"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 19

The Zhao Princess had to leave, everyone was reluctant to part, a send-off feast began between five and seven pm last night continuing into the very early hours of one to three am in the morning.

Wang Yun Feng drowned his sorrow in alcohol, pale in complexion; Zhuang Sheng was so drunk he went and provoked Xia Ling Mei with a few words, `skirt chaser` was shouted by 
Xia Ling Mei and chased him round the entire courtyard, finally he was plotted against by Hei Zi, a foot stepping into the pond, at daybreak he still hadn’t climbed out; the drunkard had long ago ended in the wine cellar, not knowing whether it was tonight or tomorrow night; Gu Lang by every possible means boasted about himself in front of the Zhao Princess, itching to say he was the one and only good man in the world, wanting the Zhao Princess to definitely remember him, to talk about him a lot to the Zhao Prince, to praise him lots in front of all the emperor’s relative in the Xia family, Gu Lang who was jabbering away was hated by the incessantly jealous little princess, instructing the small Tibetan Mastiff to bite his calf, the kitten to grab his hair, she used all her strength to carry a long sword which was not much shorter than herself to jab Lord Gu’s bottom, pricking the other that he hopped around the table like a frog flushed with anger.

Finally in the middle of the night, Liu Ling Mo assigned the servants to everyone who had lost their elegance back to their own rooms.

It wasn’t sure whether Gu Lang was actually drunk or not, ridiculously shouting: “Lady Xia, sooner or later you will be mine, ah…I need to go to Xia residence to propose, ah…I won’t give up on you, ah, ah, ah.”

The little princess had already been carried to rest by the wet nurse bought from the prince’s mansion, the kitten and small Tibetan Mastiff were entrusted with a critical mission, if Gu Lang spoke, they would take turns to bite his bottom. The small Tibetan Mastiff to the left, the kitten to the right, from time to time `barking, meowing----!` at the sky.

The drunkard was carried out of the wine cellar, passing by Gu Lang, without the slightest hesitation he smashed the wine jar in his hand, thereupon, the world was quiet.

Brother Wang when drunk spoke the least, sitting upright, paying no heed to others pouring himself and drinking himself, if Xia Ling Mei did not know him since adolescence, she would also only think he was smothering his anger.

On the other side of her was Zhuang Sheng who completely revealed his natural lecherous side, pouring a cup of wine and placing it to her lips: “Come, drink to eternity.”

Wang Yun Feng’s arm reached across in front of Xia Ling Mei, seizing the wine cup, drinking it clean.

Zhuang Sheng: “Hey, I don’t like you.”

Xia Ling Mei: “…”

Zhuang Sheng again poured a cup, placing a claw on to Xia Ling Mei’s shoulder, moving close to her dark red lips steeped with alcohol, “Beauty, tonight you will obey this good man!”

Wang Yun Feng swaying back and forth pulled Xia Ling Mei away, without hesitation pouring the wine into the other person’s mouth, still angry, picking up the wine pot he smashed it over his head: “She is my wife, who dares humiliate her.”

In a flash Xia Ling Mei, was ready to raise her palm but put it down again.

Zhuang Sheng with tears swirling in his eyes: “Beauty, brother Wang is bullying me.”

Wang Yun Feng tossed the other person onto the ground in one move, he suddenly sat on Zhuang Sheng’s belly, he was a cultured person who would not do such a thing as exchange blows, looking around left and right for a while, from on top of the table he pulled down the dead roast chicken, carelessly shoving it into Zhuang Sheng’s mouth, turning his head to Xia Ling Mei he said muffled: “I’ll teach this skirt chaser on behalf of you.”

Xia Ling Mei could not help roll her eyes to the sky, already unable to distinguish whether these two people were actually drunk or not, this repeated into the middle of the night, the only people who woke up early the next day for the send-off were Xia Ling Mei and Wang Yun Feng.

The little princess clutched at Xia Ling Mei’s clothes, throwing a tantrum: “Auntie, when you’re free remember to come and find Jin Er, tell me to practice martial arts to beat up baddies.”

Xia Ling Mei picked up the little princess, beaming: “In this world, the worst baddy is your daddy, you can’t defeat him.”

The little princess made a fist: “No worries, uncle emperor will help me to beat up daddy together. Daddy is a big baddy, he has a lot of little baddies under his control, I need to beat up those little baddies.”

