"Wife, I want to eat meat” 《娘子,我要吃肉》Chapter 27

Xia Ling Mei’s martial arts were clearly great, unexpectedly she was unable to throw off Wang Yun Feng’s hands.

Xia Fen saw the two people’s struggle, eager to protect his mother, like a wild animal escaping from its cage he suddenly jumped up at Wang Yun Feng’s back. Xia Fen’s small body, force however was huge, an iron ball knocking into an unsteady stake, Wang Yun Feng suffering from the force stumbled forward, his whole body, completely unguarded, fell onto the struggling Xia Ling Mei.

The two people eyes crisscrossed, in the night, for no reason at all Xia Ling Mei’s hairs stood on end. The moment of weightlessness and the torture of uncertainty as she fell from the cliff came rushing to her mind, she had a sort of déjà vu, subconsciously reaching out wanting to cry for help. Wang Yun Feng loosened his grip, her heart thudded, a coldness rising from the soles of her feet. The endless night sky was like the dark and sinister underworld, her sleeves fluttering in the air, along with the tendency to fall down, her back was empty, the inside of her body also seemed void. She opened her mouth, eyes wide open, waiting for that night’s fear and terror to engulf all her rationality and emotions.

Save ---- me!

She wanted to cry out, but before the words were out of her mouth, her natural disposition to be strong again reared its head, subconsciously wanting to take out her long whip to save herself, just as she moved, the back of her head was enveloped by a warm large hand, `bang` rocking twice, her entire body had already fallen back a few steps knocking into the door frame. Apart from a light knock she didn’t feel any pain.

Wang Yun Feng held her, gently saying: “Don’t be scared.”

Xia Ling Mei nose heated up, a large crack exploded in the high walls she had erected since she had fallen off the cliff. Wang Yun Feng held her, his weak breath first brushed against her forehead, then falling on top of her eyes, lightly kissing them: “I’m here.”

Xia Ling Mei’s fingers by the side of her body shivered, as if she was uncertain, whether she wanted to grab hold of the man close at hand. Wang Yun Feng apparently knew what was going through her head, one hand as before placed behind her head, the other hand already tightly holding her waist, making the two people even closer. His heat, her coldness, slowly blended a little bit.

That moment when she had falling off the cliff, she really did long for someone capable of protecting her, longed for that someone who could shield her from the wind and rain, be alarmed for her. Zhuang Sheng protected her, she was moved, but wandering the Jianghu for the past many years made her not dare to easily trust in anyone; the goodwill of people like Jiu Fang Xi she calmly accepted, because her experience on the battlefield made her genuinely respect experts. Her strength and independence made her not rely on anyone, even more times she had willingly treated the men around her as friends for better or for worse, but could not treat them as lovers together in life and death.

For a long time a deep ravine had cracked open her heart, her true feelings buried at the bottom ravine, apart from the person who had obtained her true feelings before, everyone else would be outside in the dense fog deep in the mountains obstructed by her determination to sever all relations.

She never showed her weakness to others, her weakness only blossomed extremely quietly in the corners in the dead of the night, no one could see her true feelings outside her strong fort.

She continuously refused, refused and refused, shaking her head at each and every one besides her, to leave, never to come back.

She watched the little bit of her hope slowly lose itself into despair, again to have nothing at all.

Look, all of them think of themselves as hard-hearted, persistent despite trials and tribulations, thinking she was not afraid of any hardships. No one has ever wondered whether she was afraid like a normal woman of the unknown future, whether she would hesitate and hold back when faced with thistles and thorns, when she went through extreme dangers was she scared and in despair…not a single person had such thoughts.

Xia Ling Mei is simply a woman. She shouldn’t have to assume so much responsibility, she shouldn’t have to face these foul winds and rains of blood, she shouldn’t have to straighten her spine and present herself who can conquer every obstacle…

She also wanted to have someone to rely on, to give her a silent embrace when she was weak, telling her: “Don’t be scared.”

