"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 32 Studying Medicine

Inside the room it wasn’t much different from how Xin Ci imagined it, simple decorations and filled with the scent of herbs.
Wen Kai sat beside the table, his wrist lightly flung out a piece of gold silk instantly tying it to Xin Ci’s wrist, Xin Ci was surprised but did not move.
It appears Doctor Wen’s martial arts aren’t bad.
Wen Kai pulling on the gold silk, both eyebrows tightly drawn together.
A steady pulse, but somewhat weak, her meridian channels had received severe trauma but she hadn’t carefully recuperated. And there’s this faint pulse…
Gently removing the gold silk. He looked at Xin Ci.
“Lady Xin Ci’s meridian channels had once suffered serious injury?”
Xin Ci bashfully nodded her head. Her cheeks also flushed a bit.
“Lady Xin Ci, forgive my speaking bluntly. Returning your white hair to original is actually very easy, after some time your hair will naturally grow out black hair. In contrast the damage to your meridian channels is more severe. Every night before you sleep harmonise your channels yourself, train to strengthen your internal strength, it’ll be good to not let your internal strength backfire on you again.”
“Thank you Doctor Wen.”
Wen Kai nodded his head and walked over to the medicine cabinet, grabbing some medicine he handed it to Xin Ci.
“Your constitution is still weak, you need to recuperate with care, boil this medicine with seven bowls of water until it becomes one bowl of liquid before taking the medicine.”
Xin Ci took the medicine, without speaking.
Wen Kai saw she didn’t move a bit, he went ahead and asked.
“Is there something else Lady Xin Ci?”
Xin Ci looked at Wen Kai.
“Doctor Wen, can I come again tomorrow?”
Wen Kai hearing her helplessly sighed.
“Lady Xin Ci, Wen Kai doesn’t understand, why are you so persistent?”
Xin Ci lowered her head for a moment dejected, she lifted her head and continued looking at Wen Kai.
“I, only don’t want to become ill with longing. That is the answer, is Doctor Wen satisfied?”
Wen Kai watched Xin Ci, she didn’t avoid his gaze, peaceful like a deep pool of fresh water, just as calm, completely lacking waves.
Wen Kai lowered his head, tidying up the medicinal herbs.
“If you want to come then do, I still say this. Wen Kai has no intention to accept disciples.”
Xin Ci hearing these words, a brightly smile immediately rippled on her face.
“Thank you Doctor Wen, today Xin Ci has bothered you for too long. I’ll come again tomorrow.”
Wen Kai nodded slightly.
“Take care.”
Looking at the serious Wen Kai, Xin Ci happily turned and left.
“Come out.”
Wen Kai didn’t lift his head, he was still tidying the medicinal herbs by his hands.
Mu Nian Qing smiled slightly entering into the room, sitting down to the side.
“Your ears are still sharp, when did you know I was here?”
Wen Kai finished tidying up the medicinal herbs, walking over to sit by Mu Nian Qing’s side.
“When you came.”
Mu Nian Qing raised his eyebrow.
“Wen Kai, it seems like your martial arts has improved quite a bit.”
Wen Kai did not reply.
“Who is Lady Xin Ci to you?”
Mu Nian Qing poured himself a cup of tea from the teapot and drank it.
“She is my cousin.”