"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 3 Hidden Castle

Gradually a ray of light appeared on the horizon, slowly. The whole earth lit up.
Xin Ci slightly laughed with sadness, this is a sunrise?
At noon, Xin Ci vaguely saw ahead of the trees was a very large castle. Is this his mansion? What did father and mother actually owe him?
The man stopped the horse in front of the entrance, immediately jumping from the horse with Xin Ci in his arms.
Xin Ci straightened her body, looking at the extravagant mansion in front of her, It seemed as cut off from the rest of the world as a palace, at the entrance two lions made from gold under the sunlight emitting a dazzling light. Above the main entrance on the flat surface was impressively written the word “hidden”.
Here was the hidden castle everyone in the Jianghu (please google) knew about, its location apart from those inside the castle, was unknown to outsiders. Legend has it the hidden castle had every sect’s martial art secret book, even more a method to decipher them. Everyone wanted to investigate. But no one could enter within. And people from the hidden castle only needs to appear for everyone to avoid and distance from them.
“Go inform the Master to prepare a wedding immediately.”
“Yes.” The guard having received the order immediately went to inform the senior housekeeper.
Xin Ci looked in the eyes of the man in black, not understanding what he intended.
The man in black walked to the front of Xin CI, lowered his head and intimately said beside her ear.
“Remember, I am Nangong Wu Qing, your future husband.”
Xin Ci widened her eyes in shock. Then returned to tranquillity. Torture me to get rid of your hatred? I will do well as your wife.
“I will remember. My husband.”
Nangong Wu Qing was slightly stunned, she won’t argue a little bit? Although, arguing is useless.
“Take her to Wing Fong Pavilion, assign someone to prepare her a wedding dress.”
Having finished speaking he headed to Bi Yan Pavilion.
And Xin Ci headed to Wing Fong Pavilion with the guard.
On entering Bi Yan Pavilion, a very masculine man can be seen, slightly exposing his white undergarment sitting in the middle of the lounge.
“Wu Qing, I heard you want to get married?”
Nangong Wu Qing found a place to sit. Watching the big brother – Ouyang Jun quietly spoke.
Ouyang Jun’s face was expressionless.
“I remember you left the castle for revenge, how do you want to marry just on entering the castle?”
“Revenge has been taken, wife also have to be married.”
Ouyang Jun looked at Nangong Wu Qing, but he could not see what Wu Qing was actually thinking.
“Wu Qing, you really want to get married? Then you’ve already prepared the preparations to re-cultivate?”
Nangong Wu Qing stood up.
“No. I only said I’ll marry her, only give her the status. I believe she won’t give me added trouble.”
Ouyang Jun became interested.
“What sort of woman in the short space of one day has made you feel she won’t be infatuated with you.”
Ouyang Jun with qinggong flew to Nangong Wu Qing’s side, raised his hand stroking his cheeks, expression extremely intimiate.
“Understand, even men can’t resist you.”
Nangong Wu Qing raised his hand and swatted the wanton hand on his face. Eh turned around and headed outside.
Ouyang Jun, watching his back as he left gradually laughed. Wu Qing, no matter how hard I try, the one who should belong to you still appeared.
Nangong Wu Qing walked alone on the way to Wing Fong Pavilion, considering the words Ouyang Jun had just spoke.
Shen Xin Ci, what kind of woman is she really. He also did not know. But, the feeling she gave him was indifferent. Letting her accompany him by his side isn’t a bad idea. But, will she stay beside him quietly? After all, her father and mother…
Nangong Wu Qing’s expression instantly sharpened. They deserved to die.
Stopping his steps, he looked at the Wing Fong Pavilion in front and paused, he turned and walked to the practice room.


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