She wanted even more when she was struggling the most, when she was most indecisive and helpless, the person at the bottom of her heart against all odds appear in front of her, tightly hold her, telling her: “I’m here.”

Wang Yun Feng held her even tighter: “I’m by your side, you need to learn to trust me again.”

Xia Ling Mei spoke smothered: “What makes you able for me to trust you again!” Just as she spoke, she felt as a matter of fact it didn’t seem like a question, instead it had a complete sense of throwing a tantrum. His embrace was like the most beautiful poison, making her afraid yet yearn for it.

“Your words are always empty, and you don’t carefully think, apart from me here who can make you completely at ease, who else can you rely on?”

Peeved Xia Ling Mei yelled out a name: “Zhuang Sheng.”

Wang Yun Feng breathed in deeply, spitefully saying: “You purely want me to die from anger, am I right?”

It would be great if she could kill him from anger! Did he know, when she saw Xia Fen jump down without the slightest hesitation, how much she wished Wang Yun Feng would follow by her side, since they couldn’t be together in life, it would be fine to die together. Like this she would not have to again and again guess whether she was in his heart, no need to bicker about how much he truly felt towards her, and no need to again struggle between love and hate worried about personal gains and losses.

It had to be, the person who should have come down didn’t, the person who shouldn’t have come down came rolling down, her warm heart which had warmed up a little with great difficulty again cooled down.

She was someone who the more hurt she is the more she wants to show herself as strong in front of people, in the end unavoidably she was the one who suffered. She had held her breath from when she fell off the cliff to now, in front of Wang Yun Feng she finally exploded.

Luckily, Wang Yun Feng had already long ago fortified himself against her sarcastic comments, again pulling her into his arms, Xia Ling Mei finally saw a clear sky, his heart was beating steadily.

Xia Fen watched the two people who were just going head to head with each other now in a blink of an eye holding each other and whispering, he was completely puzzled. However, his small brain faintly understood he appeared to have done a good deed from a freak combination of factors. But that good deed was bad for him, his mother was going to be snatched away by this dull man!

Xia Fen with grief and indignation grabbed the other’s collar for the life of him wanting to pull Wang Yun Feng away from Xia Ling Mei, mother was his alone.

After a while of being pulled to and fro, wanting to continue his sweet talking Wang Yun Feng could only drop the subject, pulling Xia Ling Mei into the room, Xia Fen feeling aggrieved as before clutched onto his ear, clutched at his hair, pulled at his clothes, wanting to shoo the other person out.

Wang Yun Feng helplessly sighed: “This child, who is he’s?”

Xia Ling Mei’s anger towards Wang Yun Feng had not completely disappeared, allowing her son to continue tormenting him on top of his head, only saying: “The Xia family.”

Wang Yun Feng could not be that easily duped: “Which wife of the Xia family which generation? And who are his parents?”

Xia Ling Mei eyes flickered, steeping tea: “Your righteous upright strong words do you think this is the court. You don’t need to know who his parents are, you only need to know he is of the younger generation of the Xia family. Now, and forever, he has already long ago been added to the Xia family record, it won’t change.”

Wang Yun Feng faintly shivered, putting his hand behind his back wanting to get the child down from his back, Xia Fen struggled free, with a few somersaults he turned into a chair not too far away, four limbs falling into one place, cautiously staring at him. Although his temper was completely different, but those brows and eyes clearly held Wang Yun Feng’s appearance, separated you couldn’t make out the two’s similarity, but together, everyone would think they were father and son.

Wang Yun Feng knew Xia Ling Mei would not admit it easily, and thinking that a large problem had already been resolved tonight, it wasn’t good to press on again, he could only drop it. Afraid that if he pressed it too much, this lioness would explode.
The two talked about their emotions, the night got even later.

