"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 53 Wen Kai Returns

“Ming Zhu, you are a good lady, cousin will see the good in you. If you really want to marry cousin, you need to work harder. Cousin is a good person, you will definitely be very happy together.”
Ming Zhu lifted her eyes to look at Xin Ci, she suddenly felt very guilty. Isn’t she very selfish, Xin is such a good person. If later Xin Ci finds out she’s using blood lingzhi mushroom to blackmail the blockhead would she hate her. [cries]…No. She really likes Xin Ci, she didn’t want to be hated by Xin Ci. But. Xin Ci said she has fallen in love with that blockhead. Sorry. Sorry. Xin Ci, I won’t watch you die, but please forgive me for my selfishness.
She stood up unnaturally, not looking at Xin Ci.
“That…Xin CI, I’m going to leave first. I’ll come see you again.”
Having finished speaking she turned and ran away.
Xin Ci looking at Ming Zhu’s back, her heart was very peaceful, if cousin could accept Ming Zhu, then she would die at ease.
Time passed really quickly, in the blink of an eye Xin Ci welcomed her first winter at You Ming Castle.
The chilly winter wind, blew at Xin Ci’s weak body.
Ying Xue came out of the house, gently covering Xin Ci with a white fox fur.
“Lady cousin, the wind is strong outside, Ying Xue will accompany you inside the house to chat.”
Xin Ci smiled slightly as she nodded her head, as she turned she saw a figure coming from faraway.
“Ying Xue, return to the house to prepare hot tea.”
Ying Xue followed Xin Ci’s line of sight, smiling she nodded her head. Returning to the house.
The other people walked in, Xin Ci smiled at him. Lightly calling out.
“Doctor Wen.”
The person who had arrived was Wen Kai, he just returned to the castle and straightaway he went to Lan Yun Pavilion. Looking at Xin Ci in front of him, Wen Kai’s heart slightly trembled.
Xin Ci’s stomach had grown a lot, but her body had weakened a lot, even her cheeks did not have its former charm.
“Enter the house and drink some tea to warm your body.”
Wen Kai nodded his head, following behind Xin Ci, closely watching her.
He hadn’t seen her in five months, since he left You Ming Castle, he thought his feelings for her would weaken over that time, he didn’t think his mind would be full of thoughts of her, he was very worried about her body, very worried something might suddenly happen to her, but he could not rush back. It’s good though, he came back, and she, despite the situation not being too good, but it wasn’t too bad.
Sitting in the house, quietly drinking tea, his body did indeed become a lot warmer.
Putting down the tea cup, Wen Kai secretly warmed his hand with internal strength, attaching it onto Xin Ci’s wrist.
Xin Ci seeing his familiar action, a slight warmth flowed through her heart. She knew very clearly her own body’s condition, at the present situation, Wen Kai can still be at ease.
Sure enough, after a moment Wen Kai retracted his hand.
“Your body condition right now isn’t bad, but medicine still has to be taken on time, this time I’ve found some medicinal herbs, they’ll be very helpful to you, tomorrow let Ying Xue come to Fang Cao House to get them.”
Xin Ci nodded slightly.
“Today I’ll return first. You take care and rest.”
Wen Kai stood up about to leave, Xin Ci also stood up and said.
“You just returned you must be tired, rest well.”
Wen Kai nodded his head, and looked deeply into Xin Ci’s eyes before turning to leave.

T/N: WK’s love for XC is so moving ~_~

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    1. If there is no him… there is no story thou~~ lol
      Xin Ci won’t study medicine and Wen Kai won’t love her~~~ even i feel sad about Wen Kai
      Well, i know we are still not seeing the Male MC act about this problem thou~~~
      But i can feel his own turbulent in his heart… and as we know the Male always dry in hated… and just getting happiness but be forcing again to hate (but he still love her~~~ he does this just a way to keep thinking about her thou)~~~
      we know how he does things more twist than her cousin and Wen Kai… always do killing and improving for revenge.. hate and love always similar thou~~
      different circumstance thou~~~
      we can not hope him to be kind as others thou~~~
      but it is a good thing to watch him develop to be kind and believing other thou~~
      it is just my though nyaaa~~~