"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 63 Compatible

Thinking of Xin Ci’s cute expression, Wen Kai’s face filled with a happy smile.
He remembered every night he would arrive in her room to give his hand to her, letting her hold it. She said then she would feel safe, so she could sleep.
But every time he left when she fell asleep, returning to his own room to rest, not long after, he would feel her pulling up his duvet, wiggling into his arms. When he moved even a little, she would softly say.
“Wen Kai, don’t leave me behind to sleep on my own okay? IT feels really cold and scary.”
Wen Kai soundlessly sighed, letting her hold him, tightly sticking to his body. Although for him, those nights were very painful, but he endured it.
Hearing the peaceful breathing next to him, Wen Kai could not fall asleep. There was a fragrance from Xin Ci’s body, making those who smell it feel serene, but at the same time Xin Ci was only wearing light clothing as she held him, he was also a normal man. It was impossible not to have a reaction. But facing the person who moved his heart, he could not move a bit.
When the sky slightly lightened, he gently moved his arms and legs getting up, not disturbing the sleeping Xin Ci. Xin Ci was sleeping really well, for the entire night she had kept still. Seeing her peaceful sleeping face, Wen Kai hoped he could be with her like this until they turned old. But he understood, this wasn’t possible.
Xin Ci was used to following him around all day, no matter when he went, there would be her shadow, every time he turned his head, he would see Xin Ci’s warm smile.
One day, while was teaching Xin ci to recognise herbal medicine. Ming Zhu came in bringing the two children, wanting to give them to Xin Ci.
Wen Kai eyebrows drew together, looking at Ming Zhu. Ming Zhu wasn’t scared of Wen Kai’s gaze, softly speaking.
“They’re her children, she gave birth to them with such pain, you won’t allow them to get to know each other?”
Wen Kai did not speak, standing still. Xin Ci not understanding walked forward to see the two cute children. When she saw their cute faces, Xin Ci was scared, she didn’t understand it herself, why she would be scared. Panicking she retreated to Wen Kai’s back, tightly clutching his sleeve, unable to stop trembling.
Wen Kai lifted his hands putting her into his embrace.
“What’s wrong? Xin Ci.”
Xin Ci lifted her head, looking at him pitifully, tears flashing slightly in her eyes.
“Wen Kai, you won’t not want Xin Ci right.”
Wen Kai nodded slightly, maintaining his smile.
Xin Ci unsettled placed her head into his warm embrace. Softly saying.
“Say it, you won’t not want me.”
Wen Kai quickly retracted his hands, he did not want to carry on hurting her.
Ming Zhu seeing the pair of interdependent people in front of her, was somewhat moved. Wen Kai’s concerns for Xin Ci was clear to anyone looking. Just take the strand of fine black hair on his forehead was injured because of Xin Ci, caused by an injury to his vital energy. But seeing the two people together right now, how compatible they were.

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  1. I guess I don’t feel bad for Xin Ci to be an adulterers because she lost her memories…. thank you for the update. 2 years has passed and hEric husband never cared to find her? I’m worried at the end they won’t be together. 😢😭