"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 88 Absolution

“That being the case, everyone has nothing to worry about. You’re dismissed.”
Wu Qing waved his hand, everyone looked at each other. Shaking their heads they withdrew. Qing Long, Chi Hu looked at Fei Yan’s, only seeing in her eyes her  wish for the ground to swallow up the life of Shen Xin Ci as she looked at her, no one in the castle did not know of Fei Yan’s love for Wu Qing. But no one could intervene with the matter between the three of them . The two looked at each other helplessly withdrawing.
Wu Qing raised his hand to help the frail Xin Ci to stand up from the floor letting her into his arms. Xin Ci thought of struggling, but her body basically did not have any strength.
Shen Xin Ci, didn’t you really hope for his embrace and warmth?
Fei Yan seeing the two interdependent people, the rage in her eyes increased.
She won’t let Shen Xin Ci off that easily. If she can’t have it, no one can even think of having it. Wu Qing, if I can’t have you. Don’t blame me for destroying you.
Wu Qing raised his eyes to watch the back of Fei Yan leaving, pushing Xin Ci away.
Xin Ci did not imagine his sudden movement, unsteadily she fell heavily onto the floor. She raised her eyes to look at him.
“Stand up yourself.”
Wu Qing’s tone didn’t have a trace of tenderness, Xin Ci lowered her head, a moment of silence as she struggled to get up from the floor. Her body leaned unsteadily on the side of a wall, breathing heavily slightly.
Wu Qing glanced at Xin Ci intensely, he shook out his sleeves and walked over to the back of the hall.
Watching his back, Xin Ci’s heart was hurt like it was being stabbed ten thousand swords, step by step she leaned against the wall heading to Ling Yun Pavilion.
She went ahead and pushed open the door, discovering Wu Qing had not come back. Xin Ci’s heart relaxed even more.
She loves Wu Qing, but the Wu Qing right now scared her. She slowly walked to the bed, Xin Ci removed her clothes. Even though last night Wu Qing had allowed her to rest well, but the pain of her body constantly tortured her, even making her dream of being seriously tortured. Sighing lightly, Xin Ci slowly closed her eyes.
At night, a burst of clamour woke Xin Ci up, Xin Ci opened her eyes to see someone had pushed open the door and entered. Quickly grabbing clothes and putting them on her body she got up from the bed.
She only saw several people rushing in supporting Wu Qing, Wu Qing’s clothes at this time were already in extreme tatters, lines of whips scars appeared it was such a horrible sight to see. A `[buzz]` suddenly sounded in Xin Ci’s mind.
Flogging punishment.
The two people supporting Wu Qing glanced at the dazed Xin Ci frozen on the spot. Hurrying forward to enter, instantly the two people placed Wu Qing on the bed.
The two people turned their head to glance at Xin Ci before pushing her away.
“What are you doing here, get out.”
Xin Ci looked at Wu Qing on the bed, only seeing his eyebrows tightly locked together, it must be extremely painful. Ignoring what they said, she wanted to walk to Wu Qing’s side. Who knew someone would step up and block her.
Xin Ci lifted her head to watch that person, his appearance was mediocre, dressed in a guard’s uniform, carrying a sword at his waist.

12 thoughts on “娘子,我才是娃的爹 Wife, I am the baby’s father – Chapter 88 Absolution

  1. *sigh*
    The story is way too fast…and the lead male MC is a bit dumb…==’ Xin Ci is very weak to even kill that Ouyang guy! or whoever he was. He never even investigated and accepted what Fei Yan said as the truth. Omg…so stressful!
  2. He seems to be observing the reactions of Fei Yan by using Xin Ci… maybe somewhere over his mind he have doubts over the event that happened 4 years ago…
    Thank you!!
    1. Nah, he wasnt able to tell that she has no internal strength until the other woman told him.
      And even the guards treat her shabbily and disrespectfully all the time.
      What kind of love is this ? In these 86 chapters, when has this mle lead given any hope of using his brains?
      Thank you to the translator, it is hard work to translate and you do it for free, spending time and making effort. I might sound miffed at the male lead but I appreciate your efforts in making these stories readable for the rest of us.
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      1. oh, right, T_T its just that I thought there would at least a reason why he was showing Fei Yan he is holding/heping Xin Ci then when she wasn’t looking, he shoved Xin Ci off… xD
  3. What I keep wondering… Wasn’t it the woman who had sex with Wu Qing supposed to get an inner energy rebound? How come he could rape her few times without killing her?