"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 50 Relationship

“Hey, fraudster, why aren’t you saying anything, admit you’re a fraud!”
Ying Xue seeing Ming Zhu’s silence open her mouth to provoke her.
Xin Ci hurriedly pulled Ying Xue.
“Ying Xue, go out, I want to talk alone with Ming Zhu.”
“But Lady cousin, she…”
Ying Xue seeing Xin Ci’s serious expression could only bow and leave the room. Before leaving she glared at Ming Zhu, but Ming Zhu didn’t notice. At that moment she was thinking what the relationship between Mu Nian Qing, Wen Kai and Xin Ci was.
That Mu Nian Qing is whatever Castle Master, Xin Ci is his cousin, then what’s the relationship between that Wen Kai from last night and them? That maid said Xin Ci and Wen Kai understood medical skills, and their disposition is so similar, unless…he is Xin Ci’s husband, the child’s father? Wow, it can’t be!
Xin Ci found Ming Zhu opening her mouth in surprise very strange. Her hand gently held hers.
“Ming Zhu?”
Ming Zhu lifted her head to look at Xin IC, turning her hand over to hold hers.
“Xin Ci, is that Wen Kai your husband? Then can’t I just marry Mu Nian Qing? Even though he is very handsome so to say, but I feel your husband is more attractive, actually not true, either of them are actual great. If that blockhead marries me, Xin Ci I’ll become your cousin-in-law right, I could talk to you every day, then you won’t be bored.”
While Ming Zhu spoke, her expression kept on changing, but in the end she was very happy. She could eat and sleep here, also there was so many beautiful people to keep her company, she would live in happiness until death.
Xin Ci was confused by her words, Wen Kai is her husband? And cousin is marrying Ming Zhu? What is happening?
“Ming Zhu, first I have to tell you, Doctor Wen isn’t my husband, and as long as my cousin likes you, marries you, then naturally you’re my cousin-in-law.”
Ming Zhu hearing her words, was so moved she was speechless. But she suddenly thought of something.
“Xin Ci, if Wen Kai isn’t your husband why does he care so much about you? Also, where is your real husband?”
Thinking of Wu Qing, Xin Ci was no longer in as much pain, her hand lightly stroked her lower abdomen, face filled with a happy smile.
“He’s in a very faraway place, but he is always in my heart.”
Ming Zhu didn’t understand and looked at Xin Ci.
Why is it difficult to understand what a beautiful person says? But, Wen Kai isn’t Xin Ci’s husband, then it means she has a chance to choose. Tomorrow onwards she’ll start nurturing a relationship with them, haha. Big deal if no one really wanted to marry her when Xin Ci was going to give birth, she’ll give the blood lingzhi mushroom to them. Wow…although it was very painful to say.
No matter what, living here was the most important thing.
“Xin Ci, I like you a lot. Hehe. But I have something in more important to do, I’m going to leave first now, I’ll come see you again.”
Having spoken Ming Zhu, stood up kissing Xin Ci on the cheek before turning and running out.
Xin Ci placed her hand on her cheek, lowering her head she softly laughed.
Cousin found such a good lady.

T/N: The beginning of a much needed friendship~~~

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  1. Hello, I’ve started reading last night and just had to catch up to the latest translations. Thanks so much for translating this nice story. So far, I really like the main couple and the story. This new character seems quite nice. Hopefully, our main couple will reunite soon. I hope that Xin Ci will be able to rest even if she’s pregnant.
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  2. This new girl is cute & naive..hopefully she is truly good, not evil. Can’t wait to read on how she trapped either one good.looking guys. Hahaha
    Thanks thanks
  3. You’re all so naive. No one is asking where the heck she popped out from! Think I’ve read too many scheming novels with twists and turns and word battles long enough to cause dizziness – but I will never truly believe she is as simple as she seems, not until we’re 200+ chapters deep and her stance hasn’t changed. Besides, even if she wasn’t secretly evil, she’s encroaching on the beautiful harem paradise. Pah!
    Excuse my ranting, many thanks for your translation. ^^
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