"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 20

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“How many people are with Ling Mo?”

“I don’t know.” Wang Yun Feng said, turning around to call Bai Yan over, instructing her to track down the route the Zhao Princess had taken. He pulled Xia Ling Mei into the courtyard, warning her repeatedly: “Don’t be anxious, nothing will happen.”

Xia Ling Mei was somewhat impatient, also calling Hei Zi over: “The Zhao Princess should have Xia family secret guards, you try and contact them, and send people to make discreet inquiries at different roads.”

Wang Yun Feng paused on his way to the study, lightly saying: “Thank you.”

Xia Ling Mei bit her lip, she followed him to the study without. It felt like the intimacy from the entire day had been cut apart from a blunt knife, sluggishly bringing a sort of clear pain.

Xia Ling Mei blinked hard, sitting down a bit further away from the desk, watching Wang Yun Feng impatiently spread open a map of Chenzhou, information came in one by one, more and more indicators were placed on the map. The tea got colder and colder as they drank, Wang Yun Feng’s face also gradually paled. Xia Ling Mei asked him: “How much control do you have over the military in Chenzhou these days?”

Wang Yun Feng was stunned for a moment: “Less than thirty percent, no one would have thought in a small place like Chenzhou, concealed several influential families’ military power, besides that sixty percent of the imperial household’s military power, the other forty percent are unestablished troops privately owned.” On the map he circled a few areas, “But I cannot move these thirty percent of military force. The emperor only gave me the power to investigate, and did not give me a military seal.”

Xia Ling Mei stood up looking at that map: “You’re a literary official, even with a military seal it won’t help.” Pointing at the area with a few mountain ranges, “There was dew on that falcon’s feathers, it didn’t rain last night, so it must have flown here crossing over the very remote mountain forest. Its claws also had some dried up wood shavings, in the mountains in these few areas apart from hunters, people rarely visit, Ling Mo’s temper is like that of 
Ling Qian, a cautious temper, he would have dispersed the opponent’s attention. Right now no other information has come, instead indirectly telling us Ling Wo is safe.”

Wang Yun Feng suddenly grabbed her hand, Xia Ling Mei felt the moist on his palm, quite a while later saying: “Your people go and look for Ling Mo, I’ll take people to find Ling Wo.”

Wan Yun Feng subconsciously shuddered, firmly holding her: “It’s too dangerous, I’ll take people to look for clues, when there’s definite information then you can go.”

Xia Ling Mei struggled for a little while: “What does a scholar like yourself know, wasting time and subordinates’ energy, me going will be fine.”

She used all her control to remain calm, but her facial muscles were too rigid making her look like she was crying but smiling: “Ling Wo is my younger sister, it’s my responsibility to protect my family.”

Wang Yun Feng understood her way of thinking slightly, widening his eyes, already distressed and helpless, opening his mouth several times without being able to speak pacifying words. He knew, Xia Ling Wo was a thorn in both their hearts, when they were young they would cry out in pain, when they grew older the thorn was lodged in their hearts, buried: “Ling Mei, we need to be calm.”

Xia Ling Mei shook off his hand: “I’m not angry, right now it’s also not the time to argue with you.” She took a large step back and left, Ying Shi came over with a cloak, the two maids quickly took out ribbons to tie the cuff of her trousers, also taking off those hindrances of precious accessories, they were too proficient, by the time Wang Yun Feng had chased after them, the warm and virtuous beautiful woman of a prestigious family had already become a heroic woman of the Jianghu, an out of the ordinary heroic spirit.

Wang Yun Feng with great alarm, rushed forward to grab her: “You can’t leave here.”

Xia Ling Mei easily threw him off, in regards to martial arts, she was much more powerful in comparison to the shallow Wang Yun Feng.

Wang Yun Feng firmly held her wrist: “Ling Mei listen to me, if you go you’ll only make matters more complicated, you’ll also be in danger”

Xia Ling Mei simply did not want to respond to him, she had already seen in the distance 
Hei Zi had scuttled out from the courtyard walls, the Xia family’s secret guards were ready for battle.

