"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 7 Hatred

At night, Wu Qing returned to the room. Xiao Qing and Xiao Cui both withdrew.
Xin Ci looked outside the window at the starry sky in a daze, she completely did not notice Wu Qing already stood beside her.
“Wife, are you thinking of your husband?”
Xin Ci came out of her daze, she turned to look at Wu Qing. Wu Qing thereby stepped forward half an inch, they looked at each other like this, the action very intimate.
Xin Ci’s face heated up slightly.
Wu Qing was very satisfied with her expression. He moved and placed a few books in her arms.
“These books will help you pass the time.”
Xin Cui looked over the books in her arms, unexpectedly they were on martial art mind techniques and styles. She had long hear the hidden castle contained rare martial art books those in the Jianghu dreamed after, but giving it to her, an enemy’s daughter, is he not afraid…
“Even if you learn all these, it’s still too early to think you could beat me.”
How did he know what I was thinking.
Xin Ci showed a slight smile. She turned to look at the night sky.
“If I said I had no plans to kill you, and never hated you, would you believe me?”
What? Wu Qing hearing what she said was shocked.
“Father and mother committed suicide, I won’t put that blame on your head, although I know they did so because of you, but I believe, father and mother did so because they would be at peace.”
“If they wanted to be at peace, ten years ago they shouldn’t have done such a thing.”
Xin Ci was frightened by Wu Qing’s exclamation. When she turned around all she saw was his angry back leaving.
Her hand stroked the books he had given.
Hatred, is it really rooted in your heart? Even with father and mother deaths as repayment, you are still unable to forget?
Placing the books on the table, Xin Ci alone with her clothes went to sleep.
Wu Qing quickly walked through the castle. The image of his parents and sister’s tragic death occupied his mind.
Wu Qing let out a roar, hitting the tree by his side, immediately the tree trunk sounded a loud bang, leaves fell continuously.
Blood, slowly dripped down the tree trunk. Wu Qing eyes glowed in the dark night.
“Looks like your wife didn’t let you release your passion.”
Ouyang Jun stood by Wu Qing wearing a slightly exposing single layer of clothing.
“Newlyweds, why are you lingering here tonight? Wu Qing, every minute of the night is precious.”[1]
Wu Qing gathered his hand behind him.
“Why aren’t you lingering in your tender home, why are you taking a stroll here?”
Ouyang Jun ignore Wu Qing, he lifted his hands to stop Wu Qing in his arms.
“With you for company, is even more magnificent than a bevy of young girls. No matter how good they can’t compare to you.”
Wu Qing punched the soft underbelly of Ouyang Jun. Ouyang Jun feeling the pain pushed Wu Qing away.
“You…are still completely lack human emotions.”
Wu Qing made a noise and walked passed Ouyang Jun.
“Tomorrow Fei Yan is arriving, hearing the news of your marriage she rushed through the night. I don’t know what she’ll do when she sees your wife. Although you cannot take a concubine but if the first wife is dead, remarrying is possible.”
Wu Qing on hearing Ouyang Jun’s words was in a daze for a long time, soon after he coldly opened his mouth.
“If she really dies, I could only say she is not fit for that position.”
Having spoken he headed to the practice room.
Ouyang Jung watched Wu Qing’s back and smiled.
A good play was about to begin.
[1] “春宵一刻值千金” means spring night, warm and comfortable, pleasant, every minute is precious. Spring is used in a male and female erotic meaning, so then it was used to mean men and women together is very precious to cherish this joyous and happy time. Chinese people believe that talking about it in a crowd was immoral, therefore this sentence was infected with a layer colour immoral. Often in the form of a joke between friends to laugh at wedding night affair.


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