"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 48 Meeting

Early next morning, Ruan Ming Zhu wearing the clothes Mu Nian Qing had sent someone to bring her, wandered around You Ming Castle.
Humph, I heard everything they said last night. Isn’t it to save a woman called Xin Ci. Why would the two of them have such a worried expression. I also need to see this Xin Ci to see what she actually looks like. Is she as beautiful as me. As cute as me?
She hurriedly wandered around the castle a few times, Tired, Ruan Ming Zhu stopped.
So annoying, what is this. How can I walk so long yet end up here. I couldn’t be lost right…ai…
Ruan Ming Zhu stood on the spot, thinking and thinking until tears fell, at that time she suddenly saw from far away a maid hurrying over. Like clutching straws for help Ruan Ming Zhu rushed towards her. Grabbing the maid’s hand.
“How can I leave from here? No, no, I don’t want to leave. Where does this person called Xin Ci live?”
The maid who was caught was Ying Xue. Ying Xue seeing the strange person in front of her, thought.
When did such a lady arrive at the castle, and she wants to find Lady cousin.
Thinking about it she suddenly took a step back, looking at her with vigilantly.
Ruan Ming Zhu was unable to make head or tail of the maid’s sudden movements.
“Hey, I asked you a question.”
“Who are you? Why do you want to find Lady cousin?”
Lady cousin? That’s the one called Xin Ci? Yes yes, so there’s a lot of things I’m still not clear about.
“Don’t question me. Just take me to her.”
“No, I don’t even know who you are how can I just take you to see Lady cousin.”
So annoying, it wasn’t easy finding a maid but she’s so stubborn. Well, I’ll take a soft approach.
“This maid, I’m a doctor, your Lady Cousin is pregnant right, I’m here to see her.”
“Lady, you’re bad at lying. My Lady cousin studies medicine herself, also Doctor Wen in the castle looks after her. Moreover even if you’re really a doctor, you can’t even compare to my Lady cousin.”
Ying Xue’s words filled with indifference, angered Ming Zhu nearly half to death. So she couldn’t really have medical skills, can’t she just trick someone, so annoying.
“Ying Xue. Who are you talking to.”
At that time, Xin Ci walked over.
Ying Xue silently shouted what bad luck, immediately she acted like an eagle protecting its chick standing in front of Xin Ci. Preventing Ruan Ming Zhu from nearing.
Ruan Ming Zhu stood in a daze looking at Xin ci, her eyes wide, her mouth also widened.
Oh my, what sort of deity had she prayed to lately, these few days she had been allowed to see so many impossibly beautiful people.
Loose silver white hair dancing in the wind, almost transparent white skin, her smiling lips had a touch of powder, slight starlight flashing in her eyes, how very bright. Wow. She loves this woman to death.

T/N: I like the makings of this new character >_< hopefully she’ll be someone good for Xin Ci!

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  1. I believe:
    “Lad cousin? That’s the one called Xin Ci? Yes yes, so there’s a lot of things I’m still not clear about.”
    should be:
    “Lady cousin? That’s the one called Xin Ci? Yes yes, so there’s a lot of things I’m still not clear about.”