Wang Yun Feng exhausted all his thoughts looking for Xia Ling Mei, alarmed and continuously not able to sleep well for several days, at ease his exhaustion like a tide bubbled forth on his face. Xia Ling Mei was just about to call for someone to prepare another courtyard for him, he waved his hand, minding his own business pulling Xia Ling Mei into the inner room, pushing her onto the bed, he took off his own outer garment and shoes leaving them outside. Shocked Xia Fen’s hair stood on ends, rigidly wanting to push him away. Unexpectedly Wang Yun Feng seemed thin and weak, nevertheless after his who heart and soul relaxed he was extremely tired, Xia Fen exhausted tremendous strength, but could only only place himself in between the two people, he couldn’t even lift up his head, his whole body placed by his mother’s side, no matter what he was going to be a fat and short Milky Way.

For many years Xia Ling Mei has not shared a bed with someone else, apart from being afraid it was hard for her to get used to, a blush gradually appeared on her face. Waiting until Ying Shi came tiptoeing in to extinguish the candles, and closing the bedroom door, her cheeks in the dark were already so red that it was partially purple, and not knowing if she was more shy or angry.

She felt around for the quilt unfolding it to cover the three people, again pacifying the raucous Xia Fen to sleep, before then daring to secretly look at Wang Yun Feng.
In the middle of the night, the shadow under his eyes were even darker, thin lips tightly pursed, brows slightly smoothed out, his usual seriousness and cold strictness faded seventy, eighty percent, the gentleness when he was younger coming through. Before for so many nights, she had tossed and turned restlessly on the bed alone, guessing where he was staying that night, guessing if he has discovered her unconditional investment in their relationship, imaging whether there would be a day the two would be connected with mutual feelings.

Now, apart from that painful night, this could be considered the first time they have slept together in the same bed since they married.

Xia Ling Mei blinked, no matter what she could not peacefully fall asleep, she couldn’t help sliding her fingers around, moving it slowly a little bit in the hollow of his palm. Wang Yun Feng who initially wanted to sleep slowly opened his eyes, before seeing the woman opposite him clearly quite a while later.

His face spread out, as if he was softly smiling, his other hand passed by Xia Fen’s stiff hair to embrace her, extending his neck, kissing her on the lips once lightly.

Xia Ling Mei widened her eyes, first she felt a bit cold, but his breath once again brought heat, his skin was a little bit hot, this time, she herself was also heating up, like a crystal steamed bum having just come out of the steamer.

It was too sudden, she was somewhat frantic, in her memory, this was their first kiss.
Wang Yun Feng’s fingers moved gently in her hair, ticklish, she opened her mouth wanting to speak, another cold thing came pushing through, licking her pearly white teeth. This time Xia Ling Mei was really stunned, she wanted to pull back, he however pulled her head forward closer. That tongue like this took a further step, pulling hers to dance together.
Xia Ling Mei was unable to breath, tears made her eyes misty, her heart was beating like a drum, so much so her hand in his also became hot like lava.

Wang Yun Feng wishing to continue pecked her lips, whispering: “Sleep.”

Right now she couldn’t sleep even more. It was the first time Wang Yun Feng had seen her foolish and distracted face, both grieving and obscure, he couldn’t help several emotions from gathering, the unspeakable tender love, rather like a person deliberately igniting a bomb blowing up ice, affectionate, making Xia Ling Mei cry for a night in a daze.


