"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 51 Leaving the Castle

Inside Fang Cao House, Wen Kai and Mu Nian Qing sat opposite each other.
“Wen Kai, do you think that girl’s words can be trusted?
“I’m not sure, unless you want to marry her in exchange for blood liangzhi mushroom?”
Wen Kai knew better than anyone how hard it is to get blood liangzhi mushroom, but to marry such a woman for medicinal herbs, he couldn’t do it.
“Mu, Xin Ci still has around six months until she gives birth. I’ve decided to leave the castle to find my master. See if that old man would have another method, Xin Ci’s body is way too weak, a single blood liangzhi mushroom may not solve all the problems.”
“Good, I also will send people to find who has blood liangzhi mushrooms.”
Although Mu Nian Qing was anxious, but he knew by the way Wen Kai spoke he had it under control. Wen Kai’s master was a mysterious old man, a deity like existence in the Jianghu, not only skilled in medicine, but also marvellous in marital arts, even the five elements[1] and eight divinatory trigrams[2] did not pose a problem for him. Right now only Wen Kai could try. If he really allowed him to marry such a girl, it would truly be a very big headache.
“I’ll set out tomorrow, first I’ll prepare.”
Mu Nian Qing followed Wen Kai to stand up.
“Good, I’ll leave first. Take care in all things, if you can’t find the mysterious old man come back.”
Wen Kai nodded his head and entered his bedroom, Mu Nian Qing also turned and left the Fang Cao House.
Late at night, Xin Ci moved her somewhat stiff body, she stood up feeling the darkness in front of her, her head was also slightly dizzy.
After waiting for things in her sight to slowly become clearer, only then did she notice she was in Wen Kai’s embrace, straightening herself, she bowed slightly.
“Thank you Doctor Wen.”
Wen Kai took back both his hands, his heart was still trembling slightly. He really didn’t dare to imagine, if he did not appear just now, rushing to hold her what would have happened.
“Next time don’t sit for so long.”
Xin Ci nodded her head slightly.
Wen Kai silently looked at Xin Ci without speaking, Xin Ci also returned his gaze. Like this, time quietly passed.
Wen Kai produced a key from his sleeve and placed it on the table.
“Tomorrow I’m leaving the castle for a while, don’t know when I’ll return. I’m giving you the key to Fang Cao House, take medicine when you don’t have any left.”
Xin Ci picked up the key, holding it in her hand.
“Doctor Wen relax and go, Xin Ci will look after herself.”
Wen Kai nodded his head, immediately turning to leave.
He wanted to remember Xin Ci clearly, master’s whereabouts were unknown, finding the old man was extremely difficult. But, he would rush back when Xin Ci is eight months pregnant. He’ll be by her side protecting her. The last two months would be very difficult for her, very dangerous.
Xin Ci watched Wen Kai’s back as he left, slightly sighing. Her hand gently stroking her lower abdomen.
Doctor Wen must think she didn’t know anything. But she knew, she knew two children were growing inside her stomach, she also knew how much pain it is to be pregnant with them. But she’s not scared, if she really unfortunately have a difficult birth, she believes her cousin and Doctor Wen would definitely look after her children. She only hope one day her husband could also see their children. This was her love for him.
[1] Wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
[2] Of the Book of Changes by I Chang. An ancient divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics.