?”

“It’s none of my business.”

“You don’t even know the thing with him being denounced in Beiding city?”

Xia Ling Mei only felt twitchy and uneasy, suddenly she stood up: “My feelings for him has already turned to dust, you don’t need to rack your brains again to make plans for me.”

The Zhao Princess complexion suddenly changed, only then did Xia Ling Mei feel after that her words were inappropriate, her brain chaotic, her mouth still malicious: “I know in a lot of things I’m not as good as you, many years ago I had already admitted defeat, losing in a complete shamble. I don’t blame you, I also don’t blame him, I only blame myself for imagining my love was reciprocated, believing I was infallible, I ought to be like the compliant person I am right now, I have passed the foolish punishment, I don’t want to hear anything about him, more than anything I don’t want to hear anything about him from your mouth. The two of you together, will only make me angry, make me jealous, make me…”

She suddenly shut her mouth tightly, in the Zhao Princess’ eyes she saw her own twisted face filled with suffering, she paused, finally taking out her whip she walked through the door, halfway, she happened to come across Wang Yun Feng, her good mood ceased to exist even more: “The Zhao Princess was just talking about you and you appeared, truly it’s a meeting of minds.”

Not looking at his expression, panting with rage she struck his cheek and wanted to leave.

Wang Yun Feng pulled at her: “Who has angered you?”

Xia Ling Mei turned around to glare at him: “Let go, do you still want a beating?”

Wang Yun Feng with thick skin said: “A common saying to hit is to be intimate, to scold is to love, the pain on my body, pains your heart.”

Xia Ling Mei raised her foot and kicked out: “Go dream.” She had kicked him once but her hate still hadn’t dissolved, again rushing over she beat Wang Yun Feng with her fists, the other person did not utter a word, only looking at her expression, seeing her gloominess slowly disperse then he felt relieved: “As expected, she still love…ah.” Covering his head, 
Wang Yun Feng once again deeply experienced the `love` Xia Ling Mei had for him.
It really hurts! He felt he would have to lay in bed for a few more days again.

Xia Ling Mei was sweating all over, stickily she returned to her courtyard, just as she opened the door to the room, she only saw crimson directly in her face, the whole room, from the seat to the window to the wall, was filled with a diversity of Chinese peony flowers, some blooming, some budding, in accordance to the way they disperse a sweet smell, making the bottom of one’s heart extremely soft.

Xia Ling Mei deeply took in two breaths.

Since she was young she loved gorgeous and colourful Chinese peony in the most, when she was still a young lady, every year in May she would go to the Chinese peony garden to appreciate the flowers, when the flowers were in full blossom, she would pluck the flowers down grinding it into a powder, now as before she still like to use Chinese peony to make tea.

Only, since she left home, she had not admired so many Chinese peony flowers in such a long time, and very few people would go and pick flowers to spoil her.

In a moment, she only felt herself return to a time before she married, she couldn’t help but go look at the courtyard, again looking left and right, afraid that this was just a dream.

“Lady, you didn’t enter the wrong door, this is your house.” Ying Shi walked over from the hallway with its floors flourishing with flowers, “Lord Wang said Chinese peonies suited lady’s temper the most, placing it in the house all cut and dried will definitely have a delightful fragrance, making you carefree and relaxed.”

Xia Ling Mei grounded her teeth: “Is he crazy.”

Not knowing where Xiu Yu came from, in her arms carrying an already fat ball of the small Tibetan Mastiff, on her shoulder the charming kitten: “I heard Xiao Bai saying Lord Wang recently pondered over The Thirty-Six Stratagems or something. Lady, do you think Lord Wang is planning to deal with you?”

Ying Shi tilted her head: “Could it be Lord Wang wants to use fresh flowers to bury my lady?”

Xiu Yu extended her head looking in: “Maybe, Lord Wang want so to make is so the lady can’t stay in this house? Afterwards under false pretences he’ll invite the lady to sleep on the same bed?”

Ying Shi: “You’re so sinister.” Ashamed.

Xiu Yu: “You’re so malicious.” Provoked.

Xia Ling Mei already picked up the collar of the Tibetan Mastiff and the kitten, tossing the two pets into the sea of flower, letting them trample all over the piece of heartfelt gesture by 
Wang Yun Feng until nothing existed.

After an hour, Fei Dao who was outside hunting for food also joined in the procession of fun, pulling down the wall which had become a mural of Chinese peony flowers, shredding it and sprinkling it over the heads of the two cat and dog, for a moment only countless cat cries, dog hisses and Fei Dao’s sharp birdsong could be heard in the whole house, rising and falling in succession.

Xia Ling Mei’s mood rapidly fluctuated with anger and made people gather the remains of the flowers, personally carrying a basket of flowers she ran to the Wang Yun Feng’s roof, lifting up a tie, she poured the numerous broken pieces of flower into the bedroom of that cold and cheerless Wang Yun Feng. The inside of the house painted black completely lacking liveliness, innumerable red flowers scattered among the bed, making it somewhat cheerful.

Bai Zi was foolishly moved: “It seems like a bridal room.”

Xia Ling Mei turned her head glowering, it was already too late for Hei Zi to push Bai Zi away, in a flash the two people were rubbing away for their lives, chased after by a lioness brandishing a whip wanting to kill.

Xiu Yu looked up to the roof to watch Hei and Bai running away: “So stupid.”

Ying Shi burst with laughter: Truly stupid.”

Fei Dao: “`ka`!”

Wang Yun Feng by means of his injuries again did not go to the government office, Gu Lang like a cowhide sweet took the opportunity to stick to Xia Ling Mei’s side. Zhuang Sheng now became a genuine flower thief, as long as Xia Ling Mei was there, Zhuang Sheng was absolutely not far. She had a meal with the Zhao Princess, he and the drunkard with a wine pot in one hand, chicken leg in the other, sat on the beam of the roof biting and splashing grease; when she took a nap with the little princess, he would hang up a rope suspended on the pillar of the house swaying side to side; when she needed to change her clothes, he absolutely would poke a hole in the paper window, widening his eyes to peep on the scenes of springtime.

Facing Wang Yun Feng, Xia Ling Mei still beat and scolded him with extreme vigour, any way Wang Yun Feng was scolded he didn’t retort, any way he was hit he didn’t retaliate; facing Gu Lang, Xia Ling Mei directly ignored him; and Zhuang Sheng, Xia Ling Mei only felt her body and mind become haggard.

Zhuang Sheng qinggong was good, he was used to being a flower thief, ginggong was a skill in his trade for escaping, if he wasn’t in the top ten in the Jianghu, then he was in the top fifteen. Often waiting until his beady eyes were discovered by Xia Ling Mei, as she was prepared to draw out her whip, the other person had already flown away without a trace of a shadow. She chased, he ran; she rested, he again continued to crawl back to peep; she attacked with rage, he was calm and composed.

Finally, Xia Ling Mei waved her hand: “Come, let’s play mah-jong. Loser, has to take off their clothes.”

The eyes of the several people inside and outside the house brightened: “Really?”

Xia Ling Mei nodded: “Princess also come.”

A table surrounded by people, Xia Ling Mei and the princess sat opposite each other, the remaining few men, Wang Yun Feng and Gu Lang sat together, Zhuang Sheng and the drunkard sat together, the pair taking it in turn to go into battle.

Xia Ling Mei placed her red long whip on top of the table: “If you lose, whoever dares to go back on the promise, don’t blame me for being blunt.”

[1] The dragon is associated with the emperor and is usually used to represent the emperor.


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