"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 11 Love

In the empty main hall, Wu Qing and Ouyang Jun sat facing each other.
“How is your wound?”
“It’s fine.”
Ouyang Jun had a headache facing the cold and detached Wu Qing.
“Fei Yan has already locked herself in her room for two days, can you help me console her? She would only listen to you.”
Wu Qing slightly frowned.
“She’s already grown up, let her understand what she’s done.”
The image of Fei Yan attacking Xin Ci with a knife still lingered in his head, he could not imagine if he had not taken the blow for her, what she would look like now.
Ouyang Jun gently sighed.
“Wu Qing, you should know Fei Yan has adored you since she was little, why are you doing this to her?
“I told you before, you can’t go too easy on her, or else you’ll be the one with a headache, it’s also not good for her. You didn’t take my advice, and you want me to be on your side? I’m not interested.”
Having spoken Wu Qing stood up and headed outside.
“Wu Qing, are you really in love with Shen Xin Ci?”
Wu Qing stood in place, without turning his head.
“She is my wife, it’s understandable if I love her.”
“Wu Qing, falling in love with her will only hurt you, if you really sleep with her, aren’t you afraid she’ll kill you? You are her nemesis.”
Wu Qing turned his head slightly, his handsome face hid his ruthlessness.
“You investigated me?”
Supressing his anger, Wu Qing slowly opened his mouth.
“Her parents weren’t killed by me.”
“But they died because of you right? Wu Qing, don’t be too naïve and be deceived by her. Both her parents just died before leaving with you, a killer. And without arguing she married you. You didn’t think about her objectives.”
Wu Qing didn’t speak, but it didn’t mean he believed what Ouyang Jun said. At first he too was suspicious just like Ouyang Jun, but now…
All that revolved in his mind was Xin Ci’s gentle smile, and her words of concern. When he was hurt because of her, she was so upset she cried. Xin Ci cared for him, he could see it in her eyes. He understood her character better than anyone else. Wu Qing believes her, he didn’t need any reasons. Only because it’s her.
“If I really die by her hands, I am willing, and without regrets.”
He finished speaking and lifted his legs to leave.
Ouyang Jun was in shock at Wu Qing’s words he was unable to gather his thoughts.
Wu Qing has truly fallen in love with Shen Xin Ci, he ought to be happy for Wu Qing, but he was sad for Fei Yan.
Xin Ci sat by the window, she looked out the window with rapt attention.
Husband had left for so long, it was already time to change the dressing, why has he still not returned.
Thinking of Wu Qing’s wound, Xin Ci’s heart saddened, but there was also some joy.
No one had ever protected her like that, and that person now is her husband.
A smile hung on Xin Ci’s face.


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