"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 13 Fei Yan Why Bother?

Days passed like flowing water, Ling Yun Pavilion’s garden flourished. The courtyard was filled with the delightful fragrant of flowers. There was also a pair of harmonious and affectionate, deeply passionate lovers.
Inside the pavilion in the courtyard, Wu Qing dressed in white, on his face hung a shallow smile. His seductive appearance was like a lily in full bloom, his whole body exuding a seductive radiance.
His entire white outfit was sewn personally by Xin Ci by hand for him, he still remembered her smiling very happily when she personally dressed him in it, cheeks slightly red with a lowered head, she softly said “husband looks just like an angel.”
The Wu Qing right now was no longer the Nangong Wu Qing in the past, the him back then, since the multiple murder of his family he had only liked the darkness, his clothes were also all black. He also forgot how to truly smile. And the one who changed everything was his current wife – Shen Xin Ci, who is also his enemy’s daughter.
The year his family changed Xin Ci was only six years old, even though the actual murderer had died, he did not want to think about it anymore. What happened that year had already ruined him, it meant he lacked affection for twelve years, he only had hate. He didn’t want to let the innocent Xin Ci to lose her life at a young age. In the end, it’s because he cares for her. From when he first laid eyes on her, she caught his attention. The indifference to his appearance, the calm at her parent’s death, the calmness with him, all affected his heart.
“Husband am I practicing it correctly?”
The gentle voice jolted Wu Qing out of his daze, he looked at Xin Ci covered in sweat, taking out a towel he raised his hand to help her wipe her sweat. Xin Ci blushed and took it.
“I’ll do it myself.”
Wu Qing laughed once but did not say anything.
Xin Ci’s internal strength wasn’t bad, and she paid close attention to everything she did, there wasn’t a time she did wrong. Recently she practiced the internal strength he passed on to her, progressing very quickly. But Wu Qing still thought to endure it longer, he wanted to make sure completely she would not feel a bit of pain. Being backfired by internal strength was considerably difficult to bear, he didn’t want her to go through with it, but it was unavoidable.
He raised his hand to stroke her supple hair.
“Thank you for your troubles.”
Xin Ci shock her head, chuckling.
“I’m very happy.”
Wu Qing’s heart trembled exceptionally. He opened his mouth and softly promised.
“I promise you eternal happiness.”
Xin Ci’s eyes filled with tears but she did not let them fall.
Inside Bi Hai Pavilion, the house was covered in darkness. Ouyang Jun opened the door and walked in with a tray of food. He placed the food on the table, sat on a chair, looking at Ouyang Fei Yan curled up in the darkness.
“Fei Yan, you going on like this isn’t a solution. Don’t hurt yourself like this.”
Fei Yan buried her head, ignoring Ouyang Jun.
“Fei Yan, we can’t hold back Wu Qing for the rest of his life.”
“Who says we can’t. Even if it’s impossible, I will make it become possible.”
Fei Yan’s voice was slightly husky, but was filled with ferocity.
“Fei Yan, what are you going to do?”
“I’m going to get rid of Shen Xin Ci, by whatever means. Because of her…it’s because of her that Wu Qing would treat me like this.”
Fei Yan stared at the large eyes, her entire body filled with the sense of hate.
The corner of her mouth produce a frightening smile.
Shen Xin Ci, I want to cut you into pieces.
Ouyang Jun watched Fei Yan, his heart filled with dread.
“If Shen Xin Ci died, Wu Wing may not be the Wu Qing of the past.”
Fei Yan calmly said.
“It doesn’t matter, what I have is time. As long as Wu Qing is alive, I will always follow him.”
Ouyang Jun sighed deeply.
“Fei Yan, why bother?”
Fei Yan eyes scarlet (bloodthirsty) smiled.
Even if she loses everything, as long as there’s Wu Qing it doesn’t matter.


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