Xia Ling Mei laughed happily, to the Zhao Princess she said: “Is it possible that in the Zhao 
Prince’s territory there are still people who bully her?”

The Zhao Princess said: “There are often some people of the Jianghu coming in and out of the Prince’s mansion, many people of the same generation, hard to avoid competing to see who’s best.”

Xia Ling Mei stroked the little princess’ head: “She is pampered, it’s best to polish her temper. Don’t be like me, suffering when your older with no one to cry on.”

The Zhao Princess sighed with sorrow: “As family, we want you to live well anyhow.”
Xia Ling Mei smiled bitterly, becoming aware of someone approaching from behind, she only nodded: “I understand. Don’t worry about it, go. Ask after that baddy Zhao Prince for me, if he bullies you don’t hesitate to tell me, even from the ends of the earth I will come and give him a beating.”

The Zhao Princess smiled, stepping forward to embrace this arrogant older cousin, whispering in her ear: “Last year Wang Yun Feng voluntarily resigned from the position as head of clan, saying everything about himself means he cannot represent other people, older sister, if you really have no feelings for him, then completely send him into hell.”

Xia Ling Mei was stunned, half loudly: “You are willing?”

The Zhao Princess smiled and said: “He is your husband, he has no relationship with me.” Having said that, she didn’t say anymore, she got into the carriage using Liu Ling Mo’s arm for support, with a call, the grandiose group unhurriedly departed from the scope of Wang residence.

Inside the carriage, Liu Ling Mo untied the little princess’ cape while saying: “Did older sister speak too harshly. You know Lord Wang have deep feelings and serious meaning for older cousin, if older cousin actually decides to be cruel, I reckon Lord Gu will end up dead.”

The Zhao Princess held the tea the maid had steeped, opening a book herself: “We only want to play matchmaker to them, usually we say what is fitting, but what’s the result, the misunderstanding gets more and more deeper, why not just do the opposite, maybe what is broken can be mended. Older cousin’s temper, makes her love to do the opposite. That year uncle allowed her to live in the east, she insisted on living in the west; with difficulty she could live in the west, she herself anyway went to the east. I only tried to use reverse psychology, if it doesn’t work, then let the Zhao Prince to throw his hat into the ring. He has many devious methods, he is most adept at being entrusted with digging way out during a critical mission.”

Liu Ling Mo pondered over it, happily smiling, showing some cunning: “Actually, a play breaking up an affectionate couple isn’t bad, I’m looking forward to it.”
In front of the Wang residence’s entrance, Wang Yun Feng silently looked at the woman in front of him, the pain in his heart leaking out a little bit into his eyes.

He took a step forward, taking her hand: “Let’s return to the house, you’ll catch a cold.”

Xia Ling Mei looked at the other person’s slender fingers, because he held a brush all year round, there were thick callouses in the gaps between his fingers, after these hands had left her for so many years, and what did he experience? Why did he voluntarily resign from the position as head of the clan? Who was he bullied by? What huge accusations did he bear? Was it like before, he was obviously in extreme pain and twisted with worries, he still needed to have a calm, confident and at ease scholarly appearance?

“The people from Wang family has bothered you?”

Wang Yun Feng slowly, kneaded her fingertips, he knew she had a sharp tongue but a soft heart: “Only some things not worth mentioning, no harm.”

Xia Ling Mei wrinkled her nose, emotions were wandering around her eyes: “I heard in court you have a serious temperament and straightforward character that people are scared of, how come at home on the contrary you took things easily without attending to responsibilities, with an elongated neck ready to be killed? Let’s talk about the position as head of the clan, you didn’t care about in the slightest my hard work scheming for you.”

Wang Yun Feng was in a peaceful mood, like the small Tibetan Mastiff pacifying the kitten, he stroked her head: “Right now I’m an solitary person, I don’t have the energy to deal with the family matters, taking up the position but not paying attention to matters makes it hard to escape from being denounced by people, you might as well leave and save others from the scheming.”

“What scheme did they have against you?”


Xia Ling Mei held his wrist: “Tell me.”

Wang Yun Feng quietly said: “The clan members wanted me to adopt a child under my 

Xia Ling Mei blurted out: “They must be dreaming!”

