"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 2 Departure

The man smiled in contempt. Walking to Xin Ci’s side, his one hand lifted her chin. Examining this ordinary looking woman, it should be said she looked very delicate, He couldn’t see a speck of conspicuous makeup. The man lowered his head closer to Xin Ci, sniffing, there was a hint of a very fragrant scent.
All the men in blue stood up vigilantly.
“Let go off your hand.”
The man pretended not to hear his words, continued to look at Xin Ci. Xin Ci wiped her tears looking at the man, she slowly stood up. And broke free of his hand.
Grasping his hand slightly, the sudden emptiness caused him to miss the slender and smooth sensation from before. He looked at the woman, she just unexpectedly looked at him, not surprised, her emotions did not change a bit. She, really is special.
“Take this woman away, kill the rest with no mercy.”
Xin Ci stood in front of the men dressed in blue, her expression was unusually calm. It was unimaginable that those who had just died were her parents.
“I’ll go with you, don’t hurt them.”
The man looked into Xin Ci’s eyes, similar to her indifferent expression suffused with a trace of radiance.
“Young Lady.” Each of the men dressed in blue arranged into a protective formation.
“All of you go, Shen mansion’s Master is dead, you are already free.”
“No, young Lady. You are our Master; we pledge to protect you.”
Xin Ci did not look back, she looked at her father and mother lying on the ground, holding back tears.
“If you are truly loyal, help me bury father and mother together.”
Having spoken she walked in front of the man.
“Let’s go.”
The man looked at Xin Ci, he could not see what she was actually thinking, just like that she would leave with the one who killed her father? Although he had killed her parents because of their wrongs but they had died because of him. Turning his head, he coldy walked out.
Xin Ci lifted her heel to follow, her heart was suffering, father, mother, if this is our debt to bear, if it’s not enough let Xin Ci repay it.
One by one the those dressed in black followed behind Xin Ci. Like this the men dressed in blue watched Xin Ci get further away, what they could do, was to bury Shen Zhanghong and his wife properly.
Leaving the Shen mansion, a line of horses could be seen in front, Xin Ci knew she would not be allowed to ride a horse by herself, they must now keep watch of her. The man dressed in black looked at Xin Ci who stood where she had stopped, with one hand he lifted Xin Ci onto his own horse, galloping away.
Along the way, Xin Ci was exceptionally quiet, she didn’t say a single word. The man looked at the woman wrapped in his arms. This was the first time he was so close to a woman, her body was soft, gentle. Also, the faint scent he had smelled gathered and filled his sense of smell.
He wanted to keep this woman by his side. Yes, he wants to keep her.
Not knowing how long they had travelled, Xin Ci’s train of thought wasn’t there, naturally she also didn’t pay attention to where she was taken to. It didn’t matter where anymore.


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