"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 56 Marry Her

The deep voice pounded into Ming Zhu’s heart, warm breath provoked Ming Zhu’s senses. At this moment Ming Zhu had soon not been able to find her own voice, Mu Nian Qing also did not give her a chance, single handily he lifted her lower jaw for a kiss.
Unlike the superficial touch of last time, this time Mu Nian Qing slipped his tongue into her mouth while she was surprised, intertwining with hers.
Ming Zhu’s somewhat shaky response made Mu Nian Qing unable to stop himself, almost unable to control his desire for her, touching for a long time, Mu Nian Qing pushed her away.
Seeing her unusually rosy lips from his kiss, Mu Nian Qing was very proud.
“You were like that in my arms just now do you still want to be kissed by another man? Ruan Ming Zhu. You can only be my Mu Nian Qing’s woman. Don’t make yourself too filthy, by that time even if you do have a blood lingzhi mushroom as a threat, I would not have you. Before the big wedding day, you best honestly stay in your courtyard. Or someday I’ll change my mind and throw you out of here, leaving you to fend for yourself. Do you understand?”
Mu Nian Qing finished speaking, not caring about Ming Zhu in a daze, he turned and left, disappearing from her sight.
Ming Zhu slide down the tree trunk. As if her strength had long been drained.
What just happened? What did she say wrong, the blockhead seemed very angry. What did he mean? Good gracious. What actually happened?
“Hey, why are you blocking me?”
She was already angry about last night, she didn’t think when she woke up today she would be blocked by two maids unable to leave the house.
“Lady Ming Zhu, the Castle Master ordered, before the big wedding we cannot let you leave your house.”
The maid was expressionless, her words made Ming Zhu even angrier that it nearly drove her crazy.
Bastard, he actually did this to me. Don’t tell me I really have to marry him? I don’t want to. Initially I really liked him, but what he did was actually…too much bullying someone. Humph.
“Don’t go out then I won’t go out, go prepare me something good to eat, good to drink.”
Having spoken Ming Zhu returned to her room. Ignoring the two sombre maids, she shut the doors hard.
Sitting at the table she picked up a tea cup, peeved she finished the tea in one gulp. But she suddenly thought about that kiss.
Even though I really like the feelings from that kiss, but, Mu Nian Qing. You disappoint me too much, you want to imprison me. Fine. If you have the ability don’t let me have my freedom, or I will definitely let you know of my awesomeness.
Thinking of this Ming Zhu, lips exposed a cunning smile.
Inside Fang Cao House, a sudden “[bang]” sound transmitted out.
“Mu, you’re crazy. You’re really going to marry that girl?”
Wen Kai angrily watched the complacent man in front of him.
Mu Nian Qing leisurely drank the tea. Yes, at first he was still a bit hesitatant, but he had already decided last night, he will marry that crazy girl.
“Wen Kai, even your master said there are only two blood lingzhi mushrooms in the world, right now Xin Ci only has around one month until she gives birth. Could it be that you want to see Xin Ci be in danger?”
“But that doesn’t mean you have to marry that girl, kill her, isn’t it better to get the blood lingzhi mushroom directly. How can you sacrifice your own happiness.”
Wen Kai was unusually agitated. Even though he was a doctor, but other people’s lives were of no value to him.
“Wen Kai, no matter what she had blocked a sword for me, also, I feel marrying her isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”
Mu Nian Qing went ahead and sipped his tea, not angry at all.
“You…really decided?”
Wen Kai’s expression was extremely dissatisfied, and abnormally sinister.
Mu Nian Qing stood up, lightly placing his hand on his shoulder.
“Wen Kai, don’t hurt her.”

T/N: The bromance is forever strong yet slightly scary lol

2 thoughts on “娘子,我才是娃的爹 Wife, I am the baby’s father – Chapter 56 Marry Her

  1. Sometimes I wonder if Wen Kai has a crush on Xin Ci because she is MNQs cousin, thus somehow similar to MNQ xD
    Remember, before he fell for XC, he voluntarily asked to discard the baby if MNQ wishes to do so… now he tells to rather kill Ming Zhu than having MNQ to sacrifice himself. This bromance is really a little bit scary. I wonder how they became friends.