  1. Yun Feng takes his family to bed.

  2. I wonder if it was true during their early marriage wyf likes xlm cousin or was misunderstanding fr xlm

  3. I wonder if it was true during their early marriage wyf likes xlm cousin or was misunderstanding fr xlm

  4. .............
    this seem like a loooooooooooooooooong struggle with their own idea of how a relationship is..
    though I'm not against XLM waiting to see what happens, but we all know no matter what we want she will end up with her ex-husband. which is kind of a turn-off, cause really let's be blunt, in reality if it was real , I would never return to such a man even if he is a change man, there is only much one person can love another, especially if it only started because she like his gentleness and kindness ??? to another women (Zhao wang fei). she is much better with someone who appreciates who she is, all her faults, all her turmoils and all that she has become.... I think the author is vying for second chances, which is natural but the real question is did WFY really love her, or maybe like her within the 3 years they were together, because it sounds like maybe he started to love before she issued the divorce but did nothing to make her understand that he was changing, then again he waited another 7 years waiting to see her but not get her?? (now that is bullshit, who stayed a saint for 7 years straight)
    In short the female lead acts a strong front but has very soft heart combined with loneliness from being heartbroken from previous relationship, thus avoiding having a right relationship with other men, who we might have been a strong love interest, in the end she wants a love she cannot have then when she has it acts like she doesn't need..(typical female lead characteristics...hahahaha:sarcastic remark)
    then we have a male lead, improvised with a good look, intelligent mind but is too juvenile with his feeling for both himself and the other sex. A good point that he started with a strong feeling of love with all the wrong situations, like the wrong female + wrong time + wrong age. After 3 years of marriage he failed to reach out and keep his treasure, thus submitting to pressure, after 7 years he found out his feeling that cannot be contained that he cannot wait anymore and runs to find his wild phoenix (his ex-wife, XLM), but ended up with infuriating all readers and supporting characters, but again fails on the doing everything right aside from saying my wife this, wife that, as if 7 years was just a day passing. after every opportunity given to him, he cannot discard his own self and throw his goddamn ego out the window and explain, chase and keep his wife,. all this while saying that he has change for her (that is not a good character in any novels).

  5. so here we are frustrated readers thinking that he has sacrifice so much and that they should be together because they deserve it. now all of you fantasy-enriched readers think of one moment and put yourself in the female leads shoe, try to empathize with her now think about it very carefully, you found someone you love not predestined by time because you are just seeing him on the side and though that he was the one, you followed you heart and went against it all your parents, siblings and the man himself, you pushed through marriage thinking that you can change him, after wedding him, you are left in the room, alone, the day that should have been the greatest day of any bride. you waited and waited, you fought with many people, his family, other people who wants to go between you and him, year after year you waited for him to notice you, be kind to you, be gentle and warm. but all that was returned where cold shoulders, no gentleness, no appreciation, no warmth. Time and time again you are ridiculed by his family and other people for being unable to contain even a trace of love, they pitied you, mock you for your foolishness for serving such a man, yet you stood tall from all their eyes, as if they were just word not fitted for attention. after a while you realized that you cannot be with a man that cannot and would not love you despite all your sacrifices, your hurt and your feelings. you made a new life and new career and a new life for yourself, 7 years you spent to build yourself a new you, a person admired with many for you courage, love by your family with their unending support, friends who knows you and would fight for you so you can have the life and love you so deserved. Now would you throw everything you have to return to man because he thinks he is a changed man and that he would love you unendingly, would follow you but afraid you would run if he pushed to far? someone who say things like this and that, but actions speaks louder that words, even if the author made it seem like he was waiting for her, still he does not work that hard like a starve man that he should have been if he truly wants her.
    P.S. THIS IS DURING ANCIENT TIME!!! morals and ethics are heavily scrutinized by society, but no one praises a martyr, even if she becomes a saint.
    P.S.S the plot would have been better if the characters and story-telling where better or more realistic
    PS.S.S. I'm still reading this because I'm waiting for the redemption part not all the cliche moments..

    cont. from above

    1. Estoy absolutamente de acuerdo contigo, él mas que causarme simpatía por su supuesto "arrepentimiento ", la verdad es que me fastidia él, sus sentirse y acciones, es verdad que ella lo amo con todo su ser hasta desangrarse, pero si ya te has levantado y ahora eres feliz contigo misma, no tiene sentido estar con alguien que te hizo tanto daño y personalmente desconfiaría de él todo el tiempo, solo diré que me siento frustrada por la historia

  6. Tengo aquí una incertidumbre, si es la primera ves que comparten cama e incluso su primer beso, como es que nació nuestro pequeño bollo de vapor?, un misterio de la naturaleza que esperó que sea resuelto.
    Además esperó que ella lo haga sufrir mas antes de perdonarlo, por que sino realmente me sentire decepcionada y enojado por que ella sea tan blando como gelatina.


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