"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 70 Medicine?

Late at night, Wen Kai observed the deeply sleeping Xin Ci by his side, on her pale skin traces of their love lingered, suddenly he felt a little shocked. His hand lightly stroking the purple marks, heart filled with endless guilt.
The sleeping Xin Ci called out lightly, turning her body into Wen Kai’s embrace. Watching Xin Ci sleeping like a child in his arms, Wen Kai gently smiled. It really tired her out just now.
And, it’s been a long time since Xin Ci has hugged him like this…since one year ago when she accepted the two children she’s been sleeping with them every day, after a long time he got used to sleeping alone again. Thinking about it carefully, maybe he was always used to sleeping by himself, but with Xin Ci by his side it made him feel happy, even though it was difficult to endure.
Holding Xin Ci deeply in his embrace, Wen Ci also gradually fell asleep. A smile filled his face.
The next day, Xin Ci lazily did not want to get up from her bed in Lan Yun Pavilion. Her head was filled with the images from that day, making it so she couldn’t naturally look at Wen Kai. Even though that day Xin Ci was controlled by the medicine, but she still clearly remembered everything that happened.
Is this something husband and wife do? Heaven, how embarrassing.
Thinking of the shocking marks on her skin, and Ying Xue’s stunned expression when she helped her bathe. She wanted to find a hole and crawl in it.
“Xin Ci.”
Ming Zhu pushed open the door and entered, hesitating when she saw Xin Ci lying in bed before going to her.
“Xin Ci, what’s wrong?”
Xin Ci seeing someone had come in, quickly used the quilt to cover her lower half. Her voice was also nervous that it trembled slightly.
“Cousin-in-law…why are you here?”
Ming Zhu lowered her voice, head tilted towards Xin CI.
“Xin ci, that…medicine did you get it?”
Medicine? Heaven, she forgot. Once she woke up to see her and Wen Kai naked, she covered herself and hurriedly ran out, how could she have remembered what was her original goal.
Xin Ci buried her head deep in the bedding.
“Sorry cousin-in-law, I forgot.”
Ming Zhu seeing Xin Ci’s strange behaviour, it was now the autumn equinox, it wasn’t hot but it didn’t mean you had to wrap yourself up in bed in broad daylight.
“Xin Ci, are you unwell. Do you need me to call Wen Kai over.”
Ming Zhu spoke and wanted to get up, how did she expect Xin Ci to grab hold of her.
“Don’t go, I’m fine.”
She had not thought of how to face Wen Kai, even though he was her husband, but she had forgotten their first time…such intimacy.
Ming Zhu seeing Xin Ci’s red cheeks, worriedly placed her hand on Xin Ci’s forehead.
“You don’t have a temperature? What are your cheeks so red?”
She let go of her head, Ming Zhu wanted to pull Xin Ci up from the bed.
“Xin Ci, it’s the afternoon right now, don’t tell me you haven’t had enough sleep. Quickly get up and take a walk with me, if you hole yourself up in this house you’ll become ill even if you’re not.”

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