"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 61 Two Years Later

Two years later, in the Lan Yun Pavilion courtyard two little figures were running around the garden unstably, Ying Xue was closely following behind.
“Young master, young mistress. Slow down.”
The two children in front acted if they did not hear her, continued running and being noisy.
Seeing a man dressed in white come over, looking very serious.
“Goodness. Xue Er.”
The two children seeing the person who had arrived, happily ran over straight into the man’s arms. Ying Xue also relaxed standing to the side.
Hearing the sweet voices of the two children, the man’s face also softened.
“Next time you can’t be that noisy do you understand? Especially Tian Er, you have to take care of your younger sister.”
The boy nodded his head. Holding the man’s hand. The girl also hugged the man’s waist.
“Dad, where’s mother?”
“You two little rascals, you have your dad and you can still think of me.”
The two children hurried came down from the man’s body, standing on the ground looking at the madam walking towards them.
The woman being called mother was dressed entirely in white, with a refined temperament, even more obvious was her white hair, swaying in the wind, silky smooth, making people really want to stick out their hand to touch it.
The two children stood still nicely, the pitiful expression in their eyes would make anyone hearts melt, wanting to hold them in their arms to pamper them, but not the madam in front of them.
“Tian Er, what did you promise mother yesterday?”
The boy lowered his head, not daring to look at the madam. His voice was also quiet.
“Tian Er promised mother, not to run around and be noisy with younger sister, if I couldn’t do so then Tian Er will be punished and not be allowed to live with mother for three days.”
“Yes, so you know, in a bit go back and move your stuff into your own room. Ying Xue, not one can help.”
The madam’s expression was very serious. Although Ying Xue couldn’t bear it she still didn’t dare to say anything.
The boy suddenly ran to the madam, pulling at her skirt hem.
“Mother, please don’t make Tian Er sleep on his own? Without mother Tian Er cannot sleep.”
The madam looking at the boy did not speak. The boy saw he could not move his mother, tears even came flowing out, making anyone who saw really distressed.
“Mother, Tian Er know he was wrong, don’t make Tian Er sleep by himself.”
Ying Xue standing to the side could not be so ruthless, she opened her mouth to persuade.
“Lady cousin, young master knows he’s wrong. Please don’t punish him.”
Xue Er seeing her brother cry, tightly grabbed a corner of the man’s clothing. The corner of her eyes covered with little star lights.
Xin Ci frowned but did not speak. The man picked up the boy, wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes.
“Xin Ci, don’t be too strict on Tian Er, he is still a child.”
Xin Ci angrily turned her head.
Wen Kai, it’s because you spoil them, making them so arrogant, they don’t listen.”
Wen Kai was not angry, he only smiled slightly, patting Tian Er in his arms.
“I know, it’s all my fault, don’t get angry at the children.”
Xin Ci seeing Wen Kai’s constant smile, also couldn’t control herself. Originally she only wanted to scare Tian Er a bit. Sleeping at night not holding the two children, the person who found it most difficult was herself.
“Fine, Tian Er don’t cry. Remember next time, a man of men must keep their promises do you understand?”
Tian Er seeing mother had softened up, quickly turned his head wanting to rush into Xin Ci’s arms. Xin Ci smiled watching him and picked up Tian Er from Wen Kai’s arms, gently stroking his back.

T/N: Time flies~~~~ Congrats to those who guessed she’d have a boy and girl hehe

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