"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 59 Premature Birth (2)

Mu Nian Qing nodded his head, Wen Kai was here. He believed Xin Ci would be fine.
Inside the room, Xin Ci looked at Wen Kai, enduring the pain she slightly exposed a faint smile. Turning her head to look at Ming Zhu. She smiled apologetically.
“Ming Zhu, I’m sorry…your. Wedding. I messed it up.”
Ming Zhu was as nervous as Wen Kai.
“How can you say such a thing now, right now you focus on giving birth to your child.”
“I, I, will try hard…ah…”
Xin Ci couldn’t hold in the pain and cried out, outside Mu Nian Qing was so nervous he nearly pushed the door open and entered. Xin Ci inside the house could not endure the tear like pain in her lower body, cried out bitterly.
Wen Kai turned his head in heartache, he couldn’t look at the current Xin Ci.
“Xin Ci, come on. Take a deep breath, use a bit more strength.”
Ming Zhu with a skilful touch, pressed Xin Ci’s lower abdomen, she helped her give birth, while telling Xin Ci what to do.
One hour passed. Xin Ci had fainted a few times from pain. After shouting few times, she softly spoke to Ming Zhu.
“Ming Zhu…I…have no strength.”
Wen Kai turned his head, with an extremely pained expression he looked at Xin Ci.
“What idiotic thing are you saying, every day you drank so much medicine, was eating so much food also pointless? Where is your energy, even if you have no energy today you have to give birth to these children for me.”
Ming Zhu could not bear to look at Xin Ci, she knew Xin Ci really exerted all her strength. But she could not give up.
Fresh blood flowed down Xin Ci’s legs onto the bed, a puddle of red, it was so shocking.
“Ah…” Xin ci shouted, gathering her own strength, Ming Zhu shouted from below.
“Xin Ci, use a bit more strength, the baby’s leg is already out.”
Xin Ci hearing her, both hands tightly grasped the bedsheet, her nails digging into her flesh. She opened her mouth wide breathing a sigh of relief. She exhausted her entire body strength in one push.
Ming Zhu saw it was the critical moment, she pulled with a little force.
Hearing the child cry, Xin Ci’s consciousness gradually blurred.
Ming Zhu quickly washed the baby with water, picking up a soft clothing she wrapped the child up handing it over to Wen Kai. Wen Kai seeing the baby with a face full of wrinkles in his arms felt an indescribable feeling.
Ming Zhu returned to Xin Ci’s side, a burst of dismay seeing blood flowing from her lower body, but right now there was still another child inside, she knew if this child wasn’t birthed within the next hour, Xin Ci and the child would die.
“Wen Kai, quickly give that child to the blockhead, you need to help me now.”
Ming Zhu didn’t raise her head, but at the same time Wen Kai clearly heard her, he turned, opened the door and gave the child to a dazed Mu Nian Qing, before returning to the room.
“Xin Ci, wake up. You just gave birth to a son, there’s still another in your stomach, quick. Pull yourself together.”

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