"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 74 You Are Wu Qing

The strong killing atmosphere made him known to Wen Kai, but he did not alarm Xin Ci and the two children. His person must have been there for some time, but only now did he discover them, he could tell that person’s martial arts skills were above his, Xi Ci’s martial arts was lost, the two children were also here. This moment was very dangerous to them
Wen Kai wordlessly pulled Xin Ci over to him, softly saying.
“Take the two children and leave. Go to Mu.”
Xin Ci looked at Wen Kai confused, not knowing what he meant.
But the person on the tree had superb hearing, he already heard what Wen Kai said, he suddenly flew down landing in front of them, elegant in black, outstanding appearance, dark black long hair fluttered in the wind, his movements ruthless. The person stood sideways facing them, tilting his head as he blocked their path exposing a sinister smile, yet extremely pretty and flirtatious.
“Why are you rushing to get away? Are you scared?”
Wen Kai seeing the person’s appearance quickly place Xin Ci and the children behind him, looking at the person with alertness, he did not have time to notice Xin Ci acting strangely.
“Such distinguished person I wonder why have you come to You Ming Castle without permission?”
A cold humph sounded.
“To take away my woman.”
Seeing Xin Ci’s shocked and dazed appearance, apart from the pain in his heart there was even deeper hatred.
“Daddy, Tian Er is scared.”
The small child next to Wen Kai’s leg broke their short silence, the person’s sharp eyes swept over the children, getting even more angry.
“Haha. Such a happy family, so this noble man actually will have a woman which has been taken before, your heart is really generous.”
Wen Kai frowned, looking at the person. Suddenly he discovered his appearance looked like…Tian Er.
Lowering his head to look at Tian Er who was clutching at his sleeve, and looking at the person in front of him. He opened his mouth.
“So you’re Nangong Wu Qing?”
Xin Ci who was in a wide eyed daze, when she heard his name countless images flashed through her mind. Xin Ci grabbed her head powerlessly taking a step back.
Sensing something was wrong Wen Kai quickly turned to pull Xin Ci into his arms.
“Xin Ci, Xin Ci. What’s wrong?”
Xin Ci could not hear Wen Kai’s words, she could only hold her head helplessly looking at Wu Qing. Her eyes filled with fear, pain, and deep feelings.
Hearing Xin Ci’s painful cries, he lifted his hand onto Xin Ci’s wrist.
Xin Ci’s pulse was a mess, heartbeat unstable.
Lifting his eyes to look at the man in front of him dressed entirely in black, the evil seductive man, he silently asked.
“Is it because of him?”
Wu Qing coldly watched everything, apart from the coldness in his eyes there were no other emotions. The corner of his mouth lifted up, watching their expressions ruthlessly.
Four years have passed, apart from that head of white hair, Shen Xin Ci had become ever more lovely and charming. Haha, her happiness was built on his pain.
Wu Qing walked towards the, his magnetic voice possessed an ice-cold feeling making one feel terrified.
“What? Seeing me you know to be afraid? Are you regretting right now that you didn’t successfully kill me? You should regret it, because, right now you don’t have the power to hurt me even a bit.”
Wen Kai frowned as he looked at Wu Qing. What is he saying? Back then he was the one who hurt Xin Ci. Now he actually said Xin Ci tried to kill him? What actually happened four years ago? Wen Kai straightened his body and faced Wu Qing. At this moment he couldn’t think too much anymore, no matter what he wanted to do coming here today, he must use all his might to protect Xin Ci and the children. They were his important people.

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