"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 4 Wedding

Xin Ci at the window watched Nangong Wu Qing gradually walking away, her expression sombred. He, what kind of person is he?
Rubbing her slightly painful head, she turned and walked to the bed and lied down. Too many things had happened tonight, she needed a good rest. Seeing the maids still busying around the house, she slowly closed her eyes.
The maids finished decorating the room, saw the sleeping Xin Ci quietly left.
Just as they stepped out of the door they commented and gossiped.
“The second Master of the house has been in the castle for many years, he has never been intimate with any woman. How could he just leave for 2 days and bring back a woman to get married.”
“I don’t know, but once Lady Fei Yan returns we’ll see, she’s admired second Master for many years.”
“Yes, yes, it’ll be best for us to stay away, even the Master cannot keep Lady Fei Yan under control when she has a tantrum.”
“It’s useless, who made it that the Master only has one sister, babying her.”
Having spoken the maids all smiled, each hurried off.
The next morning, the sky not yet brightened. It was already busy inside the castle.
After all it was the second Master’s wedding, it must be done vividly, even though only those in the castle would attend.
Xin Ci had long been woken up by the maids, busily kept at the dressing table. Inside the house there was a feeling of a festive scene, the maids were each preparing the wedding dress, the bridal veil.
Xin Ci was in a daze. This is supposed to be a happy day, but Xin Ci could not be happy.
Normally when someone marries, the father and mother would be very happy, busy inside and outside, helping the daughter prepare. But I…
Xin Ci thought of the scene where both father and mother fell to the ground, she did not dare to close her eyes.
Father, mother, exactly is what your daughter doing right or wrong.
Xin Ci, don’t let hatred blind your eyes.”
The words her mother spoke as she died echoed in her head, Xin Ci put awear the sadness in her heart, she secretly replied.
Mother, I promised you.
In the front room, Ouyang Jun wearing a piece of undergarment walked slowly, watching the busy servants he stretched slight.
Someone saw Ouyang Jun arrive and greeted him.
“Master, everything is ready.”
Ouyang Jun with a single hand helped him up.
“Qing Long, you’ve worked hard. Go prepare Wu Qing to receive his bride.”
“As you bid.”
Qing Long placed a fist against his palm, turned away bringing the group to receive the bride to the practice room.
Ouyang Jun also turned back to his room.
Qing Long and Chi Hu were Ouyang Jun’s left and right law enforcers, impenetrable martial arts, they were devoted to Ouyang Jun and Nangong Wu Qing, no one else.
Stopping at the entrance to the practice room Qing Long ordered someone to enter with the wedding gown, he waited outside the entrance himself.
In less than an hour, Nangong Wu Qing appeared in front of everyone wearing the wedding gown. Even though they had known him for many years, they soon had gotten used to his appearance, but everyone was still stunned by the Nangong Wu Qing in front of them. A bright red wedding gown wrapped around his robust body, it highlighted his seductiveness even more.
Qing Long came back to his senses.
“Please get on the horse second Master.”
Nangong Wu Qing wordlessly launched himself up the horse, heading to Wing Fong Pavilion.
Everyone followed after him, the band played festive music. With such grandiose they went to welcome their second lady.
Qing Long riding on the left side of Nangong Wu Qing, sighed slightly.
No matter how beautiful the bride is, she wouldn’t be able to compare to the one next to him.
On Xin Ci’s side, she had long been ready, at this time Xin Ci wore a wedding gown, her head covered with a wedding veil, her hands nervously clutching a ruby red apple. Sitting on the bed.
“The second Master has arrived, quickly support the bride onto the sedan chair.”
In this way, Xin Ci was supported to sit in the sedan chair by two maids, heading towards the front hall.
In the middle of the front hall, Ouyang Jun had already changed into a long red gauze gown, his black shiny hair loose on his shoulders, one hand holding his head. Waiting for the arrival of Nangong Wu Qing.
“Groom, bride has arrived.”
Following the chamberlain’s cry, Nangong Wu Qing and Xin Ci each holding a wedding flower strolled across.
The lively crowd in the front room suddenly quietened.
Nangong Wu Qing looked at Xin Ci from the corner of his eye.
Her smaller body was covered under the wedding clothes, the slight exposure of her chin was so fair.
His hand curled slightly into a fist.
Why just by looking at her face, I would think back to when I first felt that tender and smooth feeling.
“The auspicious time is here, first bow to the heaven and earth.”
Nangong Wu Qing returned to his senses, with Xin Ci one after another step they bowed and rose.
“Second bow to the parents.”
“Husband and wife bow to each other.”
The ceremony is complete, enter the bridal chamber.”

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