"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 9 Contest

Fei Yan dropped the wooden stick in her hand.
“I’m not someone who takes advantage of someone’s precarious situation, let us have a contest. If I win you will leave Wu Qing.”
Xin Ci stood straight looking at Fei Yan.
“Lady Fei Yan, my husband is not a thing, I will not use him as a gambling stake. Even if you beat me, it still won’t change the fact that Wu Qing and I are a married couple.”
Wu Qing’s heart trembled. She just…called him Wu Qing. A hint of a smile appeared in his eyes. He liked her calling his name.
Fe Yan gave a light snort.
“The fact? Don’t tell me you and Wu Qing are husband and wife in truth, you can deceive others but you can’t deceive me.”
Xin Ci frowned slightly.
It’s correct that my husband and I are not husband and wife in truth, but…
“If you want to compete then I’ll accept. But there are no stakes.”
Fei Yan raised her hand.
“No problem, I’ll just kill you. If you die then the marriage is meaningless.”
Having spoken, Fei Yan used her internal force to strike Xin Ci.
Xin Ci did not dare to be careless, she used her entire martial arts technique to fight with Fei Yan.
Suddenly, the whole sky in the courtyard filled with dust. Wu Qing watching the intertwined figures was incomparably worried.
Fei Yan’s martial arts wasn’t ranked in the top five in the castle but she was still outstanding. Xin Ci will not be able to resist very long before she is defeated.
At this time Fei Yan’s eyes were filled with anger, each strike was ferocious, she was bound to kill Xin Ci.
Although Xin Ci was avoiding the strikes, but coping with it was also extremely challenging.
Suddenly with a turn, Fei Yan lifted her palm and struck Xin Ci in the chest, using 90% of her power.
Wu Qing shouted don’t, using qinggong he flew to Xin Ci using his hands to stop her from falling.
“Fei Yan have are you done with causing trouble.”
Xin Ci watched the back in front of her, a stream of warmth flowed through her heart.
Fei Yan stunned, looked at Wu Qing.
“I’m helping you dispose of an inconvenience. You still wat to keep this kind of woman by your side?”
“She is my person, I decide whether she stays or goes.”
Fei Yan trembled from head to toe in anger.
“Why? Tell me why? I worked so hard at martial arts because I want to marry you. You should know I’ve adored you since I was young. Why…why? How could you marry another woman.”
Wu Qing hearing her words, his eyes sharpened.
“Fei Yan, you’re too emotional right now. Go back and rest well.”
He spoke and turned around holding Xin Ci who was behind him into the room.
Xin Ci lifted her head to look at Wu Qing. Even though his face was clear of emotions, he however could feel he was really angry right now. Is…is he worried about her?
Fei Yan tightly grasped her hands together.
Wu Qing actually protected that woman, her. She can’t stay.
Fei Yan suddenly pulled a dagger from her leggings, throwing it at Xin Ci.
Wu Qing hearing the sound of wind, turned and placed Xin Ci behind him.
The dagger pierced deeply into Wu Qing’s right shoulder.
Xin Ci could not believe what was in front of her eyes, Wu Qing actually took that dagger in her place.

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