"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 22 Person Dressed in White

A gust of wind hit, Qing Long’s lively sword was blocked
When the wind disappeared, only a man dressed in white held Xin Ci.
Xin Ci consciousness was already in a muddle, but she still felt she was in someone’s embrace.
She struggled to open her eyes to only see the person’s white lapel.
Lacking strength Xin CI’s hands fell, passing out.
The person in white hearing her cry, his eyebrows locked together.
Wu Qing stood still, looking at the person who had arrived.
This person’s appearance was extraordinary and compare to Wu Qing was as astonishing.
If Wu Qing is a demon of the night, then the man in white would be an extraordinary fairy.
“Who are you?”
Qing Long held his sword behind his back, opening his mouth to ask.
This person’s martial arts were a profound mystery, he easily dispelled Qing Long Bai Wei, and injured his palm.
The man in white lifted his eyes. In his cold and detached eyes his state of mind could not be seen whatsoever.
“Who I am doesn’t matter. What’s important is, I need to take Xin Ci away.”
Wu Qing’s heart trembled slightly once.
He called her Xin Ci? Who is he, he was actually more intimate with her than him.
“She is the murderer who killed our previous Master, if you insist on taking her away, you will become an enemy of the Hidden Castle.”
Chi Hu watching Wu Qing’s expression deeply sighed.
The man in white lifted the corner of his mouth slightly.
“So what if I become an enemy of the Hidden Castle? A mere Hidden Castle is of no importance to me. If you guys have the ability then come at me.”
Having spoken he softly carried Xin Ci on the balls of his feet, flying from the Hidden Castle.
Chi Hu seeing Qing Long’s injury, chased after them using qinggong.
Wu Qing looked towards where the figures had faded away without saying a word, he turned around and headed to the practice room.
On the basis of his martial arts right now he wouldn’t be able to defeat Xin Ci, let alone the man.
Qing Long clutched his hands tightly.
Wu Qing has never had such an expression before, he watched Wu Qing grow up, the young Wu Qing was filled with hatred. He would practice with all his might, for the sake of revenge. Now Wu Qing had avenged his father’s murderer, but he still lived in so much pain.
Being chased to kill by the person he loves, how painful is that.
If there really is a deity, please don’t torture the Master again. He already suffered too much.
A cold wind gently blew past. Qing Long did not receive any reply.
Chi Hu with a turn of the body fell down to Qing Long’s side.
“You didn’t catch them?”
Chi Hu nodded his head slightly.
“His qinggong is outstanding. I followed him out the Hidden Castle and he disappeared.”
“The Hidden Castle’s terrain is complex, he could have entered any door, and he’s not ordinary. Master Wu Qing has gone to the practice room again. Tomorrow morning inform those in the house, deliver three meals a day on time. Do not enter and disturb him.”
Chi Hu nodded humbly. The two figures disappeared from the desolate courtyard.
T/N: Has anyone else noticed the black and white theme going on???

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