"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 37 Mysterious Person

Xin Ci hearing Ying Xue’s words was even more confused in her mind. Depose of her martial arts to kill her? If it’s really like this, then it would be enough to poison her at once. Without martial arts she would have no power to resist. What is she scheming to do?
“Ying Xue, the she you’re talking about are they a person in the castle?”
Ying Xue shook her head, she really didn’t know.
“That person has come here twice, each time she was wearing black, covering her face. I don’t know if she is or isn’t a person from the castle.”
Xin Ci nodded and asked again.
“Then is she male or female? When was the last time she came?”
“She is a woman, last time it was seven days ago, she gave me five bags of medicine to put into your food.”
Ying Xue seriously thought back, the matter was already exposed, she would die anyway, but she would prefer to end her life herself and definitely not die from poisoning.
Xin Ci hand felt Ying Xue’s wrist, she discovered poison had already spread through the body.
“When did she say she would give you the antidote?”
“Tenth day. She said the poison would spread on the tenth day, if I completed my mission she would give me an antidote.”
Tenth day? Then there was still three days. But right now the poison had already spread, is there really a way to treat it? Right now there was not a slightest amount of assurance, she didn’t know if what that person said was true or not, how could they blindly carry on. What to do? Thinking deeply for a while, Xin Ci abruptly pulled Ying Xue outside.
“Lady cousin, where are you taking this servant?”
Ying Xue had to jog along to follow Xin Ci.
“I’m taking you to Doctor Wen, he will definitely be able to detoxify you.”
Ying Xue hearing her suddenly pushed away Xin Ci’s hand strongly. Xin Ci turned around to look at Ying Xue.
“Are you certain that person will definitely come? What if she doesn’t? Right now we have to think of a way to help you detoxify. If we wait until the poison starts acting then it will be too late.”
Ying Xue shook her head, softly speaking.
“Lady cousin, Doctor Wen won’t help people like us to treat our illnesses. And he is the best brother of the Castle Master. Going there would be like sending myself to death.”
As she spoke Ying Xue suddenly kneeled in front of Xin Ci. Both hands holding her skirt.
“Lady cousin, I know I have wronged you, please help Ying Xue. If that person doesn’t arrive on the very last day, I will definitely commit suicide before the poison acts, please Lady cousin don’t take me to Doctor Wen, although the Castle Master usually treats as very well, but I can see, Castle Master really cares for you, if the Castle Master finds out about this. Even before the poison acts Ying Xue will be beaten to death.”
Xin Ci hearing her immediately regained her senses.
Having separated from her cousin for so many years, she wasn’t sure what sort of person he was now. But, when cousin threatened her his face was truly very unfeeling.
Xin Ci supported Ying Xue to get up, removing her hands.
“Ying Xue, first don’t think about dying. I will definitely figure a way to treat the poison.”
She didn’t want anyone to die because of her, no matter who.

T/N: In case my translation doesn’t really come across correctly, the poison isn’t mean to kill Xin Ci just make it so she doesn’t have strong martial arts strength.