"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 25 Crazy

Inside the practice room.
Wu Qing angrily pushed over the table and chairs, smashing all the decorations and the evening meal that had been delivered.
The guards standing at the door rushed in hearing the noise.
Seeing the mess on the floor and the frantic Wu Qing, they were speechless with shock.
“Castle…Castle Master.”
Wi Qing stared angrily at those who had entered, the latter immediately was so scared they trembled all over.
Castle Master Nangong had never had such a ferocious expression.
At the moment Nangong Wu Qing’s entire body had a killing aura, even though his face was exhausted but because he was angry, it made the outline of his face even more tough and handsome. But those bright red eyes made people incapable to look at him face to face, even words could not be spoken smoothly.
Wu Qing angry growled.
“Get out. Go.”
The two people were shocked out of their daze by Wu Qing’s words, hurrying, they turned around and ran out like crazy.
Hearing the door close, Wu Qing kneeled lacking strength on the messy ground.
He gripped his fists tightly.
Before, he he thought she would seek revenge. In the end her soft voice bore against it.
“If I said I had no plans to kill you, and never hated you, would you believe me?”
I really want to believe you, but you’ve caused too much disappointment.
Fei Yan came to provoke her, but she only just replied calmly. But it touched the softness in his heart.
“Lady Fei Yan, my husband is not a thing, I will not use him as a gambling stake. Even if you beat me, it still won’t change the fact that Wu Qing and I are a married couple.”
The first time she called me Wu Qing, I was so surprised, my heart only beat for you.
And when he was hurt the painful expression Xin Ci had, with that little bit of tears in the eyes. How it made his heart grow in tender love.
Before, looking at her, he told her he would give her eternal happiness.
Wu Qing painfully shock his head, he wanted to forget the once perfection.
Everything was premeditated? Shen Xin Ci. Let’s say I Wu Qing married the wrong person, I couldn’t see through to your murderous heart. Even though it may be said that you have no feelings for me, you want to kill me painfully. I will not die, I will even let you to experience hundred thousand times my pain.
One day, you will fall at my hand.
Wu Qing struggled to stand up, ignoring the mess in the whole house. He entered the inner room and began to seriously train again.
From this moment on, Nangong Wu Qing was dead. The Nangong Wu Qing in the future will be a demon anyone would be afraid of.
Very late at night the Bi Hai Pavilion was especially gloomy.
Two guards kneeled on the ground trembling as they reported Wu Qing’s situation.
Fei Yan lightly wiped clean the sword in her hand.
“You guys return.”
The two on the floor thus heavily burdened, bowed their head on the ground and stood up to leave.
But they still heard Fei Yan softly saying.
“Castle Master’s business, don’t make it well known to the public. Otherwise you know what the consequences are.”
The two people rushed to nod their heads in agreement.
“We don’t know anything, Don’t know anything.”
Fei Yan satisfied, nodded her head.
They looked at each other with a glance, hurrying out of Bi Hai Pavilion.
Fei Yan placed the sword back in the sheave, her face exposed a sinister smile.
“Shen Xin Ci, I never thought your life would last this long.”
Wu Qing is mine, no one should think of looking at him. Shen Xin Ci, you better not appear in front of me. Otherwise I will definitely kill you.

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  1. Fufufu. I see. Well, love turning to resentment, eh? This is good because this way, they are still connected. They will definitely meet each other again (though through unfavorable circumstances). Let’s see how resentment will turn into love. 🙂