"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 8 Fei Yan

At noon, Wu Qing just came out of the practice room. A figure suddenly rushed over wielding a sword. Wu Qing’s expression didn’t change, he began to fight the other person unarmed. Each ferocious stroke of the sword was all deflected on by one by Wu Qing, they fought for a while, Wu Qing grabbed the incoming sword.
“Fei Yan enough.”
That’s right, the person was Ouyang Fei Yan.
Fei Yan sheaved her sword and solemnly smiled.
“I was just testing to see if you really had slept with another woman, it seems like you haven’t.”
Wu Qing didn’t reply, he turned and walked towards Ling Yun Pavilion. Fei Yan followed behind, wanting to see what the woman Wu Qing had married looked like.
When they arrived at Ling Yun Pavilion, Xin Ci coincidentally was in the courtyard holding a wooden stick practicing some of the moves from the books Wu Qing had brought her.
“I didn’t think she would also be skilled in martial arts, I will test her.”
Wu Qing focused on watching Xin ci, he didn’t care about Fei Yan.
Fei Yan picked up a wooden stick and flew over to Xin Ci to stab her, Xin Ci felt a sudden murderous intent raising her hand to block it.
“Lady Fei Yan.”
Xiao Qing and Xiao Cui surprised to see the two people, did not dare to approach.
Xin Ci’s steadied her body, looking at the swordswoman in front of her, she was very beautiful, but apart from wearing the outfit of a swordswoman, her long hair down to her waist was simply tied with a headband.
At the same time, Fei Yan also sized up Xin ci. Yes, she’s worse than I thought, and I thought Wu Qing would marry a pretty young woman. She didn’t think she would be so ordinary.
“So you’re Fei Yan, you really are more beautiful than they say.”
The people in the castle of course didn’t dare to say so in front of Xin Ci, but she heard some things. Ouyang Fei Yan, the castle master’s only younger sister, experiencing concern and care from a young age, conceited and spoiled. Older than sixteen, but still has the temperament of a child. She also adored her husband – Nangong Wu Qing. She also heard that when she was a child skeletal abnormalities was found, she was trained in martial arts, she is good material for martial arts.
With her head held high Fei Yan smiled.
“Thank you for your praise, but I still won’t recognise your status as the Second Lady.”
Xin Ci was not flustered in the slightest from what she heard.
“There’s no harm, I can’t possibly get everyone to accept me, it’s fine as long as my husband recognises me as his wife.”
Wu Qing who had not shifted his line of sight during this time, heard this, his eyes watching her filled with even more tenderness. Wu Qing didn’t even notice it himself. And Xin Ci returned Wu Qing’s gaze.
Seeing this scene Fei Yan’s heart was suddenly filled with anger. She put more strength in the hand holding the wooden stick.
“How can Wu Qing be suitable for a woman like you.”
Xin Ci returned to her senses hearing Fei Yan’s exclamation, her cheeks reddened from the previous fascination. Her voice was even more tender.
“That sort of question, just ask my husband.”
“Vile. A woman like you…a woman like you absolutely does not suit to be by Wu Qing’s side.”
Fei Yan finished speaking and rushed at her with the wooden stick.
Xin Ci did not think Fei Yan would suddenly attack, with one hand blocking, raising her hand she used the wooden stick in her hand to ward off the attack. The wooden stick broke on response and her body was jolted two steps back.
Wu Qing’s heart tightened, he controlled the nervousness he just felt and the leg that had taken a step.
Now was still not the time.

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