"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 77 Children

Wen Kai exerted his strength wanting to lift his hand to grab Xin Ci, but at the moment he could not get up.
“Xin Ci…don’t.”
Even though Wen Kai did not know what happened between them, but hearing his words he had a sense of what it was about, Nangong Wu Qing really hated Xin Ci, and he did not know Xin Ci had lost her martial arts skills. If Xin Ci returned like his it would be very bad, it’s possible, he. Would never see Xin Ci again.
Xin Ci lowered her head to look at Wen Kai, eyes filled with regret.
“Sorry, Wen Kai. You have to live on.”
Wu Qing hearing her, a sharp look flashed through his eyes. Quickly he raised his sword at Wen Kai. As he was about to stab Wen Kai he was blocked by another sword.
At the same time Xin Ci was unable to move in shock by what she just saw, she only gently asked.
“Why? Must you be so ruthless? I already decided to leave with you, why must you kill him?”
Xi Ci tears fell soundlessly, she really didn’t know if cousin hadn’t rushed here in time, whether Wen Kai would have died like that in front of her.
Mu Nian Qing smelling fresh blood rushed over here, he did not imagine he would be seeing this scene. And the person standing in front of him was Nangong Wu Qing. Seeing Wen Kai collapsed on the floor, both his hands clutched his sword, preparing for a huge fight.
While Wu Qing could not vent his anger, he silently watched the person dressed in purple in front of him. If he wasn’t wrong. He was the person who took Shen Xin ci away back then.
“Xin Ci, first take Wen Kai and the children to a safe place, leave this to me.”
Mu Nian Qing stepped forward blocking them, coldly watching Nangong Wu Qing.
This man actually dared to come to You Ming Castle, and injured Wen Kai like this. He will definitely kill him.
The two men exchanged blows through their eyes, firmly holding their swords becoming abnormally sharp, reflecting the other person’s glow. Just as the two people were about to make a move, Xin Ci rushed between them blocking them.
“Cousin, don’t fight. I already agreed to return to Hidden Castle with Wu Qing. I’ll leave Wen Kai and the children in your care. Cousin and cousin-in-law please look after them.”
Back then she had exhausted her own life to give birth to the two children, only because they were of Wu Qing’s bloodline. But she never thought, waking up it was another scenario. She could not leave bring the two children, this time going back with Wu Qing, she didn’t even know what she would experience. How could she take them into danger.
Mu Nian Qing lowered his sword, seeing there was twinkling in her eyes.
“Xin Ci, you…remember everything?”
Xin Ci nodded slightly.
“Cousin, thank you for these years. Xin Ci only wants to say to cousin, I’ve never blamed you.”
At the same time Mu Nian Qing suddenly discovered he didn’t know what to say to Xin Ci.
Taking it all in Wu Qing narrowed his eyes, looking at the two children kneeling on the ground. The flames of betrayal were even more thick. They were the children Shen Xin Ci and that man had? The hand holding the sword gradually paled.
After Shen Xin Ci left him she actually was with another man. And even gave birth to two children.

T/N: The children will be without their mummy because of the MC’s stupidity!!!

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