"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 5 Bridal Room and Ornamented Candles

Xin Ci tightly clutched the apple, sitting quietly in the room, the maids stood neatly holding a tray to the side.
So marriage is this tiring.
Xin Ci who had not eaten all day or night, was even more tired now.
Following a sound, all the maids humbly stood on ceremony.
“Second Master,”
Nangong Wu Qing looked at the person sitting quietly on the bed, he slightly approached.
“All of you can leave.”
All the maids looked at each other, this part of the etiquette hasn’t even begun, how…
“Do you need me to repeat myself?”
The frightened maids put down the trays, withdrawing one by one.
The room suddenly quietened down.
Nangong Wu Qing lifted the wedding veil with a single hand, observing Xin Ci. Xin Ci also lifted her head to look at Wu Qing. The two of them did this for a long time,
Nangong Wu Qing slightly frowned.
Recovering his senses, Nangong Wu Qing helped Xin Ci remove the heavy coronet, taking her hand and sat at the table.
“You didn’t eat all today, eat more now.”
Xin Ci looked at the very charming man in front of her, quietly she picked up a bowl and chopsticks quickly eating.
And Nangong Wu Qing just quietly watched her, he liked the peacefulness from her, as if nothing could upset her, as long as she’s by his side he would be at peace.
“I’m finished.”
Wu Qing returned to his senses and smiled slightly.
“Go to bed, wife.”
Having spoken he stood up, piece by piece he removed the layers of the robe from his body.
Xin Ci clasped her hands under the table nervously, not moving at all.
Nangong Wu Qing in his single piece of clothing looked at Xin Ci’s nervous appearance, his mood was great.
He lowered his head, softly saying into her ear.
“Wife, bridal chamber and ornamented candles, we cannot squander away the young night.”
Xin Ci was surprised.
Yes, she was already his wife.
Slowly she stood taking off the heavy clothes. Wearing a single piece of clothing she lied down quietly on the bed. Eyes closed, she waited for the coming storm. But her hands clutching tightly onto the quilt betrayed her anxiety at the time.
Nangong Wu Qing smiled, blowing out the candles. He lied down next to her.
Xin Ci who felt the bed move slightly trembled, her hands clutching the quilt tightened even more.
A moment later, nothing happened. Xin Ci slowly opened her eyes, looking at the man lying next to her on the bed, but she could only hear his even breathing.
Xin Ci was confused. He was just sleeping like that?
After a while and still not seeing any kind of movement, Xin Ci slowly closed her eyes.
Having eaten and drunk to one’s heart’s content, a person easily tires.
The night passed peacefully like this.
Moonlight shone through the window gently on the two people.

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