"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 67 Aphrodisiac

Inside Lan Yun Pavilion’s garden, two children were playing with Ying Xue, Xin Ci and Ming Zhu was sitting at the side under a pavilion, quietly drinking tea.
Ming Zhu caught Xin Ci’s eyes, suddenly saying.
“Xin Ci, I want you to help me with something.”
Xin Ci feeling her eyes on her, quietly asked.
“Cousin-in-law don’t hesitate to ask for anything, as long as Xin Ci can do it she’ll definitely help cousin-in-law.”
Ming Zhu’s face was pained, she hesitated to speak.
“That is…Xin Ci you…can you help me go to Wen Kai’s place to get some `****`.”
Xin Ci hearing her stared at Ming Zhu, her voice also lowered.
“Cousin-in-law you…”
Ming Zhu with a red face coyly turned her head.
“Damn…can you? I can only ask you to help. I can’t face Wen Kai and ask for this sort of thing.”
Ming Zhu definitely couldn’t ask Wen Kai for this sort of medicine, only she could ask Wen Kai for something. Xin Ci thinking about it nodded her head slightly.
“Fine, I’ll get the medicine.”
“That…Xin Ci also…”
The cunning in Ming Zhu’s eyes, was not discovered by Xin Ci.
“Remember to bring the colourless and odourless type, ad those that cannot be forced out by internal strength.”
Xin Ci laughed as she looked at Ming Zhu, gently speaking.
“Cousin-in-law has thought ahead. Don’t worry, Xin Ci will definitely help you complete your wish.”
Ming Zhu did not argue, lowering her head, not sure whether her red cheeks were from her oppressing her smile or if she was really shy.
Xin Ci carrying dishes of food slowly walked into Fang Cao House, as she was pushing open the door, Wen Kai was already taking the dishes from her giving her a smile, the two people walked forward entering the room.
“You should have let Ying Xue bring the food, why did you come yourself.”
Wen Kai placed the dishes on the table.
“Ying Xue is playing with the children, I didn’t have anything to do so I came. Why did you not want me to deliver your meal?”
Xin Ci’s pursed her mouth slightly, making Wen Kai slightly laugh and say.
“Of course not.”
Xin Ci also laughed, being spoiled really didn’t suit her.
“You eat first, I’m going to tidy up the house a bit.”
Wen Kai nodded slightly. Xin Ci stood up and walked to the inner room, her hand already nervously sweating.
Hurrying to the medical cabinet in the inner room, she gently opened it, seeing tens of similar small vials, she carefully rummaged through them with caution.
Where is that ****? It has to be colourless, odourless and could not be forced out with internal strength. Xin Ci frowned, she blamed herself for agreeing so easily. All medicine formulated by Wen Kai were colourless and odourless. They said she had studied medicinal herbs before with Wen Kai, but now she only knew a bit of superficial knowledge.

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