"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 45 Mysterious Girl

“Wen Kai, quickly come look at her injury.”
Wen Kai lifted his feet and walked into the house, he really couldn’t think who could make him so nervous.
Seeing the girl placed on the bed, and Mu Nian Qing dripping with sweat, Wen Kai had a burst of displeasure.
“Couldn’t you have placed her outside?”
Really, he’s known him for so long didn’t he know no one can get close to his bed.
Mu Nian Qing disregarded Wen Kai’s tone, hurriedly grabbing Wen Kai’s hand.
“Quickly save her, she’s like this because she took a dagger for me.”
Wen Kai lifted his eyebrows as he looked at Mu Nian Qing, he didn’t move at all.
“So she took it, right now, quickly take her out of my bedroom. Otherwise you can find someone else to save her!”
Wen Kai did not care a little bit about Mu Nian Qing’s impatience, he thinks he can just let this girl lie on his bed, he should stop thinking.
Mu Nina Qing looked at Wen Kai, then looked at the injured girl. He sighed, holding the girl and placed her on the table in the hall.
“Wen Kai, quickly save her.”
Wen Kai seeing Mu Nian Qing had already taken the person away, he didn’t say much. Taking a gold silk he grasped the girl’s wrist. Not a moment later he retracted the gold silk. Turning he grabbed a bundle of medicine and gave Mu Nian Qing a small vial.
“Ones for outer use, one for inner. Take her away.”
Wen Kai finished speaking he turned his heading wanting to return to his room, he thought of something and suddenly turned his head.
“Get someone to change my bedsheet and quilt now.”
Having sent Mu Nian Qing away, Wen Kai lied on the bed without a hint of sleep.
When Mu had left he was still grieving because of Xin Ci, how could he bring another woman back just after two months.
Hurriedly sitting up. He thought about it then headed towards Mu Nian Qing’s Jing Ting Pavilion.
Late at night, Mu Nian Qing finished rushing to deal with the woman before returning to his room. Tiredly he stretched out the joints of his entire body. Mu Nian Qing didn’t think much about extending his hand to help her, he drove off those people for her. He didn’t think she would start to pester him, following him. Mu Nian Qing ignored her pestering, she really did follow him around constantly on foot, he didn’t think on his way back he would fall into someone’s trap, at the critical moment she suddenly jumped out taking that sword for him, saving her. For him to leave her without caring, he really couldn’t do it.
“Damn it, I really found myself trouble.”
Angrily he used his palm to hit the table. The teapot and teacups shook before returning to its original position.
“You found yourself trouble, but there’s an even bigger problem.”
Mu Nian Qing was shocked, he stood up to see the person who had arrived.
Wen Kai pushed open the door and entered, sitting by Mu Nian Qing’s side.
Mu Nian Qing, seeing it was Wen Kai, he tensed.
“Is there something wrong with Xin Ci?”