"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 16 Destroyed (2)

“You’re so irksome. How did you easily snatch away all of Wu Qing’s attention.”
Fei Yan looked at Xin Ci, the sinister way she spoke held her desire to cut Xin Ci into pieces.
Xin Ci endured the pain, quietly using the internal strength Wu Qing taught her to wander inside her body.
Fei Yan lifted her hand to stroke Xin Ci’s pale cheeks.
“Did you know, for so many years Wu Qing never hurt me, even when he first arrived he ignored me, I persistently nagged him but he still didn’t hurt me. But because of you, because of you…he actually told me to leave.”
The hand holding Xin Ci’s chin pinched hard.
“Shen Xin Ci, you’ve have too much, you have Wu Qing, you have everything. He gave everything to you. And I…need to kill you. Isn’t the backfire of Wu Qing’s internal strength painful.”
Xin Ci looked at Fei Yan in surprise.
“You wonder how I know? Haha. Only my brother and I know thing about Wu Qing. Of course you as well, He told you not long ago right. Do you know what the consequences of the backfire is?”
Xin Ci cheeks were flame red, her entire meridian somewhat bulged.
“Your whole body tendons and veins will snap, vomiting blood until you die.”
Xin Ci strained to speak.
“Do you really love my husband?”
Fei Yan pulled out a sword, pointing it at Xin Ci.
“You don’t need to know. Go die in peace.”
Immediately Fei Yan struck with her sword, Xin Ci moved sideways to avoid it.
“I didn’t think you would still have the strength.”
Fei Yan smiled strangely. Attacking Xin Ci.
Xin Ci struggled to stand up, she had to hold on, she can’t die like this.
The meridian within her body were still screaming, she was too busy to pay attention to it. She was exerting all her martial arts techniques fighting Fei Yan.
Fei Yan’s martial arts were not weak, Xin Ci was still an opponent, but with her meridians now in a mess, she would soon fall under Fei Yan’s hands.
Xin Ci did not have time for separate tasks, she could only wait for an opportunity to escape.
“What is happening?”
Ouyang Jun madly ran over.
Fei Yan turned around and glanced at Ouyang Jun, allowing Xin Ci to discover an opportunity. She used a raging flames palm against Fei Yan knocking her into Ouyang Jun’s arms before escaping through the window.
Ouyang Jun hugging Fei Yan saw the house in a complete mess and Wu Qing lying on the bed, he looked at Fei Yan in puzzlement.
“That was Shen Xin Ci just now right. What happened between you?”
Fei Yan endured the pain and stood up. Walking to the bed, she removed Wu Qing’s sword.
“Brother. You want me to be happy?”
Ouyang Jun watched the back of Fei Yan, not knowing what she was thinking.
“Why are you asking such a stupid question, of course your brother wants you to be happy.”
“Then if my happiness meant my brother had to give his life?”
Ouyang Jun walked behind Fei Yan, embracing her shoulders.
“As long as Fei Yan you are happy, your brother doesn’t care whatever he loses.”

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