"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 66 Wu Qing

Watching the dead leaves rustle in the air, Wen Kai silently asked himself.
Was his decision from two years ago wrong? He couldn’t deny it, these last two years he spent with Xin Ci was his happiest moment. But how long can this sort of happiness last? He had a feeling, this sort of peaceful life will soon end, in the near future.
In the Hidden Castle, Wu Qing was alone in his dark bedroom, standing silently by the window staring.
Right now Wu Qing’s martial arts strength had nearly all recovered, but he would not rashly make a move. Qing Long had already long found out, the person dressed in white who had rescued Shen Xin ci away was You Ming Castle’s Castle Master – Mu Nian Qing.
Since he easily single-handily stopped Qing Long Bai Wei with one punch, he could not be underestimated. In order to speed up his internal strength training, his body was already heavily damaged. If he really fought with him, he would not be able to resist more than two hundred hits. Moreover considering You Ming Castle’s position in the Jianghu, there must be experts in the castle.
With a“[bang]”, Wu Qing hit the table by his side with one pal, with the sound the table also showed several deep cracks, wood chips were blown about by a breeze. Suddenly hearing the noise the sound of footsteps came from close by, Wu Qing retracted his palm to sorted out his own expression standing on the spot.
After a while, Fei Yan pushed open the door and entered, her eyes saw Wu Qing standing by his bed, looking a bit frightened.
Wu Qing was always attractive, she knew this. But the Wu Qing right now shone on my the moonlight was even more like a poetic imagery, like if she turned around he would disappear.
Wu Qing clutched his firsts tightly. Fei Yan’s heart was tight with pain.
During the two years, Wu Qing would not let her near, every time he would shut her out. Why? Shen Xin Ci had already left for so long, betrayed him, ferociously hurt him, why couldn’t Wu Qng just accept her?
“Is there something wrong?”
Wu Qing seeing Fei Yan’s silence inquired himself.
Fei Yan returned to her senses and smiling walked to Wu Qing.
“No problem, I was afraid you were still not resting at this time, so I came over to see.”
Wu Qing frowned looking at Fei Yan getting closer and closer to him. Her intentions were already laid bare. Spread out naked in front of him right now. But he could not feel it at all.
Fei Yan ambiguously raised both her hands around Wu Qing’s neck, slowly approaching.
No matter how many times she was rejected, she would not give up.
“Wu Qing, I’m very lonely. Could you…keep me company.”
Hearing her words but he did not care about her to answer, Fei Yan stuck closely to Wu Qing, lightly sighing next to his ear.
“Wu Qing, with you by me at night, I won’t be lonely.”
Fei Yan’s hands slowly caressed Wu Qing’s back, her strength was very well refrained, easy to evoke a reaction from Wu Qing. Feeling Wu Qing’s body stiffen, Fei Yan smiled charmingly.
Wu Qing was also a man, how could be resist such temptation. But, the heavy fragrance of cosmetic face powder from Fei Yan’s body immediately woke Wu Qing up, he fiercely pushed the person away from his body.
“Fei Yan, are you done?
Fei Yan who was pushed back a few steps steadied her posture, but the pain in her heart hurt even more.
“Why? Tell me why? Have I not done enough for you? Every day you’re training the practice room. I help you take care of the big and small matters in the castle. Your food and drink, clothes all passed through my hands? You want peace, I don’t speak. You get angry, I stand by your side letting you vent. You tell me, why won’t you have me? You clearly can feel it, you clearly need me. Why do you push me away? Why must you only hurt me?”
Every word Fei Yan spoke were true, but it did have an element of acting. In order to move Wu Qing, Fei Yan silently let a few tears flow.
Wu Qing’s desire, was already aroused by Fei Yan, but he wouldn’t touch her. Wu Qing angrily turned around, tolerating his body’s discomfort.
“Get out, leave my room right now.”
Fei Yan seeing Wu Qing’s back cried even more, but she was truly hurt. She raised her hand to wipe the tears, flinging her sleeves she left. But her heart was unwilling.
Wu Qing, I won’t give up that easily. One day, you will love me.
Fei Yan already said this many times in her mind, even though she had failed to tempt Wu Qing every time, but she did not give up in the end.
Hearing the footsteps gradually getting further away, Wu Qing weakly held the window sill with both his hands. He tightly gripped deeply into the wood of the window sill.
He also thought about why. Maybe Xin Ci had bewitched his body, every time he felt passion, he would always think of her figure and the distinct fragrance from her body.
“Damn it.” Wu Qing lifted his hand to hit the table again, this time the table broke.
Tightly clutching his hands. Wu Qing viciously longed for her in his heart.
Shen Xin Ci, I won’t let you be happy for very long. Those who betrayed me, will suffer torture, alive but might as well be dead.

T/N: It’s been a while MC but not sure if I like you right now but I definitely still don’t like Fei Yan she doesn’t know when to give up ( ̄□ ̄;)

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