"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 1 Massacre

Night, a full moon emitting light in the gloomy sky, but unable to illuminate the starless night sky. A wave of black clouds drifted, blocking the only bright light from time to time. Seemingly foretelling the arrival of a massacre.
Zishi (11pm-1am the hour system in olden times), the dark clouds swallowed the moonlight. Xin Ci was jolted awake by the sound of fighting in the courtyard, heart filled with incomparable anxiety, unsettled, quickly grabbing a piece of clothing he ran to the front hall.
In the courtyard, two groups of people were fighting each other right there. One group dressed in black, each covered in a veil, eyes flickering with a penetrating radiance, again adding somewhat to the darkness of the night. One group dressed in blue. All brave, each one standing near surrounding their Master, Shen Zhanghong, not letting him be slightly injured.
In the door of the front hall, a man dressed in black concealed in the dusky shadow, coldly watching everything. With ease the corner of his mouth slightly rose.
Today, he already waited for too long. Truly now that the moment has come on the contrary there was nothing to look forward to. Tonight, the many years of hatred and desire for revenge will finally have an ending.
Not long after the struggle, one by one the people dressed in blue collapsed, the clothes of those still left dressed in blue were covered in red. The more they thought the more ferocious those dressed in black became. Swords covered in blood, each move fatal. Their purpose was to kill.
Finally, Shen Zhanghong couldn’t watch his men sacrifice themselves like this, using his qinggong (Chinese martial arts) he flew out of the protective ring, a few turns later he was standing in front of the people in black. Everyone stopped fighting then, watching their own lord.
The man dressed in black stepped out of the shadows, his handsome face appeared in front of everyone, those dressed in blue were astonished, if they didn’t see it themselves, no one would have thought there would be such a seductive man in the world, compared to woman he was even more captivating (蛊惑人心 – demagogue).
Shen Zhanghong looking at the man in front of him, gently sighed.
“I knew this day would come.”
The corner of the man’s mouth slightly rose, in this way he appeared cool and elegant.
“It seems that old man Shen is already ready.”
Everyone hearing these words was even more alarmed. He was clearly smiling, his voice made people feel colder than winter, darker than the night.
“My life, I can give you, but please let my wife and daughter off, and the people in the mansion. After all, I’m the one who owes you.”
The man dressed in black did not speak. Shen Zhanghong expression was incomparably old, desolate.
“The people of Shen mansion listen, I Shen Zhanghong’s death has nothing to do with anyone, don’t seek revenge, don’t bear grudges. Don’t increase the massacre anymore.”
Having just spoken, all they could see was blood spraying out his meridian[1], the sound of him falling to the ground.
“Father.” Xin Ci who had arrived to see her father fall to the ground ran over shouting.
At this time, a Lady also arrived leaping, clinging to Shen Zhanghong who had quickly fallen on the ground. She gently helped him close his eyes.
Xin Ci and everyone stood around them. His wife pulled Xin Ci over, smiling at her.
“Xin Ci, remember, don’t blame anyone. This is fate, this is the debt we ow. Promise your mother, you must live happily. Don’t let hatred blind your eyes.”
Lady Shen’s voice became quieter and quieter, like this, holding onto her husband she slowly fell on the cold ground. Her face still retained a touch of a smile.
“Mother. Mother.”
Xin Ci, filled with pain, softly muttering pushed Lady Shen’s corpse. Drop by drop sparkling and translucent tears dropped onto the two of their faces. All the men dressed in blue kneeled on one knee to send off their Master. A cold wind blew slowly, the time, this moment was so mournfully bleak.
[1] The meridian system is believed to be a path which the life force “qi” flows. Acupuncture points can be found along this path which influences different body parts. Damage to the meridian can be deadly.

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  1. Just came across with this novel. I am not really a fan of historical dramas but I find this one interesting. I hope it is a good read. Thanks😊


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