“Lady, the princess’ carriage was ambushed while on its way, explosives killed a lot of the guards, Lord Liu went deep into the mountains protecting the princess. Our people is tracking them,”

Xia Ling Mei nodded, she had already rushed to the main entrance, Xiu Yu waited leading a lively horse.

Wang Yun Feng was very anxious: “Ling Mei, you can’t go, you are the target for those people.”

Everyone was distracted, Wang Yun Feng once again pulled Xia Ling Mei back inside the door: “Don’t forget, the cause of Gu Sun Cu death that year.”

Xia Ling Mei gritted her teeth saying: “The Gu family has died out, why would I remember her.”

“Right, the problem is no one knows whether or not there are still descendants of the Gu family. The brunt of their objective is you, the substitute I had arranged for you in the Wang residence has already died, hacked to pieces, without a corpse.”

Xia Ling Mei shuddered suddenly, unbelievably she asked: “When was this?”

“Last year, I’ve been secretly investigating after my discussion with father-in-law, at the same time living by your side, sending more manpower to protect you.” Wang Yun Feng rubbed his temple: “You said you were not going to return for the New Year celebrations, you were going to Gu Lang, Lord Gu’s residence, giving us a scare. I’ve examined Gu Lang’s eight generations carefully, but was still uneasy, if you met danger in a place where I can’t see you, I would hate myself to death.” Xia Ling Mei blanked, Wang Yun Feng took the opportunity to again pull her back into the rear courtyard, he personally poured a cup of hot tea and placed it into her hand: “Don’t be scared, I will protect you. Inside Wang residence, this is the safest place, you don’t have to go anywhere.”
It was not the time to tolerate any more affection, Wang Yun Feng secretly gave a signal, 
Hei Zi took people to explain to the guards of Wang residence to hold an iron grip.

Bai Zi leading the secret guards of the Wang family urges his horse out of the residence 
following Wang Yun Feng, everyone knew in their hearts, it was true Xia Ling Mei was the most important, nevertheless the Zhao Princess was the Zhao Prince’s lifeblood, if something bad happened to her in the area of Chenzhou, at least the few ten officials of Chenzhou would be buried with her.

Outside the hall, the haunting sunset glow over the high wall at last gradually set, finally the trace of red colour was engulfed by a heavy dark blue.

It was too quiet inside the courtyard, so much that the secret guards concealed everywhere could hear the paddling of water as the koi in the pond moved about.

Xia Ling Mei felt her heart was a complete mess, she obviously shouldn’t have anything to think about, but again it seemed like she was mulling over everything, meticulously, her heart a dense fog.

Long ago Zhuang Sheng had already felt there was something abnormal with the Wang residence, by chance him and the drunkard sat together in the middle of the courtyard, a pot of wine, dishes on the table, several lone figures blended into the dim light of night, indistinguishable.

A few rumbles later, the sky became even darker, countless bean sized raindrops came pounding down, smothering people making it hard to breath.

Zhuang Sheng who was drinking energetically came rushing in, loudly shouting: “It’s raining, bring in your clothes, trousers, undergarments, smelly socks!”

“Woof, woof ----“

“Bring in your pets, flowers, waste woods, toads!”


“Bring in your men, women, elderly, butt bare babies!”

Xia Ling Mei wanted to laugh, finally she spluttered: “Okay, stop playing the fool. Come in, let’s have dinner together, drink alcohol and eat meat.”

Zhuang Sheng happily laughed placing the wine pot in his hand in front of her: “Aiya, a single man and woman alone together in a room is rare, Lady Xia, it’ll be wrong for you not to marry me.”

At the side a cold snort, Hei Zi biting into a chicken leg was hanging on the beam of the room.

Zhuang Sheng smacked his mouth: “Hey, boy, can you not interrupt our discussion about passion and love?”

Xiu Yu and Ying Shi served the food, plate by plate, a burst of chaos as chopsticks and bowls hit against the dishes on the table.

