"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 10 Injury

Fei Yan froze on the spot.
Wu Qing, he…why?
Fei Yan trembling extended both hands, she wanted to see Wu Qing’s injury. They were beaten away by Wu Qing.
“Leave. Don’t appear in front of me.”
Fei Yan was shocked by Wu Qing’s exclamation. Helplessly she stumbled two steps back. Looking at Wu Qing’s angry eyes she ran away crying.
Wu Qing removed the dagger stuck in his shoulder, immediately blood sprayed out all at once. Xin Ci urgently struck the few acupuncture points on Wu Qing’s shoulder, using her hand to cover the wound.
“Xiao Qing, Xiao Cui. Go get a basin of water, bring medicine to stop the bleeding and gauze.”
Xiao Qing and Xiao Cui turned and urgently rushed away.
Xin Ci supported Wu Qing into the house.
“Husband, bear it for the moment.”
Wu Qing endured the pain, looking at the petite figure below him, he revealed a smile.
Xin Ci’s heart was fluttering greatly, she helped Wu Qing lie on the bed. Picking up a pair of scissors she cut away the clothing near the wound.
“Lady, we’ve bought the water and medicine.”
Xiao Qing and Xiao Cui, holding the basin and medicine ran into the house.
Xin Ci did not raise her head.
“Just place it over here.”
Xiao Qing and Xiao Cui followed her orders and placed the basin and medicine next to the bed. Withdrawing from the room.
Xin Ci picked up the damp cloth and gently cleaned Wu Qing’s wound. After wiping it clean she once again picked up the medicine bottle.
“It might hurt a bit, endure it for a moment, husband.”
Wu Qing watched Xin Ci without saying a word.
Xin Ci gently placed the blood staunching medicine onto the wound, feeling Wu Qing suddenly stiffen, tears slowly flowed from the rim of her eyes.
Xin Ci didn’t know why, Wu Qing is the one injured, her heart felt really sad.
He must be in a lot of pain, the wound is so deep. It was my fault, if I had refined my skills, if the one he married was not me, if him and I had actually not met…
Wu Qing watched the crying Xin Ci, his expression softened. He raised his hand and gently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.
“I’m the one injured, why are you crying?”
Xin Ci shook her head.
“Because I’m to blame, I’m too stupid. My martial arts isn’t good and my husband got injured rescuing me. I…too useless.”
Wu Qing chuckled.
“I’m your husband, protecting you is a must. If you were injured then wouldn’t I as a husband be really useless.”
Xin Ci lifted her head, looking at the gentle man in front of her.
She suddenly remembered Wu Qing was still injured. She urgently picked up the gauze and gently wrapped Wu Qing’s wound.
Wu Qing watched Xin Ci. At that time tears still lingered on the corner of her eyes, her cheeks slightly red. She looked so attractive.
Surprised at the desire he felt in his groin, Wu Qing took a deep gasp of breath. He needed to suppress his feelings right now.
Xin Ci seeing Wu Qing’s slight frowning expression, nervously inquired.
“Husband is it really painful?”
Wu Qing shyly turned his head.
“I’m fine, I’ll be better after resting.”
Xin Ci stood up.
“Husband rest first. I’ll cook some medicine and come back in a bit.”
Hearing the sound of the door lightly closing, Wu Qing slowly relaxed.
How could this be, for so many years he had never felt desire for anyone, even if a woman stood naked in front of him giggling and flirting, he would be too lazy to pay attention. How could he have such a strong reaction with a single look at her crying face. Marrying her, was merely a momentary interest, and avoid future inconvenience. But looking at it now, I found myself a big problem.
Wu Qing faced the empty room and gently blew out a breath.

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  1. Uh! … am I the only one who still didn’t forget… THAT HE KILLED HER WHOLE FAMILY!!! and, she still isn’t aware of the his circumstances for FORCING THE DEATH OF HER PARENTS but she already forgot all about this and that and playing happy family with him? huh? hm… I can’t really hate that one dimensional villainess right now~ since our little heroine doesn’t even have a dimension~
    I wonder if she’ll start feel all responsible and sympathetic when she finally gets to know his circumstances of killing her parents… she will!… yup, I’m sure of it, since she already seems to have forgotten the fact that she had people called family before~
    1. I’m actually as confused as you are.. not only because of her behaviour but of his’ as well… he waited 10 years to get revenge so the debt must have been a big one, but he already uses his own body to shield her. Well, regarding the heroine it’s as you have mentioned… I wonder if she is Buddhism *lol* Or whether she swallowed the unfeeling pill xD Nonetheless this is actually what piqued my interest in this story – to find out whether they will soon all change face or play the charade until it becomes true xD
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  2. uh.. this i think i’d love this sort of novel , if only… it didn’t have the back story of HIM KILLING HER PARENT(although they suicide..), i understand her supposed “calm” personality but this is to the point of indifference to her parents ,cause no matter how you want to obey the last words of your parents, this is ridiculous! but i’d also be cool if that is the case but it shows, that isn’t exactly the situation cause now she’s caring for her “husband” pretty fast… normally i’d love this kind of ancient novel with female mc but this .. i think i don’t like it.. anyway..
    thanks for the chapters


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