"Wife, I am the baby’s father” 《娘子,我才是娃的爹》Chapter 83 Returned to Hidden Castle (3)

Watching Wu Qing as he got closer and closer to her, Xin Ci’s heart couldn’t help but tremble slightly. She really wanted to retreat, she was afraid of the heavy air of hostility from his body. But her own body wouldn’t listen to her she couldn’t stand up.
Wu Qing watched Xin Ci on the floor, coldly opening his mouth.
“Have you seen enough? You still don’t get up.”
Fei Yan walked forward, wanting to verify who this woman actually is. Because her familiar white hair and physique was so familiar.
She hoped it wasn’t her, otherwise this time I will definitely make her pay the most painful price.
Getting more and more closer, Fei Yan’s hand holding the sword hilt tightened. The corner of her mouth lifted slightly, a cunning smile appeared.
“I…can’t stand up.”
Hearing that familiar voice, Fei Yan quickly drew out her sword aiming to stab Xin Ci’s heart. Just as she was about to stab Xin Ci it was blocked by Wu Qing who was in front of her and one step quicker. Wu Qing suddenness did not make Fei Yan nervous at all. Raising her head, Fei Yan put on a grieving expression, a furious look.
“Wu Qing, why did you stop me. She killed my brother, she also betrayed you, she wants to kill you. Did you forget?”
As Fei Yan spoke, several drops of tear also fell from the corner of her eyes.
Xin Ci hearing Fei Yan’s words, couldn’t help but clutch her fists tightly, her face also gradually became red. Her sharp eyes looking at Fei Yan.
Everything was clearly done by her, in order to get Wu Qing she even killed her own brother to frame her. Does she really have a conscience?
Exerting all her strength she struggled to stand from the floor, her unstable body leaning on the wall.
“I didn’t kill your brother, I believe Lady Fei Yan knows better than anyone else.”
Wu Qing turned his head to Xin ci, frowning.
Fei Yan lifted her hand to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes, looking furious she pointed at Xin Ci.
“What do you mean? Do you mean I shifted the blame onto you? Shen Xin Ci. He is my brother, if you don’t want to admit it find a better excuse.”
Xin Ci did not reply to her words, she turned her head not looking at Fei Yan.
Wu Qing caught in the middle of the two of them heard everything they said. Lifting the corner of his mouth, he looked at Xin Ci leaning against the wall with contempt in his eyes.
But, very clearly Shen Xin Ci this woman’s excuse had not passed through her brain.
Wu Qing raised his hands pulling Xin Ci into his arms, walking into the bedroom.
He did not want to hear Fei Yan’s abusive shouts anymore, her voice irritated him. In spite of the fact the person she targeted was the wife he has hated for four years, he still wouldn’t thank her.
“Wu Qing, you’ll allow this woman to sleep in you room?”
Fei Yan did not think Wu Qing would unexpectedly still allow Shen Xin Ci to stay here, didn’t he hate her for four years? Didn’t he blame her for four years? Didn’t he every day for the past four years want to capture her back to vicious inflict revenge on her? What was he doing now? Did he forget everything by looking at her? How could it be? How could this sort of thing happen.
“Wu Qing, she killed my brother, you should kill her. She is the personal enemy of the Hidden Castle, you’ve caught her now but you’re hiding her. Do you know what would happen if the people inside the castle find out? Do you want to shield her?”
Wu Qing halted in his steps, not turning his head.
“Tomorrow I will gather everyone together in the castle to pass judgement on her, before then please leave my room immediately, by the way shut the door.”

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