Zhuang Sheng stared: “Maids, you must behave with generosity. It’s not right to hinder people’s fated marriage, you also will not marry.”

The small Tibetan Mastiff wagged its tail biting his trousers, it’s pair of big black eyes bright, Wang Wang called out ---- give me meat.

The kitten already rubbed itself around Xia Ling Mei’s foot, requesting its mistress to give it undivided, spoiled love.

Where there was Zhuang Sheng, there was liveliness, during the meal apart from drinking and drinking alcohol, he was chattering away: “You women, are really troublesome, those without money want to be wealthy, those without power want to seize power, those with a family background with money and power want to have a husband to be a pair with for a whole lifetime. Reaching marriageable age, the person you want to marry doesn’t want to marry you; after marriage, your husband has one, two, three wives; falling pregnant, maids and concubines enter the door; after giving birth, maids and concubines are also pregnant; a daughter is not celebrated, the other wives are happy; a son of the first wife is born, bastard also has a name; sons and daughters grew up, the heir again is a problem…”

Xia Ling Mei frowned: “You know a lot.”

“Of course, who am I, I am loved by all, flowers would blossom… fine, I am a knowledgeable person, tiny things like how many haemorrhoids the heroes of the Jianghu have, big things like how long the hairs of heroic generals are, things close by like a beauty with the surname Hua has arrived at our neighbour Lord Gu’s residence, things faraway like how old the emperor was when he started to be vulgar, there’s only things I don’t say not that I don’t know.”

“For example the safety of the Zhao Princess?”

“`Choke`, let me calculate it.” Zhuang Sheng closed his eyes, shaking his head in a possessed manner, from time to time holding the wine cup sucking on it: “Aiya, there’s no need to calculate. There’s still no news about her.”

Everyone looked at him with contempt.

“Oh, all of you think about it, no news is good news. These people, don’t be deceived by emotions, you have to think with your brain about everything. At critical moments, concern will confuse the mind!”

Xia Ling Mei’s gripped the chopsticks in her hand hard. Zhuang Sheng reminded her, not to make mistakes in proper business because of personal sentiments, she also understood, facing important matters, she clearly decided what was important, what wasn’t important, just as she had many years ago, leaving behind Wan Yun Feng, entering the palace to rescue someone. In the ideology of the influential families, you cannot ruin public matters because of personal reasons, this time, if she had recklessly and impulsively rushed out, maybe she would have fallen right into the other person’s trap. Attacking the Zhao Princess was only to truly lure her out, if she doesn’t appear, the Zhao Princess’ safety could be guaranteed.

She did not want to think about Wang Yun Feng’s true feelings, she also didn’t want to guess how much feelings Wang Yun Feng still had for the Zhao Princess, even more she did not want to put herself and the Zhao Princess on a scale to weigh who was heavier, who was lighter.

She only knew, the most important thing they had to achieve is to stay alive.
While she was absent-minded, suddenly by her ear a shout: “Look out.”

A pair of large hands slowly threw wine without a hesitation in her direction, on the table, on the pillar, silver tips flickered everywhere on the ground, numerous concealed weapons filled the entire dining room. Zhuang Sheng holding her rolled away, hitting the wall. Immediately she pulled out her long whip, Zhuang Sheng shouted: “Go, there’s poison on the concealed weapons.”

On the roof, Fei Dao’s coarse cry could be heard mingled with the muffled thunder, Hei Zi said: “There’s someone on the roof.”

There’s someone outside as well! The other person went as far as to want to set herself up as an easy target, Xia Ling Mei was worried, taking the lead she led everyone straight ahead to the tea room.

Pitter-patter sound hitting tiles on the roof showed there were a lot of people, the concealed weapons flying through the windows they passed also did not stop for a moment, the small 
Tibetan Mastiff and kitten’s miserable cries mixed within, there wasn’t a moment where there wasn’t noise.

Zhuang Sheng and the drunkard ran and smashed into things, the disorder confusing the opponent’s sense of hearing.

“Lady, take the tunnel in your house. I’ll cut it off from behind.”

