"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 30 Thinking Of

At noon, having eaten Xin Ci strolled in the Lan Yun Pavilion courtyard. Silvery white hair was simply set with a fancy hairpin holding it. Wearing a white long gown, traces of a faint sheen under her calm expression.
Xin Ci’s appearance was not of unsurpassed beauty of a generation, compared to Fei Yan, even though she lacked a lot, but the feeling she gave to people was stronger than Fei Yan.
Fei Yan’s beauty was captivating, people wanted her for themselves, but talking about love, then they only love her appearance.
But Xin ci gave people a sense of peace, every word she said, a single smile, would make you immersed in them. But so pure and holy that you wouldn’t want to pollute it.
At this moment Xin Ci stood silently in a corner of the courtyard, staring at the blooming epiphyllum.
Xin Ci also didn’t understand why, looking at the epiphyllums it was like seeing Wu Qing in white clothing, as tender and beautiful, making people unable to look away, being captivated deeply.
Since what had happened and leaving the Hidden Castle, Xin Ci always thought of Wu Qing. But she understood, this was the best choice. Half of Wu Qing’s internal strength had been given to her, the Wu Qing now couldn’t even defeat her, let alone fight her cousin. After a while, maybe she’ll make her cousin let her leave. Otherwise she would spend the rest of her life here. But Xin Ci’s longing was torturing her every day.
“Lady cousin.”
Xin Ci gently looked back, seeing Uncle Fu looking at her with a sympathetic expression. She wondered what he had learnt from cousin, that resulted in her head of white hair, she didn’t feel she was worth the pity.
“Uncle Fu.”
Uncle Fu looked at the girl covered in silver and white, heart filled with love and affection, the Master did not say much to him, he only told him Lady cousin had suffered an injury which made her hair change to white, telling him not to look at her abnormally. Lady cousin was so delicate, beautiful, who would be so cruel to harm her. Ai…
“I heard Lady cousin likes quietness, I wonder if Uncle Fu had disturbed you?”
Xin Ci smiled slightly.
“If it’s Uncle Fu, Uncle Fu coming to see Xin Ci, Xin Ci is extremely honoured.”
“Has Lady cousin gotten used to living here? If there’s some place not thoughtful enough don’t hesitate to tell Uncle Fu.”
In a different place, Uncle Fu’s concern made Xin Ci’s heart gently move with a bit of warmth.
“Thank you, Uncle Fu. I’m very satisfied with everything here.”
Uncle Fu saw Xin Ci’s lonely expression and knew she must be worried about something. Ai…but this old man did not want to inconvenient her.
“Uncle Fu, can I ask if there are medical books in the castle?”
“This… Doctor Wen should have some. Why does Lady Cousin want medical books?”
“There’s nothing to do in the castle, I want to learn some medical skills to pass the time.”
Before she only worked hard to study martial arts because of Wu Qing’s words, she wanted her to become his wife in truth. Right now it would be better to learn medical skills, with nothing to do all day, she would long for Wu Qing and become more melancholy.

T/N: Does anyone else like that the female lead isn’t a typical drop-dead gorgeous girl? Who seems to have actual feelings?

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  1. Thanks for translating this novel; I am loving the female lead so far I hope she gets stronger because her enemy seems to have her husband completely fooled. If only the male lead was smarter, Oh well looking forward to the next chapter. \(^^)/
  2. Yup yup… it sad me if i have to see every single MC is a beauty one.. how about the one who doesn’t beautiful… so they are not having a chance.. so i don’t have any chance(eh?)
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  3. Yeah. It’s been a while i read story female protagonist with “plain looking”. Love her calm demeanor.
    Thanks for the update ^^
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  4. I believe:
    “Since what had happened and leaving the Hidden Castle, Xin Ci always thought of Wu Qig.”
    should be:
    “Since what had happened and leaving the Hidden Castle, Xin Ci always thought of Wu Qing.”


  1. I really love the MC and want to kick the ML as he needs learn to trust his own wife and be smarter...

  2. And really thank you for the sharing..love your translation and thank you for the hard work

  3. Am glad the female lead is normal for once


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