"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 6 Deflower

The next morning, the sunlight shone through the window at Xin Ci, Xin Ci gently woke up. Looking at the red gauze she suddenly realised what had happened, she jolted and sat up looking at her side. There was still a shadow of Nangong Wu Qing.
Outside of the muslin bed curtain two maids held a basin and towel.
“Second Lady, you’re awake.”
“Yes.” Xin Ci stood, slightly sizing up the two people.
“Second Lady, this servant is called Xiao Qing, she is called Xiao Cui, the Second Master instructed us to take care of your daily life from now on, if there’s something please don’t hesitate to instruct us.”
Xin Ci nodded slightly.
“Then from now on I’ll be troubling you.”
“Second Lady that’s not true, please come here to wash.”
Xiao Cui afterwards waited for Xin Ci to wash up, Xiao Qing slowly walked to the bed, tidying it up, once she held a piece of white bedsheet in her hand, her face also became pale.
How could this be? If someone saw when she took it out there would be gossip. If the Second Master hears about it then it would be that he was incompetent to succeed, but this…
Xin Ci saw the person frozen in front of the bed and walked over.
“Xiao Qing, what’s wrong?”
Xia Qing shocked threw down the bedsheet and kneeled on both knees.
“Second Lady…”
Xin Ci seeing the white bedsheet floating to the ground suddenly understood.
She bent over and picked up the bedsheet, supporting Xiao Qing up, she gave the bedsheet to her.
“Take it out just like this.”
Xiao Qing lifted her head astonished.
“But, Lady…”
Xin Ci did not pay attention to Xiao Qing, she slowly walked to the dressing table and sat in front of it.
“Just do your part of the job. Xiao Cui, help me set my hair.”
Xiao Cui walked over and began helping Xin Ci set her hair. Xiao Ling was stunned, she gathered the bedsheet in her arms and started tidying up.
Half a cup of tea later, Xin Ci gently stood up, wearing sandy red clothing, on top of her beautiful, thick hair was simply inserted two vermillion hairpins. It highlighted Xin Ci’s tranquillity, a sense of elegance.
Walking to the window, looking at the scenery outside the window, her hear, involuntarily also flew out.
Usually at this time she could be in the courtyard wielding a sword, she could also be testing her internal strength with her father, mother would prepare good refreshments for us. Things are now different from what they were.
Father and mother passed away with much ease. There is no need for me to add to the sadness.
“Xiao Qing, could you help me bring a few books.”
“Lady what books do you want to read?”
Xin Ci slowly walked out the house, coming to the flowerbed in the courtyard. She bent and picked up a wooden stick, hands and feet involuntarily beginning to move.
Xiao Cui watched Xin Ci in astonishment. So, Second Lady knows martial arts.
A person in the distance slowly approached, watching Xin Ci, the corner of his mouth slightly lifted.
Her movements were so elegant, her expression also extremely calm. The her looking like this had another type of charm.
“Second Master.”
Xiao Qing who had just returned interrupted Wu Qing’s contemplation. Wu Qing turned around looking at the books in Xiao Qing’s hands.
“This is…”
“Second Lady wanted to read, I randomly bought some back.”
Wu Qing looked over the books, all of them female teachings, Zhuangzi and such.
“Put these books back, I will bring books for her.”
Having spoken he turned and left.
Xia Qing watched him leaving, concern rose in her mind.
Should she inform the Second Master or not, how she had taken that bedsheet…
Xiao Qing clutched the books in her hands a little harder, running after him.
“Second Master.”
Wu Qing turned to look at Xiao Qing who had run over.
“Is there something?”
Xiao Qing stopped in front of Wu Qing, from her bosom she took out the bedsheet.
“Second Master, this…I…”
Wu Qing was expressionless.
Right, how did he forget this, throughout the generations when marrying you had to place the bride’s defloration in the main hall for 3 days, to show the lady’s innocence.
Wu Qing took the bedsheet, biting his finger he dripped blood onto it.
Xiao Qing took the bedsheet Wu Qing handed over without speaking.
The Second Master really do care for the Second Lady.


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