Xia Ling Mei basically did not have the time to reply, and no need to reply due to a tacit understanding with Hei Zi. The secret guards had already dispersed to surround her, protecting her at every step as she escapes from the critical circumstances.

The secret tunnel was very dark, Xia Ling Mei had already been practiced in escaping, almost familiarly she groped her way to the end of the tunnel, pushing open the secret door, unexpectedly it was a tofu store.

Right now a stupid donkey with its round tiny eyes open foolishly looked at that group of people as it grinded tofu, Xia Ling Mei thought of the small Tibetan Mastiff that had been abandoned, stroking the donkey’s head, the beautiful tofu and dried pork store owner smiled and like lightening infiltrated the group.

It was still raining, with a hazy eyesight only a lot of people’s shadows could be seen, someone pointed at the not too far away Wang residence and said something. It was far away, still she could see several shadows scuttling around on the roof top. She clenched her teeth: “They must have destroyed the residence, maybe they’ll ambush Wang Yun Feng when he comes back.”

Hei Zi completely drenched immediately called a few people over, not having said a word yet they understood him making their way back.

She found a tea house, pretending to be a passer-by avoiding the rain, both eyes whirling as she looked around everywhere, she was afraid Wang Yun Feng would suddenly return and brush past her.

They have brushed past each other for seven years, every time he would be attentively watching the view of her back get further and further away, this disappointment, she finally experienced it to an extent.

Not long after, the sky once again sounded with thunder, at the same time, the Wang residence erupted like a volcano, exploding from the inside and out, numerous dust and wood, bricks and planks came spattering out.

A rainy sky, meant it was unable to burn, it could only be blown up by the explosives placed inside the residence. Blowing it to pieces, naturally it could not be used by others to set a trap.

Hei Zi knew very well Xia Ling Mei’s death is preferable to dishonour temper, so vicious when putting one’s hand to matters.

Zhuang Sheng slapped her shoulders: “Chenzhou is already not safe, let us leave.”
She lifted her head to look at the sky, her chest felt unwell, she couldn’t give a response for a long time, she could only tightly grasp the long whip in her hand, silent.

“This rain won’t stop for a little while.” Bai Zi advanced forward on a horse, first looking at Wang Yun Feng’s complexion.

The secret guards had just reported: “I underestimated Liu Ling Mo’s cautiousness, the secret signal to stay in contact has broken again.” Under the rain, a word charcoal brush could not leave a word on a tree trunk, the traces left behind at the carriage were also broken by the rain, the branches were heavily buried, overgrown weeds cover this mountain, other secret signals found were also a waste of time.

A carrier pigeon has braved the rain to fly over, staggering along it had crashed into Juan Shu’s arms. A carrier pigeon was usually used to contact in an emergency, Juan Shu was already shaking having already read the slip of paper.

Wang Yun Feng had a cold expression: “What is it?”

“The mistress, mistress she…” Juan Shu choked, changing his approach: “don’t know when but someone had placed explosives in the residence, an hour ago it exploded.”

Wang Yun Feng body suddenly swayed, nearly falling head first off his horse: “Ling Mei?”

Juan Shu wanted to cry: “There’s no news of the mistress, only corpses of the Xia family’s secret guards could be seen, also a group of people dressed in black.”

Wang Yun Feng moved abnormally, his entire complexion paled, both eyes lifeless.

Bai Yan snatched the slip of paper, handwriting already not too clear from being soaked with rain, looking at the carrier pigeon, he could tell this was a message sent by a secret guard assigned at the government office undercover.

“No!” Wang Yun Feng muttered the one word, suddenly raising his horsewhip and viciously hitting the horse’s bottom: “She cannot…”

Bai Yan with great alarm: “Master, it’s still not clear whether the Zhao Princess is alive or dead.”

The crashing sound of rain continued, that cyan coloured silhouette had already blended into the darkness, a few moments later it disappeared.

Bai Yan only felt sorrow, does he really have to tell people, the master is being nagged by a departed ghost demanding vengeance and can only live alone for the rest of his life?


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