“Right” Wang Yun Feng agreed with her like a dog’s leg, “So scolded them out.” Spreading out his hands, already embracing the beauty he longed for in his arms: “My Wang Yun Feng’s first son can only be from Xia Ling Mei, I don’t want other people’s.”

Xia Ling Mei was sour, crooked her head, there was some sort of movement in her throat. 
Again feeling a bit touched, again with a bit of confidence, again a bit distressed, she would once again be swallowed in his gentleness, with no hope of reprieve.

Wang Yun Feng only felt the lake dried up lake in his heart gradually flood with water, immersing a little bit of the sand and stones which covered it, moistening the dried up tiny grass, the fish and shrimps who were showing their white stomachs once again moved about cheerfully bubbling, a breeze blew over, a gentle wave emerged from the surface of the lake. He held her tightly, calling out from the bottom of his heart: “Ling Mei, Ling Mei, Ling Mei…”

When Zhuang Sheng had woken, he sensed the two people’s feelings had changed, turning a circle around them: “Lady Xia, I’m too disappointed in you.”


“Because you abandoned me this Jianghu person who is loved by all, flowers blossom when they see me, the appearance of Pan Yue, the talent of Guan Zhong, whose culture can pacify the land, martial arts can establish territories, a great knowledgeable man people call `an imaginative pen which blossoms flowers`, yet you choose Lord Wang this craven and cowardly, grin and bear it, follow the crowd blindly rat, snail intestines, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, stubborn, unambitious, an inferior horse and blunt blade, humble talent and shallow learning, love money as much as his own life, harm others for his own advantage, indulging in a life of luxury!” he took a deep breath out, hating iron for not becoming steel he stomped his feet: “Don’t let your wisdom be deceived by this treacherous rouge!”

Wang Yun Feng raised his eyebrow, how did he not know his own temper was so unbearable?

“You’ll regret it!”

Xia Ling Mei raised her head.

“Sooner or later will be hurt by him again your heart all cut up, your heart will weep blood, your spine will break, resentment seeping into your bone marrow…”

Hei Zi: “Zhuang Xiao Sheng, breath.”

“You will be torn apart and eaten by that wolf with the skin of a dog, a broken spirit in his stomach, sobbing unpolished gems of blood, the five internal organs collapse, pulling at your brain in pain…”

Bai Zi: “Gifted scholar Zhuang, breath out, breath out.”

Zhuang Sheng clung to the drunkard: “I’m very injured, very injured…”

The drunkard: “`Belch`, I know.”

Zhuang Sheng wept bitter tears: “I feel awfully wronged, awfully wronged…”

The drunkard: “`Belch`…I know.”

Zhuang Sheng wailed: “My heart hurts so much, so much…”

The drunkard slapped the other’s shoulder: “You can’t marry, why don’t you become mine.”

Zhuang Sheng lifted his leg: “Get lost!”

Xia Ling Mei put her long whip away, already shaking with a raucous laughter in Wang Yun Feng’s arms, Wang Yun Feng was so angry his lips were white: “You don’t have to listen to his nonsense.” His hand tightening again, “I won’t bully you again.”

Xia Ling Mei took a deep breath, feeling the fragrance of flowers in the early morning enter the bottom of her heart, incomparably carefree: “I’ll wait and see.”

In Xia Ling Mei’s mind, she was the only person who can bully Wang Yun Feng, other people weren’t allowed, even more they do not have the qualification. Her brief arbitrary moment had given Wang Yun Feng a good rain after a long drought and bathed him in spring time, he itched to stick by her side at all times, take in her every moment, every remark, every laugh.

The two people were willing to fight, willing to endure, at long last letting the generally tumultuous Wang residence welcome the late spring.

Only good things don’t last forever, in the evening, a blood soaked ash falcon flapped into 
Xia Ling Mei’s courtyard. There was a bloodstain on the falcon’s belly, apparently numerous concealed weapons had brushed past its skin, more than half the feathers on its wings had already withered, Fei Dao rushed to its side crying out a few times, that falcon had already collapsed with exhaustion.

Falcons were Xia Ling Mei’s specific messaging method, Xia Ling Mei opened the bamboo tube on its leg, inside there was only one bloody word: Gu.

Wang Yun Feng turned the bamboo tube on its bottom: “It’s Ling Mo’s message. They, were ambushed.”

Xia Ling Mei’s eyes suddenly reddened, no matter what she couldn’t spit out the two words `don’t go`.


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