"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 12 Kiss

When Wu Qing returned to the room to see Xin Ci smiling foolishly as she stared out the window.
Wu Qing walked behind her, both hands wrapping around her soft body, he intimately spoke in her ear.
“Are you thinking of your husband?”
He caused Xin Ci to regain her senses, immediately two red clouds emerged on her face. She stood up suddenly, breaking free from Wu Qing’s embrace.
“Husband, it’s time to change the dressing.”
Xin Ci first helped Wu Qing sit down, then turned around to the cupboard and brought out the medicine and gauze, placing it on the table.
Well prepared she glanced at Wu Qing, with a blush she lowered her head.
“Husband, can you take off your clothes?”
Wu Qing smirked when he looked at Xin Ci’s expression, but didn’t embarrass her. He pulled down the clothing on his right side, to make it easier for Xin Ci to apply the medicine.
Facing Wu Qing’s wound, Xin Ci’s hands trembled slightly. Even though she’s seen it a lot of times, it had also healed quite a lot, but thinking of the scene at that time, Xin Ci would feel really sad.
Wu Qing looked at Xin Ci, at the tears in her eyes he sighed slightly. These few days, every time Xin Ci applied the medicine she would cry. He also thought of getting a maid to apply the medicine instead. But he wanted her concern again.
Wu Qing lifted his hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes. Xin Ci came out of her daze. She lifted her watery eyes to look at Wu Qing.
Wu Qing heart shuddered. The way Xin Ci looked right now provoked such tender affection. That simple sound shook Wu Qing’s heart even more.
Wu Qing used the hand he wiped her tears away to caress her cheek, taking her chin he slowly leaned closer.
Xin Ci gradually lost herself, gazing into those deep eyes.
Wu Qing used his tongue devoured Xin Ci’s whisper, gently sucking.
Her lips were so sweet, there was a hint of a kind of floral scent, he couldn’t name it, but he wanted more of it.
Xin Ci fell into Wu Qing’s arms, both hands around Wu Qing’s neck, supporting herself.
Wu Qing’s tongue licked her lips, then went deeper into her mouth and teased her lips to deepen the kiss.
Xin Qi’s body gently wrapped herself around him, shakily responding to Wu Qing’s demands.
Just as Xin Ci was unable to breath Wu Qing’s lips left Xin Ci.
Xin Ci opened her confused eyes to look at Wu Qing. Lightly grasping for breath.
Wu Qing controlled his own breathing.
Now was still not the time.
His hand gently stoked her hair.
“Promise me, for me, practice your martial arts well. I want you to become my wife in truth.”
Xin Ci looked at Wu Qing puzzled.
Wu Qing held Xin Ci and sat her on his lap.
“The internal strength your husband is training for has a necessary requirement, that is I must remain a virgin. If I lose my virginity, half of my internal strength will be given to the other person. If the other person’s internal strength cultivation is inadequate to my half, then they’ll be backfired by my internal strength. I wish you’ll become my wife in truth, but I don’t want you to be in danger. Promise me, for my sake work hard to cultivate your internal strength.”
Xin Ci looked at Wu Qing and nodded her head. Tears streaking across her cheeks.
He wants me to be his wife in truth, he believes I won’t seek revenge.
Xin Ci was so moved she was speechless, she could only hold his body and silently cry.
Such a husband which one looks for through one’s life.
Wu Qing gently stroked her back, letting her hold him.

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  1. It's just too soon. I would seek revenge. How can you forget so easily?

  2. It's just too soon. I would seek revenge. How can you forget so easily?

  3. So that is the reason why he stayed a virgin..haha
    Thanks for this chapter


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