"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 73 Another Two Years Later

Xin Ci stared out the window in a daze, gradually she fell asleep tired, a happy smile still hanging on her face.
Wen Kai walking past Lan Yun Pavilion could see Xin Ci’s deeply sleeping appearance, quietly he walked to Xin Ci’s side raising his hand he touched Xin Ci’s cheek, eyes filled with devotion. He slowly moved his hands lower, seeing the bruise on her neck, he frowned opening the bottle of medicine to help rub it.
Xin Ci felt the cooling sensation spread through her body, content she softly cried out, opening her eyes.
Hazily seeing Wen Kai’s attentive appearance, Xin Ci showed a smile.
Wen Kai put the bottle of medicine away, slightly embarrassed.
“Did I wake you?”
Xin Ci shook her head. Red in the face she sat up. Wen Kai carefully supported her. Wen Kai’s lowered head and Xin Ci were so close, they stared at each other deeply. It seemed like time had stopped. Until Xin Ci softly called his name.
“Wen Kai.”
Wen Kai quickly retracted his hands sitting on the edge of the bed, asking.
“Is there somewhere you’re not comfortable?”
Hearing him Xin Ci’s face was red, she viciously shook her head.
The two again entered a deep silence, no one spoke. After a while, Xin Ci gently said.
“Wen Kai, we…are husband and wife, we should live together. It was my fault, before I only looked after the children, neglecting you…I, want to move to Fang Cao House to be with you, I don’t know…if I would cause you trouble.”
Wen Kai shocked looked at Xin Ci, he didn’t know why she would say such a thing. Then he figured it out. He was now her husband. He nodded his head.
“Good, when you’ve had a rest, I’ll take you to  Fang Cao House.”
Xin Ci hearing his words smiled at Wen Kai, how happy she was.
Two years later.
Inside the courtyard of Fang Cao House, Wen Kai was playing with two children, dressed in white, a head of long hair, and his kind expression, made people easily infected by the happy and tranquil atmosphere.
Xin Ci walked out from the house, seeing the three people father and children, she smiled pleased.
These two years with Wen Kai keeping her company she was really happy, there was just a place in her heart that was in pain, waking up from her dreams she would feel scared. But she couldn’t remember her dream clearly, every time she woke up she couldn’t think of it.
Shaking her head, pushing away the random thoughts from her head. Xin Ci walked forward, picking up her treasured daughter.
Xue Er laughed as she stuck her hands out to hug Xin Ci.
Wen Kai lifted his head to look at Xin Ci, the smile on his face a little brighter. He saw Tian Er at the side not happy pouting his lips.
“Mother, I also want to be picked up.”
Xin Ci lowered her head to look at the chubby Tian Er, smiling as she said.
“Tian Er, you’ve become chubbier again, mother cannot pick you up. It’s decided, when Tian Er loses weight mother will pick up Tian Er.”
“Wa. No, Tian Er is really skinny right now, and I’m as tall as mother’s legs, mother pick me up.”
Tian Er acted like a spoiled child pulling at Xin Ci’s clothes, shaking back and forth.
Wen Kai smiling picked up Tian Er.
“Does Tian Er have to be picked up by mother? Is father no good?”
Having been picked up Tian Er’s face immediately blossomed with a smile.
“Good, good, younger sister can be held by mother, Tian Er can be held by father.”
Xin Ci and Wen Kai smiled at each other, their eyes could not harbour their deep love.
Little imagined in a tree someone was watching the happy scene of their family of four, gripping their hands long ago turning them white.
Humph, he did not imagine these past years she had actually lived so freely and unfettered.
The instant he first saw Xin Ci, seeing her head full of silver hair, it tugged tightly on his heart. But what he had was only endless hate.
He had been painfully tortured for four years, his four years of torturous training was all for this day. Shen Xin Ci. You owe me first, don’t blame me for being heartless.[1]

[1] I haven’t mentioned before but Wu Qing’s name literally means heartless so it’s a sort of play on words by the author.

T/N: Time certainly flies~~~ but OMG our MC actually finally (very late) appears again!!! Leaving you on a cliffhanger again

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  1. I couldn’t see how can this be a happy ending with her former husband?!! Her former husband has abstained himself yet she slept with another man who is not her husband. I know she has amnesia yet….??? Call me a prude or old fashion whatever u like. Yet this people thought that they r doing her a favour by encouraging by accident to sleep with another man who loves her. Really loves her??? By helping her to do something wrong once her memory come back she not only will feel guilty but hate herself too with her personality…
    1. Agree… i am an old fashion person… even i say in comments always say something about nosebleed about hot scenes and want more but actually i am not a person who agreeing about premarital sex…
      And now they just deceived someone who is clueless + do premarital + pretend to not knowing anything + act pure + righteous
      Now i am starting to dislike that cousin’s wife for deceiving her and change the right to wrong and manipulate cousin and Wen Kai to do something that actually taboo to be done…
      I am more agree if Xi Ci still not marry but now Xi Ci already marry and still has yet broke their tie…
      Please don’t dirty marriage, because it is different if the status still a bf and gf….
      It’s okay if they don’t know but they do know… it’s best for them to say the turth first and let Xi Ci decide it…
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